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  1. Hello everyone, Looking for a few bits of house deco on Atlantic to finish up my loot / treasure room. These "gold ingots" (not to be confused with "gold bricks"). Also the "copper ingots" if anyone can sort me out please post here, PM or via ICQ with price etc. Also anything else gold and shiny that would look cool in a treasure room. ICQ - 72-073-719 Thanks
  2. ICQ:36169027 e-mail: primex001@gmail.com call me: kidding but get a hold of me! do something if you have a castle for sale on Pacific and it's not in the Swamp/Jungle/Ice. Prime
  3. I have no moneh! So It'll be disabled until I have some spare cash to hand.
  4. Hello all! I love Sonoma and I shall never leave. However, the shopping here is non-existent! I'm looking to transfer about 100M to Atlantic or another populous shard with good shopping options. Unless I know yah, I'd prefer to use someone like Adam or Mum or another prominent player on these boards to hold the gold until both halves of the transaction can be completed. (BTW: Adam? Mum? you busy? =D) Q: 406294658 Look forward to hearing from you! ~M
  5. Hello All! I have amassed a tidy sum on Sonoma. Unfortunately, there is rarely anything interesting to buy. Are there still reliable brokers that will xfer gold between shards, for a modest percentage? ~M
  6. Buying Europa gold Skirt Execptional, and Doublet Execptional PM me or icq me ICQ-554902409
  7. Still looking to trade about 20 mill...Anyone out there able to do this?
  8. I am looking for 20 mill in gold on great lakes for 20 mill gold paid on chessy. Anyone wanna trade?
  9. Guest

    Gold system.

    I'm testing a credits system, which earns you credits/points for certain actions on the forum (Like posting threads/posts etc) People can then redeem those points for in game gold Still thinking it out. But there'd be a minimum amount needed before you can redeem (Like 1 million GP)
  10. posted Jun 29, 2009 by Michael Bitton The multi-billion yuan a year industry that is the trade of virtual currency, or as it is more commonly known as, gold farming, has taken a huge hit. China has banned the sale of virtual goods purchased with real currency today, and this includes pre-paid game cards. While some may find the industry questionable, this bold move by the Chinese government will definitely hit the Chinese economy. Complete article
  11. For Pax Statehood citizens. We know the Statehood meeting is on Tuesday and most cannot make the auction. It has been decided that it is only fair if we Throw 7,500,000 gold between 8:00 and 8:50 PMEST Then throw the other 7,500,000 between 9:30 and 11:30 I know the second half is halfway into the meeting but, if the auction doesnt last until 10:00 we have to throw it. If the auction lasts longer past 10:00 then we have some time to play with before the big throw. We have also planned Trivia to be around the statehood times. So we are trying our hardest to be able to let Statehood citize
  12. The best Definition of pwning someone. (The winner will be announced on Whispering Rose Radio at the PaxKratOkuC auction house on Tuesday at 8pm est.) Date moved back to April 28th for the announcement of the winner. Submission are still being taken. They will also receive a statue with their saying and name on it which will be displayed in the auction house until it collapses. All submissions must be here on this forum or stratics. and Yes a Definition like "Me Killing Gareth" is accepted. Goodluck.
  13. Come Wednesday April 22nd to the OkuC crafters hall event. Enjoy free repairs, enhancements, golems and more. Also come looking your worst for a chance to win 1,000,000 gold. The top three will be picked and posted here and Chesapeake Stratics for everyone to vote on. So bust out your trammy clothing and dress to unimpress. (located on the tokuno islands, Homare-Jima right next to the moongate.) 6-8:00pm EST
  14. Well, our guild does champs constantly, we collect all the gold and we split it at the end. We have noticed that there is now more than double the amount of gold available at the end of champ spawns than there was prior to last night's "update" Has anyone else noticed this?
  15. JC the Builder started this thread to ask. So now gold is 3x lighter. A pile of 60,000 gold weighs 400 stones (150 gold weighs 1 stone). In addition to this change they are reverting the Bag of Sending back to its original function. So you can now send 60,000 per charge instead of ~20,000 it used to be. Gold collection is going to skyrocket. This appears to be a complete change in direction from the position that too much gold was being created when Bag of Sending was nerfed. Unless there is supposed to be some sort of other part to this, this would increase inflation by 3x. ~~~~~
  16. I am looking to get 0.85 per mil on LS, $1 per on other shards (100mil min on other shards). I know "uomart" was selling it at .55 per, but even they are charging .90 per now. I am trust who verified on markee dragon! so if you do not want to put in a CC on a website and want to deal with someone who has been around, then let me know! =) (reason it's $1 on other shard is because I have to transfer over there) I do understand people hate when someone sells gold for less than a $1 per mil, but I just have my linited supply and when it's gone I'm done selling it ICQ: 78881350 AIM: Deriu
  17. Not 100% sure I'm going to do this, so this is provisional, and I'm out of town for a bit, so it'll have to be a bit down the road, but here goes... I recently got lucky and found an abandoned Zento plot with 16 tiles immediately adjacent to the road that encircles the city. I have put up a test vendor and finduo.com is detecting his wares just fine and they're showing up on the site (although it's a less frequent of a scan than Luna, apparently). For those of you who are new to the game or who have recently returned, I've found that in order to get into the millions-of-gold hyper-inflated
  18. Selling Chessy gold (or any shard if you buy more than 100M) 80 cents per mil. Have sold to many here on uoforums as well as lots of chessy pvpers (I was a member of Champs, PoNi, RoT, CKS) and have sold to many members of X, CKS and Champs (among others). I was Maja and Natalie on Chessy. Also selling Fel Castle located in Paxlair - still has alot of stuff in it (tons of barbed kit armor, misc old school rares (like old armor, of except qaulity items, etc), about 20 or so gold metal boxes, etc. Quiting for good so make a decent offer and it's all yours. Thanks, Nat ICQ 133411447 AIM sni
  19. Selling Gold on Catskills for $.80 per mill. ICQ 375-739-774
  20. This is a design competition and I will be the judge. 3 things that need to be in this picture/art of yours 1, a gnome 2, something christmas like 3, something new years eve like I will judge on the following: Layout, Color Themes, Humor, Fitting Effects(I dont want to see overdone effects from photoshop). Size: Its up to you, just remember I will judge on layout soo too small or too big will make it 10x harder for you. It can ofcourse be screenshot of uo that you then crop the screenshot to the size you want. But if you do it in UO be sure to follow the lines ive written. Th
  21. Yes, you heard write. Fall on your face for Fame, Glory, and Gold! The Duke IceWalker Memorial Arena, located west of the Chaos Tower in Paxlair City, is the location of the slickest patches of ice in all of Sosaria! The object is to walk as far as you can over the nine ice patches before falling down. The last ice patch you are standing on, before you fall, is the distance you traveled, NOT the ice patch you were stepping toward when you fell. When you fall, you do not always stand up beside the last spot you were standing on. It appears the chances of keeping your footing, slipp
  22. Next week we are going to reclaim our confiscated assets from Trinsic, there is a good possibility of a fight (though not guaranteed of course) and i wouldn't be surprised to see Grd make an appearance. Which night would be best for you folks ? (wednesday being training day)
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