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  1. Hello everyone. I would like to make a quick introduction to one of my favorite games. This game is called as Monster MMORPG (http://www.monstermmorpg.com/) and it is totally free to play. All in game items and other stuff can be obtained without paying a single penny. It is browser based and doesn't require anything to install in order to play the game. Not even flash player. The game is similar to Pokemon generation 3 games. You start the game with selecting your starting monster, your overworld trainer image. To register : http://www.monstermmorpg.com/Register You can change both of them f
  2. Hello all. Once the UO stygian abyss client is started..I enter my password and click "login"...and nothing happens I've tried bunch of stuff and cannot figure out what to do. any help?
  3. Just dinged gm in most of my skills and wrote a guide about how i made it solo without any knowledge beside stratics and this place. So if youre new to the game and curious about where to find things, and how to actually travel to that place this could be some nice reading... i hope. And for all older players, considering im not, if theres somert to add or redo which is found wrong in the guide please post a reply or PM me, thatd be great thanks. http://www.uoforums.com/uo-guides/64837-guide-1-100-melee-newbies-newbie.html
  4. Hi! ive been playing alot for several weeks now.. And im currently in the process of getting my mage/tamer template in order. But since im getting pretty tired of just training all the time ive decided to go out and explore the world and stuff. Only to find out that my LRC suit is worthless in combat. Which brings me to my question. Where can i get a better suit for fighting and stuffs like that? everything i wear atm is a 100% LRC suit made of spined leather..
  5. Online Text Based Strategy Game :: Modern Conflict its an awesome web browser game and its free to play check it out
  6. Hey everyone, I'm trying to find a game no one has attempted before, that can involve either players playing the game individually, or a mass number of players playing one large game. The game set up and system has to be able to fit in an 18x18 house, the number of levels can vary. Since this is a brainstorming thread, all ideas are welcome. Thanks -Elie/KARURU/a hooded figure
  7. Been a nagging annoyance for a long time, so time to have a mild rant =) More and more, the tendency has been for bigger boss monsters and 'events' that are suicide runs - and often multiple suicide runs - for characters who try them. Eventually the monsters get beaten down, usually after multiple deaths and general mayhem for the players while they figure out workable tactics. But it's a mmoRPG, where you are meant to have some connection, however remote, to the character you're playing. I can't see any way that gets strengthened when in order to just be present at important events in th
  8. Well I was looking for something to do when boredom strikes and a friend of mine suggested the browser game called Evony. I'm sure you all have probably seen the ads for it, it's targeted towards men obviously in the ads lol...normally a large breasted woman with much cleavage lol. I had never paid attention to it as far as games go until my friend told me she wanted me to play. And to be honest...it's actually pretty interesting, kind of like a Civilization type game where you build your city and fight with other people or join other people. Anyway if you want to check it out here's a lin
  9. U.S. video game sales post largest decline since 2000 by Gabriel Madway, Reuters Buzz up! SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - U.S. sales of video game equipment and software fell 31 percent to $1.17 billion in June, research group NPD said on Thursday, the largest decline since 2000. Sales of game software fell 29 percent to $625.8 million, while hardware sales dropped 38 percent to $382.6 million. Sales of accessories declined 22 percent. Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter blamed the decline in part on the high cost of video game consoles. "The consumer is just n
  10. I plan on taking some time off in game for Out of game updates. As the PaxOku council becomes more situated I want them to be worrying more about the city in game while I do major updates on not just PaxOku city but a few other projects, that are community wide on forums and websites that house our Shards information. One thing I have noticed is massively out of date information and information on things that have been around for the last four years that have gone unpublished. As you will see right now my attention is dedicated to PaxOku History and establishments. As I continue on those I am
  11. I played UO for about 3yrs from 1998-2001, and again right about the time people were getting cable modems and chasing down dial-ups like mad. I played WoW for about 4 months recently and then when I reached the top I realized that the game was completely materialistic. I got the twilight vanquisher title b4 Ulduar came out, and then decided to quit because it was much more frustrating than it was rewarding. To be honest I came back to this game because I missed having a thief, and being able to ride my tamed creatures. I missed waiting for people to die in dungeons and looting the
  12. The folks at the Matrix Online recently announced that players would be jacking out for the last time as the game is set to close down for good at the end of July. To clear up lingering questions about the shut down SOE has posted a Q&A. As you have recently read in Dan “Walrus” Myers producer letter All Good Things Must End, The Matrix Online service will be discontinued and the servers will go dark on July 31st. After 4 memorable years of sharing amazing stories and epic adventures with a wonderful and dedicated community, we saw how deep the rabbit hole went and it was time to write
  13. After i joined UO last year i came here. I left UO because of what i heard about Richard Garriot (AKA Lord British) I thought he abandoned the game he made Tabula Rasa when NC soft posted a letter about him leaving and the game will be shutting down febuary 28th 2009. So me and a bunch of players of that game was angry at him because we thought he used the game for a fund for him to go into space. so i left his games completely. but to find out he was in space at the time the letter was written and when he got back he claimed he did not say he was leaving. He was forced from NC soft to leave t
