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  1. Hey again, so im around 90% in my major skills, bushido and sword plus tactics etc... Im currently outside of wind grinding on them Solen Infiltrators(Those were really good before). But at 90+ skill gain is going really slow, so i figured id ask you guys for a better hunting ground to get to GM a little bit faster. If you guys know of places to gain above 100 thatd be great too Since i never did play during ilshenar and etc(expansions), is there any PVP grounds to watch out for when going into the lost lands etc? Any good dungeons with some nice loot? Thanks again
  2. Does a char that has 400 skill points on their template gain skill any faster than a char that has maybe 600 skill points on their template? Does total skills have any bearing on how fast one will gain?
  3. Hello! i just have one simple question... Im currently training magery on my char.. i have about 76,3 magery to be exact.. and aiming on GM:ing the skill.. but it takes a very very long time to even increase 0,1 point of the skill.. is this normal or have i missed something??
  4. Did skill gains become slower since the last time I played? I gained .2 in magery over 4hrs time of constant use and near constant success. This seems a bit unfair. Has this been announced in any patch notes?
  5. Some of our members got together and we did a dungeon crawl in Shame last night. Purpose was to help each other with skill gains, but mostley get together and have a little fun. Fiona found a black horse she didnt remember she had and brought it. Knut Boolt brought along his newly tamed polar bear, the bear lasted a fairly long time before the elementals bested it. MONTAR hacked and slashed his way with his Luna Lance. Seagrams Seven used his wicked bardich and Malia used her black magic and another black horse to even the score. Lord Darkfire, used his black arts skills to his advantage c
  6. I am mainly asking about inscription, but also in general... at what point do you give up working a skill in favor of the GGS? At 91.9 right now. Debating whether to grind out and lose materials or just work a bit for .1/day to GM. That would be... 81 days?!?
  7. I just bought 33.3 points worth of the Resisting Spells skill, but only received 0.3 actual points into the skill. 333 gold was deducted from my pile, so it charged me the whole amount. I've double checked my available skill points, and I have plenty to spare. I just tried logging out/in to see if it was simply a lag related issue, but the skill points remain at 0.3. I did get this goofy message upon login though... Any help would be greatly apreciated!
  8. I'd like to get my Anatomy & Tactics both up to 120, what is the best way to do so? Is following the guide the most efficent way to do it? (110.1 - 120.0 - blade spirits, energy vortexes, Jhelom fighters (with weapon, armor, and shield), rotting corpses, terathan avengers, terathan matriarchs) or is there a better way? My Tactics is a little over 112, Anatomy is a little over 111, Archery is already at 120. Thanks! -D
  9. I'm sure a lot of ya know this, but I was casting curse spells with my mage who doesn't have any eval, on my other character, who has like 78 magic resist, and while I failed to actually curse Character B, he still would gain skill in Magic Resist. So even if you get the Fizzle indication, and no effect from using 1st circle curses, it is actually still being checked by Magic Resist. Just another late night...thing from me, lol. (have to do something while ya train up skills, haha)
  10. In this thread, we will discuss the currently active virtues. Everything from gaining in the virtue to using it's benefits. The first one is by Ally, Honor.
  11. When I'm training up skills, does having a talisman equipped make a difference in the skill gains? I.E. having a talisman with a tailoring bonuns while training tailoring adjusts the difficulty of the item I'm making, thus slowing the skill gain.
  12. Recently I've started working up my inscription skill again on my mage. Currently he is at 91.5 and the gains have really slowed down (like .01 every couple hours). I'm using the suggested skill training guide over at uoguide.com which lists making flamestrike scrolls until 94. So my question is, does inscription normally slow down to this rate in the 90's (gains are always streaky, by slow down I'm speaking in general terms) or should I following another method for gains?
  13. I need to gain strength and tried to do some lumberjacking but only got one strength gain in an hour Anyone know a way to gain strength besides putting jewelry on?
