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Found 20 results

  1. Hello everyone, just returned to UO after a 5ish year hiatus, never planned to return but the Return to Brittania event sucked me in. I even went and got the new expansion, and decided I wanted to roll up a Gargoyle. All my character slots are full on my usual shard so I loaded up on Chesapeake and mande my new gargoyle. Short story is nearly everything i've run into has killed me in about 1 hit(maybe 2). Is there a newbie style area for Gargoyles, or should I just go to New Haven and work on it there? Thanks in advanced, and Hope to have tons of fun with everyone soon!
  2. I am currently not playing UO all that much (I go through slumps where I get tired of it, and I just log in from time to time and mess around... like now) But I wanted to make sure I got the gargoyle change tokens, so I bought SA. Now that people have had time to really dig into it, is it worth it to change my crafter into a gargoyle? I want to give imbuing a shot, but I also like to mine, is it a pain not being able to ride a pack/fire beetle? I could possibly change another less used character to gargoyle... these are the basics of my current characters: Crafter (mule with all crafting sk
  3. I saw this quote in the thread on Mysticism and had a thought that seemed to me off-topic enough to need its own thread: If the summoning spell requires 5 summoning slots, it would seem to me that if you are a Gargoyle, you can run like you are mounted and still have a 5 slot tank. Does this mean that now tamers who are Gargs can run like mounted while controlling a G dragon or a beetle/mare combo? This may have been answered and I missed it, but this would seem to cause a big problem in the PVP arena. The PVM scene may welcome it ( I know I would love it in PVM and loathe it in PVP).
  4. Has any discusion been held inter'guild about this new expansion on the 8th? I mention it as it not only introduces flying gargoyles that can move as fast as mounted chars but also introduces new skills. Throwing = not to concerned about as me and Reann tested this and its on the same level as archery is now,also its gargoyle only. Mystisum = needs attention as its only 120 and can enhance a human/elf mage char or warrior with new spells and especially a sleep spell. Imbuing = basically this will have as much inpact on the game as AoS did. Armour pieces can now have 'bonuses' imbued onto
  5. Eros inquires When SA comes out will people be able to change their race to a gargoyle by doing some sort of quest ? ~~~~ Bomb Bloke replied To memory, the official answer to this is currently "no". To which the response from the community was, "so with SA, we'll all be getting more character slots, right?" Can't remember if there was ever an answer to that... ~~~~ Funny story, that. When we first announced SA we were so excited to say "Oh hey! In *this* expansion we're not doing that whole find-your-lost-heritage thing where you have to feed the entire Elven kingdom and t
  6. As posted on Facebook here Ultima Online We've got a discussion on Gargoyles and throwing in the boxes section of this page
  7. Do you have to be a gargoyle to use the new skills?
  8. Anyone else notice that in some pics the Gargoyles have 3 front toes and in others it's just two? Maybe it's undecided how many they'll have yet, maybe it's just males have two and females three?
  9. Xin Law asks some questions in his thread. I got some questions about the abilities: Flying - A Gargoyle's powerful wings carry them over land as fast as a galloping horse and grant them access to special Gargoyle-only areas. **Will Flying have a time limit on usage or are you flying 24/7? **If so will bolas or dismount special be able to knock there speed down to walking pace, or is Gargolyes going to have the luxuary of never having to worry about. **Will tamers be allowed to be Gargolyes? If so then what is going to be done, to prevent them from running around with the speed
  10. For those not familiar with them, an explanation can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtues_of_Ultima#The_Gargoyle_Virtues So my question is, will Gargoyle Virtues play any role with SA or any live content that comes after SA is released?
  11. Is there any NPC's selling Gargoyle's Pickaxe? I read somewhere that you can buy these in Gargoyle City, is that true? If not what is the best way to gather some, except from BOD's?
  12. Guest

    Gargoyle City?

    Years ago I went there but have not heard anything about it since and can find no runes to get there. Anyone know if it's still a real place and if so, can someone get me there on Chesapeake (Trammel)?
  13. Went to Ilshenar, Came back, Noone badly hurt The conversation as retold by Stewan: Stewan Seagull: We found (this) book/scroll Stewan Seagull: (a) small book/scroll Stewan Seagull: *holds out scroll and notes* Silamo: *nods slowly and rumbles* Stewan Seagull: hmm... Stewan Seagull: *points a gargish letters* Silamo: You (Unwinged ones) invoke the magic? Stewan Seagull: *shakes head* Stewan Seagull: We don´t know (how) Stewan Seagull: the book... *thinks* Stewan Seagull: is well coded *rubs head* Silamo: *tilts his head slightly* Stewan Seagull: *points at the gargish letters again*
  14. Does anyone know where the gargoyles have gone, im wanting a glassblowing book and Gargoyle City is now deserted,i guess its to do with the upcoming expansion but im desperate for the book.I am playing ML, i am on Origin and there are not all that many vendors and am having no luck finding the book.
  15. source taken from UO U.Hall I don't plan on playing KR and will only use 2d. I think they should keep 2d around with the new 3d client and let the 2d users play the new expansions. I think it would be a smarter play imo. ------------------------------ The new graphics are horrible, the macros, everything.... I'd rather play it in 2d still or move to another game... ------------------------------ So you're admitting to breaking th NDA Even if you're not, don't let the door hit ya. B'bye ------------------------------ (2D is not going away because people are not going to s
  16. source taken from UO U.Hall It occured to me just this morning after reading another poster's comment about getting to use their gargoyle slayer... Once the gargoyle race comes out... umm, well... does this mean any character playing a gargoyle and in Fel is toast? lol Anyone have any ideas on how this will work? Seems a bit unfair that the new race has a whole fleet of weapons that are slayers just for their race. Humans have repond slayer I suppose (but do those work in Fel? I don't PvP often so I don't really know) and I've yet to see an elven slayer (which I'm sure many would love
  17. source taken from UO Stygian Abyss I was visiting the Battlestar Gallactica forums on SCI-FI, and seen their actor appreciation threads and thought.. "Hey! We need one for Gargoyles!" *nods* So here it is! Gargoyles were promised to us ages ago, we thought we were going to get them with UX:O.. And now, we hear we shall be getting them with UO:SA! Hip Hip Hoorah! Lets hear a magnificent round of applause! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Poster has an awesome signature with a link below The Gargoyle Font is included in a zipped package with other Ultima Fonts and may be
  18. Hi, first post here. I have been looking for the Gargoyle vendors in Ilsh...I need to buy mallets/chisels/books and glassblowing pipes, but none of my peeps have a clue where this is at. Can anyone give me some help where to find them. I'd like to work some stone and make my own bottles for pots. Thnx.
  19. With regard to this secret report : ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Callum wandered around the exhibition – there was something here he had been drawn back to it time and time again – this time when he left the taciturn Salazar seemed to be waiting for him. Callum invited him up to view the exhibition and perhaps share his thoughts on the various artefacts held therein. Salazar was one of the wisest and most travelled of the Shadow Court a man immune to mind control and also sharp witted and witty. Salazar spoke his ideas “The vase would appear t
  20. Just got message that a Gargoyle city was discovered. I guess the expansion is Gargoyle related.
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