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Found 25 results

  1. Hello All - As a merchant and backpack art critic, I am enormously saddened that the new UOSA client doen not allow us to view backpacks in their 2D mode. UOKR did, and it made it much easier to manage vendors and appreciate the hard work others have put into making their vendor backpacks works of art. Can a Dev please explain why this change was made and whether we might get this functionality back? Thanks. ~M
  2. I was wondering if i placed a house, would it be possible to allow the other char's from my account access? Is this something that happens by default when you put down a house or is it accessable only by the one char that placed it? Thanks
  3. To start, disregard my first event post because we have changed the event quite a bit Blunt Logic is proud to announce our 2009 loot/keep give away event!! On February 7th 2009, at 9:00pm Central time, we will be dropping a keep along with ALL the items inside. See these pictures That totals to 100mill in gold and close to 100mill in item value so far and that is NOT all, more items will be added over the next month. The house is open to public so everyone can stop by and check it out. Here is the location from Trinsic. The keep will be dropped with the re-size method, afte
  4. I've recently resubscribed to UO and I just had my 18x18 placed. Now that I'm able to settle in I was wondering... Are there any benefits to using KR gameplay wise over the 2D+UOA? I've read that KR is not all that similar to the 2D client and I am assuming I'd be looking at a week or so to get the new client under my belt. Aesthetics aside, is KR better than the old client or is it worth the hassle in learning the new client?
  5. Basara UO Moderator asks about servers to try clear up the confusion. There seems to be a lot of confusion over "East Coast", "West Coast" and "Central" shards. People are still making references to "Central" shards, even grouping Lake Austin in with Great Lakes, Lake Superior & Chessy, as if that condition still exists (if it ever did). I can see references going back to the AoS Release of Lake Austin being a West Coast shard, as far back as the opening of LA to non-new accounts. And, were the Central shards ever actually in Austin, as many commonly believe, or were they in Chic
  6. can you allow us to turn in the Doom, Dojo, Tokumo mine stealables for points in Pub 53? I think i have 20+ chests full of them from all the years i've been stealing. I just can't continue to feed my kids with baskets, braziers, and rocks. Although they have fun wacking each other with swords and cutting up my paittings, my front yard is full of these Japanese stone sculptures and my library is stacked up to the roof with books. I think my wife said its a fire hazard waiting to happen. I must say on hot summer days having 20 fans around is a blessing. But then again I get so drunk from d
  7. So to anyone on other shards, other than TB-hating Europa, are you in True Britannians? How active is it on your shard? Is it the dominant faction? On Europa you have CoM, SL and Minax who all have good PvP guilds - but on Europa theres basically nobody, except 3 or 4 thieves who all have RL stuff so they can't always be on and are very hard to contact. Then we have maybe 2 or 3 people who don't even PvP, but they give it a go (usually die) and then theres me and two others who want to PvP, have the money to buy stuff we need, but since we don't know how to do anything, we always die. New
  8. So.. I haven't played UO in many years, and I figured i'd give it a whirl just for old time's sake. Thing is it doesn't even seem like the same game anymore.. necromancy, chivalry, ninjas.. powerscrolls..?? I don't know where to start. :-/ I want to PvP that's the only reason I really want to play again but just browsing these forums for awhile it's becoming clear PvP isn't anything like it used to be, and apparently it's all item-based now, no more PvP in nothing but sandals and a kilt? And i'm assuming Fel has gotten even deader over time as well? Is stat loss still around? Powerhour? I'