  14. Hi all, I have finally come to my senses and returned home to UO after more than 7 years. I was around way before Trammel and left just after the release of T2A. So, as you can imagine, I'm essentially new since UO has changed so drastically! I have a couple questions on skill gain after reading through the skill guides on this site. I know the time between skill gains is now tracked and you are guaranteed a gain after some time... so does that mean that the 'power hour' and the 8x8 skill gains are no longer around? I am by no means a hardcore power leveler, but I do like to efficient
  15. Gaining in parry is realy easy. You simply go to Jhelom pits in felucca and gather as many female fighters as possible. Attack all of them, and dissarm everybody useing a weapon. What you need: - A good bunch of shields. - A suit with good physical resit (dull copper i.e.). - Bandages 1. Go to Jhelom Pits. 2. Find as many female fighters as possible (at least nine). 3. Attack and dissarm all of them, then go out of attack mode before you kill them. 4. Be sure to use a shield. 5. Equipt a weapon from a weapon class you can't wield. 6. Heal yourself. 7. Don't macro unattended! 8. Don't let
  16. I have done some tests on the best way to gain the healing skill. First I tried healing a dead char to gain by ressurecting and then i cross healed a character fighting paladins in Trinsic. After a couple of hours of testing it seems that cross healing a character is the best way of gaining. While cross healing you may heal every 2 seconds. With ressurecting you may only heal every 5-6 seconds. What you need to train: - 2 characters. One taking the damage, and the one training healing. - Lots of bandages. - A good armor on the char that takes the damage (Dull copper suit). 1. Log on with t
  17. Does equiping a mage weapon with -magery skill help you to gain magery more easily? I have tried it but i didn't gain anything while I had it equipped. Has this been changed recently?
  18. Necromancy--The dark art of communing with the dead. From animating the lifeless remains of your kills to transforming yourself into an undead sorcerer, this skill has a host of evil possibilities... What spells can I use and what do they do? What are the Necromancy reagents and where can I find them? What do I cast at what level for the best gains? Link--What other skills go with Necromancy for a good template?
  19. I'm a Tamer/Discorder/Peacer at 3rd dot of Follower and I gain Honor slower than an arthritic, uniplegic snail climbing up a wall! These are my "effective" skills: Taming = 120 Lore = 120 Vet = 120 Music = 115 Disco = 120 Peace = 115 Chiv = 50 Are there any Honor-gaining secret tricks? What should I Honor? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Ok im at 99.5 cart now... does anyone know how long it takes to gm from there on level 4 maps.... or wether or not the satyr trick in TW works for cart?
  21. Do the talismans help with skill gains? If the bonus is for successful crafting, but the base difficulty stats, the same, then it appears that you would gain succeeed more and thereby gain more. I have no way to test yet, but am very curious.
  22. Lord Jurgen asked Ok say I am at 705 Skill cap, if I soul stone 200 points worth of skill does it effect the gain rate as I am werking another skill be cause I am at a lower overall skill and have more points to gain? ~~~~ Swiftly replied by Jeremy It will affect your Guaranteed Gain timer - see this for a complete explanation of the GGS. E. Jeremy Dalberg UO Community Coordinator EA Mythic http://www.uo.com ~~~~
  23. hello, i have a 100% poison golem and want to work some swords but don't seem to be gaining anything....is there a minimum skill? i have 70 swords...and i can't remeber do you need to be guilded or not? any other particulars would be much appreciated...if it still works...
  24. I had 98.2 parry, 96.5 bush, and 98.2 fence i would go to jhelom arena shield and fence weap no gains. then i got told about the fact that bush kills parry chance with shield. so i went back with a swords weap and a fence weap. with the fencing weapon i didn't gain at all but with the swords weap well i gained. so.... with the fact that i didn't gain with a fence weap, does that mean that bush + parry are useless for a fencer? or was i doing somthing wrong? (tried lance, that double blade thing, kryss, for swords ornate axe, and a nodachi or whatever)
  25. Two things have been piquing my curiosity with UO today. The first is to do with champion spawns. I read about how you need to go through the spawns one by one but how do you activate the spawning? Just by double clicking the statue? The second is GGS, how the hell does it work? I'm not thick, I just don't get how it effects gains. I've read the page on UO.com dozens of times now and don't see how it effects normal gains or when it kicks in or anything. Can somebody who understand it explain it?
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