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  1. hello!!! I've been wanting to join UO for the longest time but awhile ago, I went back to find UO verrrry unfamiliar. I'm considering playing in Siege Perilous, which is quite challenging but also very new. I noticed that Britain is deserted now (sad)... What do players do now? Where do they hang out? Do for fun? Make money (don't say killing bosses because that is way too advanced for me!)
  2. This guide was written in order to increase the profits off training characters. The method for this is simple, by combining crafting with combat skills. In order to pull off the "free training" templates, I suggest using only basic warrior or mage templates. Taming may work as well, but the point is to allocate no more than 500 skill points to your "survival" skills and dedicate the rest to crafting. Basic templates Warrior 100 (or 120) weaponskill 100 tactics 100 anatomy 100 healing 100 (or 80) focus Mage 100 (or 120) magery 100 evaluate intelligence 100 meditation 100 (or 80) focu
  3. Not really sure where to post this ... if this is at the wrong place please say so :I Hey all, greetings from Sweden. Im not new to UO but fairly, its been since Renaissance that i last played. But i have a pretty good melee char with gm in RS Sword Bushido Parry Tactics with some chivalry skills for travel and buffs. Currently working on getting necro to gm, seems to be the new fotm hehe. Anyways, im looking around for a guild whod accept a european playing guy able to play CET 0600-0900 and ever so often entire weekdays, not often on weekends tho(wife sigh... hehe). Hunting in an aroun
  4. Had some fun last night with the crew, well who was on at 2am in the morning. had some issues at first, but we got it down. Here are the pics... We had some issues with insurance, and people getting lost, but we got er dun.=) We Win UO. Will have to get with everyone that was there and try it again, when feel better i'll get a list of names who did it. As far as i know, i haven't seen anyone else finish it!!!
  5. Well I was looking for something to do when boredom strikes and a friend of mine suggested the browser game called Evony. I'm sure you all have probably seen the ads for it, it's targeted towards men obviously in the ads lol...normally a large breasted woman with much cleavage lol. I had never paid attention to it as far as games go until my friend told me she wanted me to play. And to be honest...it's actually pretty interesting, kind of like a Civilization type game where you build your city and fight with other people or join other people. Anyway if you want to check it out here's a lin
  6. Dana Massey Asks "Why Not?": Make The Journey Fun For a few weeks now, I’ve been writing about things that could be changed. Things that would make MMOs better, more fun and varied. But for all the changes developers could make and players demand, the biggest hurdle for players and developers alike is a mental one. Uniquely among games, the “journey” in an MMO is a hurdle to clear, rather than the reason people play. Part of the problem is the very nature of an MMO. Whether they’re supported by microtransactions or subscriptions, all MMOs rely on players staying involved for a long time to
  7. *If anyone has pictures from any of the events, please feel free to post them ... -------------- The Spring Festival kicked off on Friday night with a Crafter's Auction packed with handmade items and much needed crafting resources. To the bidders delight many items started with no minimum bids and others were started with 'deep discount rates'. And throughout the evening the wonderful Lady Dame Judi called out for winners with over 20 door prizes to be given away. After the closing bid of the "Unknown Contents" box which held 3 checks for 1 Million each it was discovered the Crafter's Auc
  8. Every Thursday night I will be endevouring to bring some fun to Covian's populace. These nights are open to both Mercinaries, Civilians and anyone else wishing to join us for a peaceful evening. Meet at the barracks for a different event each week at 8.30pm (some events will roll monthly). These are non-uniformed events, so leave your armour and weapons in a safe place before attending so that we can begin promptly. *signed* Aliryl Trefynwyd
  9. I think most of you should try it.. It gets more fun after lvl 8 when your char get more abilities. Its plenty random and you got 3 fights / day.. so its not time consuming.. Just very catchy http://slimer-moviestar.mybrute.com
  10. It's Thursday night! It's Cove's fun night! Every Thursday night I will be endevouring to bring some fun to Covian's populace. These nights are open to both Mercinaries, Civilians and anyone else wishing to join us for a peaceful evening. Meet at the barracks for a different event each week at 8.30pm (some events will roll monthly). These are non-uniformed events, so leave your armour and weapons in a safe place before attending so that we can begin promptly. *signed* Aliryl Trefynwyd
  11. Guantanamo 'fun' - Miss Universe Miss Universe 2008, Dayana Mendoza, says the camp was "soooo beautiful" Life may be tough for its full-time residents, but for Miss Universe a day out at the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay was simply "a loooot of fun!" Venezuelan beauty queen Dayana Mendoza visited the centre and wrote about it on the Miss Universe blog on 27 March. He