  9. What is the best way to make money in game?Any tips for the AH? Or What are the hottest selling craftables?
  10. First of all, thanks for the runic change... I used to do t-maps for leather LRC and MR 2 armor, then compile LRC and Mana Regen suits and sell them off, plus I sold the rare occassional good piece of jewelry or weapon (very rare)... So now that we can create LRC / MR suits with spined runic kits with relative ease, and craft uber weapons with bronze runic hammers, is the dev team planning on changing something to t-chests in some other way?... Give me something. I don't care what. Brainstorm about it. Putting armor and weapons in a t-chest (or monster corpses for that matter) is a waste
  11. LONDON (Reuters) - Nearly half of British men surveyed would give up sex for six months in return for a 50-inch plasma TV, a survey—perhaps unsurprisingly carried out for a firm selling televisions—said on Friday. Electrical retailer Comet surveyed 2,000 Britons, asking them what they would give up for a large television, one of the latest consumer "must-haves". The firm found 47 percent of men would give up sex for half a year, compared to just over a third of women. "It seems that size really does matter more for men than women," the firm said. A quarter of people said they would give
  12. I'm not saying we should get rid of Trammel. But it would be nice if people used to classic UO could have their old menus back. No worrying about using colored ingots to make the best armor or as near to full 70s resist. I remember when I logged in my warrior one day and barely escaped certain death in Shame against a earth elemental. I had on a full iron set of what was then called "Heavy Archer." Baring that, how come they changed the looks of many of the monsters. The 3D models for ettins looked great in Third Dawn client. I loved watching them crawl along the floor a little in their dea
  13. I checked all the farmers markets I can think of
  14. On the off chance that there's still somebody out there who hasn't got their dream house yet, or a guild wanting a couple of neighbouring properties, I have two very nice properties/plots looking for a good home. The properties are in Malas, but don't be put off - this is no "housing estate"; the plots are both in a very quiet part of Malas right on the edge of a non-housing zone, directly between mountains and the abyss, and not overlooked by neighbours' nasty monstrosities. There are two plots right next to each other, one's a 13x18, the other 18x18. They will come with all contents, wh
  15. How Was Everyone's Weekends And Fathers Day What Do We All Do ,get And Give This Weekend
  16. Is it possible to craft: Shuriken Ninja Belts Blowguns Darts I figured shuriken would be tinkering...and I cant find the bastages anywhere....
  17. Hello! I am starting now and I want to know what kind of character should I create first. A worker to make money? An adventurer? Hm, and I'm trying to get a nice server now but the packet loss is too high! What is happening? Thank you!
  18. Checking on the UO website and looking at the new town hall times the last one to take place is http://town.uo.com/luncheon.html October 13th, does this give us an indication as to that it wont be release while after october? If so thats a heck of along time! Your thoughts and opinions on this?
  19. Im having a debate with someone on some other forums, and I figured this would be a good place to come for some knowlege. He says GMs never gave out any items that were already blessed, for tournament rewards and other gm event rewards. I said they did give out quite a few. Do you guys know of any examples I could cite?
  20. Baja needs a green dot badly....:laugh: This will be our second Wednesday Sale. The first one was a total blast and all that showed up found some bargains. Around 9-9:30 Central Time goto Luna the Bank and you'll find some runes. Last time we had some free stuff so just come and have fun. Because we will only hold these sales until they stop being fun. ITOE United Baja's Newest Guild
  21. Dunno how many of you may have seen this, but ages ago a popular video circulated - I think it was called 'Bad Dream'. It was a spoof of an old cult TV show in the UK called Nightmare. There's this classic moment about halfway through where some guy puts his fist in a loaf of bread and smacks a guy with it. Genius. Anyway, I can't find the video anywhere. I've googled, google videoed and tried youtube. I thought it'd be pretty easy to find and pretty popular. Anyone else know what I'm talking about, and more importantly, anyone got it / know where I can find it? I'm trying to show my flat-
  22. The Trinsic Barony of the Conclave of Barons is hosting and evening full of Holiday Events on December 9th starting at 7pm CST. Amongst those events is a drawing to Give Away a House for FREE. To have a chance to win the house add your name to the list on the Bullitin Board at the house. If your name is drawn, the house is yours! All you need to do to win is be at the Trinsic Counsellor's hall at 9pm to hear if you are the lucky winner. The winner MUST be present to win. Hope to see you there. The house is located within walking distance just north of Trinsic. Walk along the north wa
  23. I will give 500 points to the first person who can tell me where my posting name came from. :laugh:
  24. Found this article at this webby address! Thanks to totalvideogames.com for that intresting read
  25. :-/ Would my 22% inscription exceptional bonus/22% inscription bonus be better or the 25% inscription bonus (without exceptional)?
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