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  1. Scientists say we need to cut our emissions by 80% by 2050 just to keep climate change within two degrees centigrade of current world temperatures. Can Ethical Men and Women tackle global warming on their own? Newsnight's Ethical Man Justin Rowlatt has just completed a 6,500 mile trip across the United States in search of solutions to the biggest problem on earth. He discovered that each American is responsible for 20 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, more than twice that of the average European. But the country is also the most innovative and powerful nation on earth whose president say
  2. Im really excited that President Obama is in London,England at the moment. Although why the world leaders need to spend extortionate amounts of money to gather in a single location, when we have video conferencing etc,is beyond me. I will be watching every bit of news coverage I can though to 'see the president' and I found this link I thought some of you may like to use and see whats going on. Follow the G20 summit and explore London in video, audio, pictures and text. Use this live map to follow the summit
  3. This thread is meant to collect what the "leading roles" said and did during that event. So if you have anything to add feel free to do so. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- *After arriving in the Crystal Chamber* Casca: Here before you Casca: This is the source of evil! Casca: Your evil has plagued us for long enough! Casca: Evil begone! Casca: *Peers at the Crystal* Casca: begone! *Crystal explodes into shards* Casca: *Stares at the empty spot* Casca: I feel we must not stay here too long Casca: Everybody meet me outside! Casca: Everybody m
  4. Human caused CO2 emissions are causing dangerous global warming. Yay or nay?
  5. Michael Dell has said his firm can regain its spot as the world's number one PC maker by switching its focus to consumers and the developing world. "We're growing faster than our industry," he told BBC News, "so if you keep on doing that for long enough time, you'll certainly get there." Mr Dell returned as chief executive in 2007 after the company he founded as a college student was overtaken by HP. He said his turnaround strategy for the firm was already bearing fruit. Full story here
  6. The fight against global warming starts with you! Did you know that the average PC wastes nearly half the energy it consumes? That wasted electricity contributes to global warming and higher electric bills. By turning on the power management features you already have on your PC or laptop and choosing energy-efficient computers, you'll be kinder to both the environment and your wallet - to the tune of $20 per year. Together, we can reduce the impact of computers on the environment by 54 million tons of CO2 per year - that's the equivalent of taking 11 million cars off the road! Full story
  7. Ruh roh! Obesity 'epidemic' turns global Obesity increases heart disease risk People are getting fatter in all parts of the world, with the possible exception of south and east Asia, a one-day global snapshot shows. Between half and two-thirds of men and women in 63 countries across five continents - not including the US - were overweight or obese in 2006. The Circulation journal study included over 168,000 peop
  8. Darn Global broadband prices revealed Countries with the fastest broadband use fibre optic networks Broadband users in 30 of the world's most developed countries are getting greatly differing speeds and prices, according to a report. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report says 60% of its member countries net users are now on broadband. The report said countries that had switched
  9. One of the world's greatest living physicists is Freeman Dyson. If you remember the great Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Relics," you will remember that the Enterprise encountered a Dyson Sphere, which was named after Freeman Dyson, who first theorized about them. It turns out that Freeman Dyson is a global warming skeptic: Benny Peiser: In a Winter Commencement Address at the University of Michigan two years ago you called yourself a heretic on global warming, the most notorious dogma of modern science. You have described global warming anxiety as grossly exaggerated and have ope
  10. Do your part in global warming and add more ice to your vodxa :tongue3:!! edit: meant warming not warning in thread title, lol. I saw this sign in chicago over the weekend, just made me chuckle when I saw this.
  11. I've been playing COD2 for about 2 years now and when I started there were a lot of hackers. Being Curious I wanted to try the wall hack and I hated it. So I got rid of the hack as far as I know and had no problems until recently, I started getting banned from servers and I had no idea. Now today, I received the message Permanently banned by PunkBuster "Global PunkBuster GUID BAN 176d4ado. I looked it up and says its because i have cheat files on my computer and I have no idea how to get rid of them for good. Is there a way I can scan my computer for these files to delete them so I can pl
  12. A very entertaining video. :grin: :shocked: :laugh: I'll amend that to say that they call bullsh*t on Global Warming hysteria.
