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Found 8 results

  1. You are to write/paint a comic strip with 9 boxes! 3x3 What you need to include in the strip #Of course Valentine needs to be in it one way or another. #As all my Events/Competitions there needs to be a Gnome! #One way or another, totally up to you. You need to include UOForums. What I will judge on is humor and plot, NOT Graphic skills. It can be made in normal window paints if you want, how it is made is not a thing I will judge, as long as i can see it is 9 boxes (3x3) with something in them. Prize: This medal under your Avatar, given by Adam our "Evil" but generous Admin
  2. Be able to take a conflict, Be able to listen to good arguments, Be able to accept defeat.
  3. [video=youtube;LvepHZMHrJU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvepHZMHrJU
  4. This is a design competition and I will be the judge. 3 things that need to be in this picture/art of yours 1, a gnome 2, something christmas like 3, something new years eve like I will judge on the following: Layout, Color Themes, Humor, Fitting Effects(I dont want to see overdone effects from photoshop). Size: Its up to you, just remember I will judge on layout soo too small or too big will make it 10x harder for you. It can ofcourse be screenshot of uo that you then crop the screenshot to the size you want. But if you do it in UO be sure to follow the lines ive written. Th
  5. *Stares at the download* More to come here... in picture form.
  6. Gnomy prepures 'imself.. Wussn' easy to get all things needed! Gnomy arrives 'nd finds sum' blues guards.. Gnomy saw 'em bit later too.. DEAD.. *Cackles* Wussn' Gnomy though... Gnomy later fund Master Decardo in middle uf all.. Tha's nuh surprise to see 'im in the middle. Strong warrior.. The other person Gnomy jus' dun' knuw yet.. Gnomy took a wrung turn.. Tis' wussn' tha' bad as it looks.. Gnomy is after all vereh strong. Jus' got tickled a bits... Then Gnomy got bit tired of killin' all those tiny daemons.. Began to do wha' 'e is best at.. Flirtin'! Who can resist those
  7. Gnomy wakes up to screamin' babies 'nd men in sissy mind set. Gnomy jus' need to ask 'imself wha' is goin' on? Yuuh.. wha' is goin' on? Tis' a invasion a sissy man screams... Whu? Invasion wher'? Magencia.. magencia? Gnomy jus' 'ad a fit' .. invasions 'r silly. Tis' time fer Gnomy to get dressed up 'nd go save the wurld.. Bware yeh Demons.. Gnomys on the way! Demons will die.. Women will faint.. Sissy-men.. will also die.. Gnomuh will giggle.. Yuuh giggle.. Everehthin' will explode! *Gnomy goes to get his new shinies on*
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