  14. Anyone know any good space opera type games that are anything at all reminiscent of Star Control 1&2???
  15. This one is for Carp. [video=youtube;fV8BhAiImqQ]
  16. Warhammer Online: open the map screen. Look for the green gem. This is the NPC who might supply a quest. He/she sends you to kill monsters in an area circled in red. LOTRO: open the map screen. No hint of where your objective is. Upper-right portion of screen displays a mini-map with a yellow arrow. But it's pointing at an area really far off which isn't visible on the map screen. Got frustrated, made an elf char rather than a dwarf minstrel because I couldn't find the trainer. I run past a minstrel teacher on my way to find the elf who is supposed to be on the "western road." Somewhere... L
  17. Hi guys my buddy is returning to game but he can't patch the game from his Ninth disc. We tried to find a 15-day trial from gamespot but no dice. Anyone know how to play UO these days? Any new download spots for trial client so he can patch up and use his account? Thanks
  18. I think most of you should try it.. It gets more fun after lvl 8 when your char get more abilities. Its plenty random and you got 3 fights / day.. so its not time consuming.. Just very catchy http://slimer-moviestar.mybrute.com
  19. [video=youtube;-vSD8DliZ1w] "] [video=youtube;-E5AXKjFrMA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E5AXKjFrMA&feature=channel_page"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E5AXKjFrMA&feature=channel_page [video=youtube;0_uYJySWlco] "] [video=youtube;rBxLGI00teo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBxLGI00teo"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBxLGI00teo
  20. By Gabriel Madway and Gary Hill - Reuters SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - U.S. video game sales rose 10 percent in February to $1.47 billion, led again by Nintendo's blockbuster Wii console, as gaming continued to show resilience despite an economic downturn that has sapped consumer spending. Video game software sales climbed 9 percent in the month to $733.5 million while hardware sales rose 11 percent to $532.7 million, research group NPD said on Thursday. Read complete article here
  21. Its taken me almost 6 hrs so far and I am still only 65% patched.If any one else is having the same problems here is the explanation 02-Apr-2009 Unfortunately at the moment we are experiencing a few technical difficulties with our content distribution provider which we use for high bandwidth delivery of new patches. We are actively managing the situation by moving some patching onto additional datacentre patch servers to improve the situation, which might lead to some of you receiving 404 errors while connections are being moved. If you are experiencing slow patching spe
  22. Downtime extended 02/04/09 The game servers are currently being updated with the latest patch. Patching is taking longer than we anticipated and therefore apologise for the extended downtime. We hope to have the servers back online by 15.00 UK time(GMT+1).
  23. Detectives target Animal Crossing as potential haven for predators. By Ben Silverman ADVERTISEMENT Most consumers are concerned with what games their children play. Andy Anderson of the Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force, however, has turned the tables by singling out one game that adults shouldn't play, either. In a story by Missouri ABC affiliate KMIZ, Anderson warns parents to avoid the kid-friendly city-simulation game Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Nintendo Wii, claiming its online play offers an easy way f
  24. I realize that this may be the wrong forum to post, but I think this is the closest thing I can get to...! Help me remember an old DOS RPG game. (Ultima-like?) This is something I've been struggling for a few years(!). I remember I used to play an RPG game around 1999-2000. I believe it ran on DOS. Gameplay: I'm not exactly sure, but I *THINK* the gameplay was rogue-like. I'm not 100% sure here! I would move with the arrow keys, and just "move" into the direction of enemies until they were killed. It had a gold system that I could buy things with(?). The game had NO party system, and NO
  25. [video=youtube;g5i0ct8IML8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5i0ct8IML8
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