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  1. I'm just wondering what is the advantage is of getting over 100 spell weaving? I'm almost GM and am wondering if it's worth getting a powerscroll.
  2. Has anyone GM'd Imbuing yet? If so, do you feel it was worth it? What are some of your best results?(with item specs plz)
  3. Sorry guys, but I don't think I'll be around too much in the nearest couple of days... got myself into a fight and now I need some recovery. Although I might be able to do some quests and promotions next week.
  4. We thought that if we lasted for two to three years that would be fantastic." -Ringo Starr of the Beatles I just wanted to let everyone know that I've been asked to take on new responsibilities and new work here in Customer Service supporting the EA Sports Label. It's been a pleasure to be a part of the support of UO for my 8 years at EA. I’ve been and done just about everything related to UO support. I started out being a mod on the Official UO forums, I’ve written knowledge base articles, ran in-game events between the Seer program and the Event Moderator programs (Anyone remember a Ve
  5. I know GM's get bashed alot, heck in the past I've bashed the generally poor customer service of EA on more then one occasion. I've been stuck at #10 waiting for help for hours in the past. Tonight while moving my house two boxes fell through the floor, one was filled with junk the other had 4 chests of ps's and a full set of dye tubs, etc... I paged, I was # 10, I wept.... Within 10-15 mintues, while still getting the canned message that I was #10, I was contacted by a GM. The boxes were safely removed before I even knew he/she was there. The GM was extremely pleasent and helpful, a
  6. Yeah, this gave me a good laugh the other day. I made a character with a somewhat offensive name. Sometimes you step over the line, and that line is sometimes hard to determine. lol Anyways I was AFK sitting at Luna bank, and had been for a couple days. I just leave my characters logged in now almost all the time. The second day I get home from being out of city to see Connection Lost. I'm thinking wth... So I log back in and notice that my name is now Hilton. lolol So me being in my drunk ways page the gms with something along the lines of this: "Hi, recently GM ???? changed my na
  7. posted to UHall 01-26-2009 Many of you may remember me, gods knows it’s been a long time since I had time to post and I apologize for that. You might be asking, “Are you back from the dead Spada?” Nope I’ve been here the whole time, only I’ve been busy working to make sure billing and tech support get better for you, and that Cal uses my aging knowledge of UO for the good of all mankind (sorry elves!) . Why am I back now? This is probably the easiest to answer. I’m excited about our next expansion pack, I’m excited about all the great things Cal has managed to do for
  8. Moderators, GM's, whatever...we need some real pics in tights. Whatcha tinks? I say ayes.
  9. Greetings, I am a Legendary Spellweaver who always seems to be looking for other to make a Arcane Circle. If you are GM or better in Spellweaving, leave your ICQ# here and we can look for each other when trying to make a circle. I am 497327912. Thanks, Minax
  10. ... "Gung Ho!" It was a movie starring Michael Keaton. He convinces a Japanese motor company to buy a closed-down American automotive plant to revitalize his town's economy. Gedde Watanbe stars as the new manager who struggles with a culture clash between the "laziness" of American workers & the ridiculous standards of quality-control his own country has imposed on its own workers. I had to look up the title on imdb, but maybe this is the way to help the three companies in RL? Get foreign investors to buy the plants. (I've been listening to NPR as I drive lately.)
  11. After i saw how people just started to work begging because it is useful I thought it might be fun to add new things for it. I also came up with some lines on why an NPC would give them an Item and not just gold or food and also a way to stop scripters from doing it all day. So my idea For gold and the normal food, clothing items etc that auto pops into your bag. For the better items like left over food, and items they give you to go sell you have to do them a quick favor and go to Illishnar and drop something off or something like that. (That way scripters CANNOT just run a script and rec
  12. Hi, Ive read that when you GM bushido you can ride a lesser hiyru, is this true? I have Gm'ed bushido and have a lesser hiyru on my tamer and have tried transferring the lesser hiyru via another legendary tamer but it wont come to the samurai character. ANy help appreciated
  13. I am sure many people are aware I was suspended for having a link to UOGuide in my character profile last week. Finally, seven days later, I get a reply to the GM review I submitted. Well here it is. Is this an automated message or from a person? Where is the response? ----------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the message I sent in reply: This is the reply. I have re-read the ROC rule #8 and it appears if they are interpreting it this way then all web links provided in-game from one player to another are illegal. This includes Stratics, Google or anything. It
  14. An Age of Conan player tricked a naïve, Funcom-employed Game Master (an in-game customer service representative) into pursuing cybersex with him. The player posed as a female playing a male character and enticed the male GM with flirtatious remarks and innuendos. After the GM fully threw himself into the moment, the player revealed that he was male, and that the conversation had been a prank. Story Continues..... Special Note: Before Dip starts any rumors, I have no affilation or participation in this event.
  15. I figured that since a one or two people were nice enough to give me 350k worth of gold to buy reagents for alchemy and inscription, there would be some people out there who could help me GM it. I greatly appreciate any help anybody has to offer. My ICQ is 416063353.
  16. Yep. I've got 3m from a friend, and want to spend some of it on enough reagants to GM my alchemy from 25.9 skill. Thanks in advance. ICQ is 416063353 I wish I could edit the title
  17. I've been looking at brit/luna for the last week and either no one pays attention, or no one cares. I really need someone with GM Lockpicking to open a few paragon chests (4 or 5). If you happen to have a lockpicker, I will be your best friend
  18. Title basically says it all. I don't know what i am doing wrong tho. All other skills are GM. Healing is the only thing on my cu's that are at 90 and that is it. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance as well.
  19. I am training at 70 Lockpicking (after the satyr discords me), and am using a GM box for training. But according the guide i should be using a 75 skill tinkerbox. So am thinking of getting a 75skill tinkerbox.
  20. finally GMed cartography and lockpicking! bring on the treasure!
  21. 2 questions: 1) What advantage does GM mining bring, and 2) Is there such a thing as mining powerscrolls, and is there any point in getting one?
  22. I had to try this. My apologies if it is already widely used: 1. Train ninjitsu to the point where you can morph into a dog 2. Buy 40 resist in New Haven 3. Be naked with jewelry/non-destroyable items that add HP regen 4. Go attack (but do not fight) every one of the spectral spellbinders at once in New Haven. There are about 12 of them 5. That's it. I GM'd resist very quickly. I also ate a 110 scroll when gains really started to slow at 99 Proof, for you naysayers: Shortly after I snapped this, I was 100.2 ~M
  23. Escaflowne/Drew 136-016-357 Old player in the guild that been around for years. So take care all and see ya in uo(very unlikely but ya never know) or in LOTRO were i am now (age of conan im gonna try but its not out yet so who knows how good it is going to be until then). Have fun all
  24. I've got about 12-15 chests and maybe a box or two I'd like to get opened and empty out, most of the chests are from miasma. So if someone would like to help me out I'd appreciate it. I don't have a t-hunter so you'd be welcome to the maps, or let me know what your terms are. Thank you, -Havok (I'm usually on later at night, after 9-10)
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