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Found 14 results

  1. 1 member is celebrating their birthday on 09-15-09: -Lord Gareth (born in 1984, Age: 25) Happy birthday from all the staff and users here at Ultimate Online Forums!
  2. Niva hear talk this moon Human/Elf Gareth special day! HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Happy Birthday, Gareth! :bcake: Player of Niva the Savage
  3. I would like everyone to know that while Lady Katherine is away due to personal issues she is unable to participate in the PaxOku city council untill she returns to game. With this said for the time i am making Lord Gareth acting city council chairmen. We wish that all is well with Lady Katherine and her family and we cannot wait to have her back. Mayor Bam Bam
  4. 1 member is celebrating their birthday on 09-15-08: -Lord Gareth (born in 1984, Age: 24) Happy birthday from all the staff and users here at Ultimate Online Forums!
  5. 1 member is celebrating their birthday on 09-15-08: -Lord Gareth (born in 1984, Age: 24) Happy birthday from all the staff and users here at Ultimate Online Forums!
  6. Please forgive my slightly addled brain this morning, but would I be correct in assuming that the top map is the newly updated one? It was a bit confusing with three of them there.
  7. As we begin to move towards our third year as a city we must reflect on what has happened over the almost three years. One thing I have focused mostly on is representation of government. For almost three years all positions have been appointed. We have seen great things from many people and far worse things from some people. As we move forward we find some cannot fulfill their duties like they use to be able to. PaxOku remains an open door policy welcoming all no matter where you hail for. It will now also include an open door policy on its government. The first effect of government change
  8. Governor Winfield, After extensive inquiry and searching, Mayor Gareth has been located! Mayor Gareth is currently being protected at an undisclosed location due to attacks by hostile forces. Neira and Elaina are now being sought to evaluate the Mayor Gareth's health as directed. Mayor Gareth appears to be in a very weakened state. Sincerely, Lady CaT of Yew
  9. The hunt is on for the recovery of Mayor Gareths body. Leading the hunt will be CaT and a few others. Mayor Gareth was said to be being treated at one of the shrines. We have been to all shrines and no Mayor. Now we adventure into the Anti-Virtue dungeons of our land to find the body of Mayor Gareth. The Kijustsu Anei Graveyard is located on Homare-Jima island. Use the moongate and head to the other side of the road. (East side) and its the second area.
  10. This is how your PaxOku government works and talks to each other out of game and generates ideas for the city. It may look very confusing but we do it well!!! Us IRL (hehe) [video=youtube;7_KnUJljfiU] "] This is also Kijustsu Anies new theme song.
  11. I know Winfield started office hours awhile ago and wanted other Mayors to have some. So I have set aside time where ill be IN my office and times I will be somewhere in the city or gone from it no longer then five minutes. (Please note some of my hours are weird but, you never know what hours people are awake.) Monday-3-3:25 am eastern (In Office) Tuesday 8-9:00 pm eastern (In Office) Wednesday- 6-7 pm eastern (In Office) 7-7:30 pm eastern (In City) Thursday- Day Off Friday- 3-4:00 am eastern (In City) Saturday- 4-5 pm eastern (In City) Sunday- 6-6:30 pm ea
  12. It is true Gareth has been killed in the city of Dragons Watch a few days ago. This information is just now being made public. He was tracked from the swamps in Guardians Gate to the far side of the other city. Gareth supporters helped him flee quickly and holding up the party on the road. Words were exchanged on why he was to be arrested when they had no proof. Things heated up when they tryed to take one into custody. After awhile of word fighting back and fourth. Lord Gareth of PaxOku started to wander. He called Wat The Tyler to him and quickly began made a gate for them to go t
  13. ok anyone got the answers to the questions to enter the gareth quest?
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