  12. I've been working on a disco tamer lately, and I've decided that discord is pretty much the best PVM skill in the game (better than the taming part)...it's unbelievable what a difference it makes in taking stuff down. So what are some fun templates for going nuts with disco? I was thinking something like a discopire: 120 Music 120 Discord 120 Weapon 120 Parry 100 Necro (for VE) 100 Tactics 70 Chiv Obviously, I'd need some jewelry to make this work, and it might not have enough healing to stay up without confidence and/or healing/anat. Any other non-pure bard/non-tamer suggestions fo
  13. I am back, an Minax ids pwosperin. If you fighted me or dace, say hewlo to mee before u dieds howwible deathds, or me win your sigilds. If you liek my Minax army of guards an twaps, u can say yay to me hrer So far me haved had a many good times alweady, wiv the lootin an the winnin, an 4v1 victowies. Fanks for takin part! Yay! WOBBA! Oh, by ways: Me am Commanding Lord of the Minax. There a Minax horsey vendords in Brit east bank if u wan a red hossies An lot plank vendoes. We have a spaces for the followin towns as ministers (npc vendors an local taxes) an the shewiff's (NPC
  14. Among all the doom and gloom, I found this thread which I thought was amusing.[ not least of all some of the responses......isnt it amazing how theres always SOMEONE can moan about a perfectly good natured thread] Connor_Graham explains his dilemma Since things are kind of on hold for the moment for swapping characters... I've got this problem with the local dockworkers and fisherman. They hang out in front of my house at all hours of the day, drinking and carousing. There are ale and liquor bottles floating in my pond from their activities, and I even caught one peeing over the si
  15. Hello All! As I lay awake pondering random subjects last night, it occurred to me: I hate the Moonglow Zoo. I’m not alone. The Zoo Collection was poorly implemented and represents a constant source of frustration to even the dedicated (like me) Zoo Contributors. Why do we hate the Zoo? 1) There never seems to be any animals in it. I know the Dev team has tweaked and re-tweaked the decay rate for points, but with the decline of interest in the Cooperative Collections, there simply aren’t enough die-hard people on a given shard to crank that sucker up to its highest level. Who wants
  16. Interesting article with insights about gaming in 2008. As 2008 draws to a close and with 2009 just around the corner, it has been an eventful year for the games industry. Complete article
  17. With the up and coming expansion:Mines of Moria, many new and exciting adventures await both old and new players. If you've never played Lord of the Rings Online, I would highly recommend you give it a go. From one new players point of view, I'll throw in a few of the reasons I really have begun to love this game. * An excellent combat system * A more realistic, less cartoon feel to it. * One of the most in depth crafting systems (next to UO) * A feeling of being in the main story arc of the tale so many of us love. * Fun and exciting quests. * An in depth and beautiful landscape (I really
  18. Greetings... my character name is TigerShark and I am new to Drachs... You can find more about me... http://vboards.stratics.com/showthre...493#post265493 (I'm the last one... Pitr) For long I have been exploring Ultima Online... always trying to open new paths to honorable players... and you can find our Guild name on all shards... somehow, the Inn in New Haven got renamed... prolly just a coincidence. Tonight I would like to invite all players to visit Felluca... with two direct goals and a few indirect ones... 1- experience a simple despise baracoon champ spawn. 2- learn the b
  19. A big thank you to the two peoples at the Swaggers last night - Jaerdin and Rhev. You were superb and restored my faith in spontaneous role-play. Sorry I had to use brackets at the end but I had tried to party you to no avail and wanted to give myself a reason to come back to the Swaggers. That was one sweet con - I will be back!
  20. I have to say, as someone who last played this game when finding an actual spot for my 7x7 fieldstone house was a week-long marathon event, and I was glad to have it, dammit, that this whole house customization thing is absurdly fun (even if I feel totally intimidated by some of the insanely good designs on here). I had no idea it was so expensive though...I thought once I forked over my 190k for the deed I was good to go, but oh boy was I wrong. I'm back to a 7x7 all over again in one little corner of my plot while I go out to make some money. Oh well...gives me something to work towards.
  21. We pass these around in inter-office emails a lot...The TRex and picard face palm most of all... hehe OwlRly? …………………………………….__,,,,,,,---,,,,,,_………………………………………………………… …………………………_,,,--~’’¯¯ ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;¯’’-,,_…………………………………………………. …………………….,-~’’ ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;¯’~,_…………………………………………… …………………,-‘’ ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;’’~-,,……………………………………… ……………..,-‘’ ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; _,,_ ; ; ;¯’-,………………………………….. …………..,-‘’ ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;,-‘’_ ¯’-,\ ; ; ; ;
  22. Now we all can remember that good fun SERVER WAR!!! Big rush on the Brit graveyard which went to the Brit Moongate which came to an end at Yew Moongate. You would have what? like an hour or so of good clean bash peoples brains in. Even the Paladins and Anti Pks came for a good smack down of the blues!!! So EA should do messages like this The server will be doing a final save in 2mins The server has done its final save The server will go down in Ten Minutes! Please commence SERVER WAR!!! Thank you for playing Ultima Online Happy Head Smashing!
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