  13. Not really. Right now the climate Nazis are just firing them from their jobs: Global warming debate spurs Ore. title tiff 06:51 AM PST on Wednesday, February 7, 2007 By VINCE PATTON, KGW Staff In the face of evidence agreed upon by hundreds of climate scientists, George Taylor holds firm. He does not believe human activities are the main cause of global climate change. Taylor also holds a unique title: State Climatologist. Hundreds of scientists last Friday issued the strongest warning yet on global warming saying humans are "very likely" the cause. “Most of the climate changes
  14. Prompt action can slow global warming and reduce some of its impact On Friday, February 2, 2007, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)—the leading international group of climate scientists—published a 20-page summary [pdf] of a much longer scientific report, which confirms global warming is now “unequivocal” and states with more than 90 percent certainty that human activity “very likely” has been the primary cause of rising temperatures worldwide since 1950. The report summary also says that global warming is likely to continue for centuries, and that it is alr
  15. Source - http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/science/01/23/climate.report.ap/index.html • Global warming report will warn of bleak future for planet • Scientists to offer an "explosion of new data" • The report will be released to the public on February 2 WASHINGTON (AP) -- Human-caused global warming is here -- visible in the air, water and melting ice -- and is destined to get much worse in the future, an authoritative global scientific report will warn next week. "The smoking gun is definitely lying on the table as we speak," said top U.S. climate scientist Jerry Mahlman, who reviewed a
  16. The snow flurry's we've seen on UOForums, seem to have stopped Maybe they'll return next year....
  17. A "climatologist" for The Weather Channel has drawn the line in the sand. American weather forecasters do battle over mankind's role in global warming By David Usborne in New York Published: 19 January 2007 A leading climatologist on the Weather Channel in the United States has caused a squall in the industry by arguing that any weather forecaster who dares publicly to question the notion that global warming is a manmade phenomenon should be stripped of their professional certification. The call was made by Heidi Cullen, host of a weekly global warming programme on the cable network cal
  18. WASHINGTON, Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Lord Monckton, Viscount of Brenchley, has sent an open letter to Senators Rockefeller (D-WV) and Snowe (R-Maine) in response to their recent open letter telling the CEO of ExxonMobil to cease funding climate-skeptic scientists. (http://ff.org/centers/csspp/pdf/20061212_monckton.pdf). Lord Monckton, former policy adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, writes: "You defy every tenet of democracy when you invite ExxonMobil to deny itself the right to provide information to 'senior elected and appointed government officials' who disagree with your opinion
  19. power companies are finally starting to except reality. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15871433/
  20. Perhaps. And this set of paragraphs is particularly worrying: Next, the UN abolished the medieval warm period (the global warming at the end of the First Millennium AD). In 1995, David Deming, a geoscientist at the University of Oklahoma, had written an article reconstructing 150 years of North American temperatures from borehole data. He later wrote: "With the publication of the article in Science, I gained significant credibility in the community of scientists working on climate change. They thought I was one of them, someone who would pervert science in the service of social and politic
  21. Ok, so this may or may not fit in the hot top forum, so anyone feel free to move it... It is just a reply I made to someone on another forum who referenced several articles against global warming. sorry, but its a bit long... ________________________________________________________________ The first few links are about the authors of the first three articles. The last two are articles about global warming. http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2006/04/gray-on-agw/ http://timlambert.org/category/science/bobcarter/ http://www.realclimate.org/index.php?p=222 http://www.ucsus
  22. A new study suggests it. Kind of unfortunate for the it's all humanity's fault crowd, isn't it? I thought they had that science figured out and chiselled in stone. :grin:
  23. If the opinion was paid for by an energy company like Exxon, it doesn't count, is what Britain's Royal Society appears to believe. Mr. Galileo? Would you please shut up, already? We are scientists, and we know the truth. Don't make us sic the Inquisition on your ass..... :grin:
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