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Found 20 results

  1. Hi this form doesn't seem to be very active anymore but i am desperate and hopefully wrong. Ok so i started playing Ultima online as a Paladin i think im doing pretty good but i am confused on what gear and weapon i should get i have tried finding a guide but there are only few and seem outdated also very cryptic with all the abbreviation so if some kind soul could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated... Got a few scrolls from someone so still have a bit of training left to do but when i get Grand master on everything i want to start killing stuff that is conside
  2. I'm looking for a decent Sampire suit. 70 resists (95 fire) with 45%DCI. I'm willing to spend 2 mil for this, but if you have additional equipment with good sampire-type affects like jewelry and weapons (I'm a swordsman) I would be happy to negotiate more, or if you have some choice sampire preffered artifacts. ICQ me at 9120006.
  3. Not sure I put this in the right spot so forgive me if I havent. I am trying to get a feel for how many complete Dawn's music boxes there are total across the shards to get a feel for how rare they really are. I know of two of them on Chessy. If people could post their shard and how many they know of on that shard I would apppreciate it. Thanks!
  4. So you think your a leet dexxer pvp'er? Post your skills, stats, gear, and rotation of moves.
  5. Sure this is a Playstation 3 game (PS3) but the MGO part of it is an online game. The single-player part is burdened with cut-scenes and the parts that are playable have some unique bits here and there. In one stage you have to track Dr. Naomi by her footprints. In another there's a spy wandering around the city who you have to tail to a rebel base of operations. MGO is the second incarnation of a game that was packaged with PS2's Metal Gear Substinance but the servers for that earlier format's online games were shutdown. You pick a character, pick a server, and hopefully join a game in pro
  6. Just jumping from pve to pvp on one character. 120 fencing 110 tact 80 poison 40 focus 50 resist magic 100 healing 100 anat 100 parry 120 ish str (over 130 hp) 115 ish dex (over 120 stam) 40 ish int (over 40 mana) I'm thinking about doing the elf quest to get the extra mana. Not logged into uo right now but my gear is all 70s resist, 2mr, 2sr, 50 di, 40+ dci, not sure of lmc but armor pierce costs 18 mana, 15ish hci, 6ish dci. My kryss is 40ish stam leech,14ish hci, 14ish dci, 40di My leafblade 40ish stam leech, 14ish hci, 40ish ldc, 40di, 30 ssi My warfork is 38ish stam leech, 14ish h
  7. Guest

    4/6 chiv dexxer gear?

    Hello, i was wondering what gear a 4/6 chiv dexxer would wear? anyone have some suggestions? And perhaps some suggestions for the skills I would use. Thanks.
  8. Evolus

    Dexxer Gear

    I'm going to try a bushido dexxer. Besides the weapon, what are some good artifacts or whatever for armor, ring, and bracelet? Thanks for the help.
  9. Hello all. Oldschool vet (beta to AoS) coming back to submerge myself in some UO PVP fun. I've spent the last couple days trying to find a combination of equipment that I fill is best but I just keep running into walls. PLEASE help. Template: Pure inscribe mage. Items: Hat of Magi Rune Beetle Cara pendant of Magi shield in invul fey leggings ornament of the Magi crystalline Ring optional barbed leather hands optional barbed leather shoulders Haven't decided on wep (boomstick, scrapers, staff of magi? I dont know...) results: ~ -10 Physical -20 Fire -20 Cold -11 poi +16 Energy (negati
  10. If I make a full plate suit with every piece having 1 mana regen on it, will the fact that it's full plate affect that regen rate, or does non-med armor only affect natural regen such as focus/med?
  11. Well, I've got a PS3 and the limited edition version of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. I have to say I was quite disappointed when I couldn't afford the original version of the 80GB PS3 (re-packaged with MGS4 as a bundle) but managed to get the 40GB at Kmart. Considering the fact I also own a slim PS2 I'm not missing out much from playing those games. I've read online that sometime in the future there will be a new version of the 80GB which will be identical to the 40GB but with twice the hard drive memory. I've archived all my PSone and PS2 memory cards. (Adapter sold seperat
  12. Hi! Well, so far after my return to UO, I have bought a house in Luna, and got my skills to Legendary. Now the only thing Im lacking to go out there and practise my new skills, are items. And since there has been a long time since I played UO, I do not know what a character like me should get. To help you give me instructions and tips, here what my "end game" skills should look like: Magery 120 - Eval Int 120 - Meditation 120 - Necro 120 - SS 120 - Resist spells 120 I figured I should maybe use a shield and a 1H Mage weapon to make up for the lack of wrestling? I could use jewelry to b
  13. B4 i quit 3 years ago i gave my magesuit to a friend of mine (nowhere to be found these days tho :tard:), it was a nice suit with 100% lrc, some lmc, mr and good resists. Now i am trying to put together a new magesuit. What r typical/must equipments for a necromage? I see that scrappers compendiums and the pendants are quit popular, but what else? And is arcane shield worth it? Or will the shield of invul do just fine? I see no PvM forum here so sorry that i have to spam the general discussion with PvM questions:o. Does anyone sell a full magesuit with nice resists or musthave stuff fo
  14. It's all breaking and I can't fix it. Is there somewhere I can go to pay to have it fixed? I'm working on my Blacksmithing on a differnt toon, but crafting has never been a favorite of mine. I like to be out killing stuff. Anyone know what I can do?
  15. What modifiers on a single item make it a "Godly" piece of equipment? For Bows? For Weapons? For Shields? For Mages? ~Gaspar LeMarc
  16. Stolen and sensitive US military equipment, including fighter jet parts wanted by Iran and nuclear biological protective gear, has been available to the highest bidder on popular Internet sales sites, according to congressional investigators. Using undercover identities, investigators purchased a dozen defence-related items on the auction site eBay and the online network Craigslist from January 2007 through last month and received the items “no questions asked”. The US defence department regards much of the stolen equipment to be on the US Munitions List, meaning there are restrictions on th
  17. Hi all, I am interested in buying some decent gear for some solo PvM with my archer character. I have NO clue what to buy as I have always only used non-magic items :-) I might be able to scrape together something like 4 million gold, anyone got something that would be decent? or perhaps can point towards what I ought to buy? Regards, Svovl
  18. Mage/Med/Eval/Resist/Fencing/Poison Template, What Gear? Just getting back into pvp making this template what on earth should I use for gear? There's so much new stuff anymore I'm lost. Any help would be great.
  19. Ok role playing GMs and their AGMs and whatever. Get your selves back on the ALL GM board asap. We need to finish off what we started before the big bang. Regardless of where the All-Gm board is hosted we need to keep it up and running and keep talking and trying to fix problems. At the moment we are losing momentum and we were so close so lets get you all back in there and doing what your supposed to be doing. I will post a list of missing GMs later ... you will be named and shamed! =)
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