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  1. I'll be holding a Roleplaying Hunt/Quest which will take us down into the Stygian Abyss. Thus to take part in this, you'll need a Stygian Abyss enabled character and you will need to have completed the entrance quest. The basic storyline is the hunting party is offering assistance to the Arial Haven Colony to help find some of their missing members who were lost in the Abyss. To make it as immersive as possible, we ask that you participate in-character so leave the real world behind . I'm hoping to snap screen shots so they would look odd if UO characters are talking about car troubles or
  2. An Ambassador from the Royalist Queen Dawn will be coming to Vesper bank at 8pm UK Time tonight! I expect all available Vesparians to be at Vesper Bank by 7:30pm UK Time ready to give a show of force to the loyalists! (So make sure yer there before you go out partying!) When? Tonight 7:30pm UK Time Where? Vesper Bank -Escaflowne
  3. If your not up to anything this friday head over to the Trinsic rose and enjoy a drink and a bit of banter. When and where? Power hour 7pm - 8pm UK Time - Swaggers Trinsic Rose 8pm+ - Trinsic Rose
  4. The Trinsic Rose opens its doors at 7:30pm BST! Go along, have some drinks and a bit of banter. Its not like yer have anything better to do! *Grins* When? Friday 7:30pm BST Where? Trinsic Rose -Escaflowne
  5. Friday - Trinsic's Got Talent: A talent show like all the others. Show off any skills you may have to the judges. Winner gets a huge cash prize! This starts at 8PM GMT at the Market Square next to the docks. When? Friday 28th August 8pm GMT Where? Trinsic Market Square at the Docks -Escaflowne
  6. The Trinsic Rose will be open from 7:30pm BST Onwards this Friday. Head over there if you want a drink and a bit of banter *Smiles* When? Friday 7:30pm+ BST Where? Trinsic Rose -Escaflowne
  7. Next Friday at 8pm BST the Trinsic Rose will be open again for us to go and enjoy a few drinks and a bit of banter. So make sure yer go there and put yer feet up. When? Friday 8pm BST Where? Trinsic Rose -Escaflowne
  8. The Trinsic Rose will be open tomorrow night from 8pm. So head on down there to enjoy some drinks and a bit of banter! When? Friday (Tomorrow) 8pm BST Where? Trinsic Rose -Escaflowne
  9. Posted June 30th 2009 The LOTRO Game Servers will be brought down on Wednesday, July 1 from 12:00PM - 2:00PM Eastern (-4 GMT) for a hotfix to address performance related issues. This is a server-side change. No client update is required.
  10. The Trinsic Rose located just to southwest of Trinsic moongate will be open from 8pm BST onwards this Friday, if yer fancy a nice drink and a bit of banter be sure to head over. When? Friday 8pm BST Where? Trinsic Rose -Escaflowne
  11. Em Event: Dragon Fights 6/19/09 For those that do not know. Em Vladimere added an announcer to the Luna area by the moongate. Since Luna is the most populated city on the shard it seems like a great idea. The Shields are also in place with keywords and other information. The Dragon fights will be in Jhelom pits Fel side. Bring you bonded Dragons that are trained for this event. I am unsure if Greater Dragons will be allowed but I will assume it is a yes. To be on the safe side I would train a Greater Dragon as well as a Normal Dragon so you can compete. I will try to find Em Vla
  12. Another fishing event scheduled. I plan to upset the reigning winner James to capture the title myself this week.
  13. All military forces of Vesper are required to gather at Vesper Bank this Friday at 8pm BST ON THE DOT!!! Make sure you are there at that time and be supplied/prepared for battle. When? Friday 8pm BST Where? Gather at Vesper Bank -Escaflowne
  14. All military forces of Vesper are required to gather at Vesper Bank this Friday at 8pm BST ON THE DOT!!! Make sure you are there at that time and be supplied/prepared for battle. When? Friday 8pm BST Where? Gather at Vesper Bank -Escaflowne
  15. Hello ! Tomorrow (friday 29 may) at 8 PM (GMT) the wandering market of Skara Brae will open at the Trinsic Rose. Every person who come in peace are welcome as seller or as customer. See you soon. When? Friday 8pm GMT Where? Trinsic Rose (Northwest of Moongate). -Escaflowne
  16. When? Tonight at 8pm BST/UK Time Where? Follow the path from Skara Moongate -Escaflowne
  17. Let Me Entertain You! - Friday 8th May 8pm UK time - Open stage night come along and tell us your tales, poems and generally entertain us! When? Friday 8pm BST/UK Time Where? Moonglow -Escaflowne
  18. Starting at 8pm BST/UK Time tonight there will be: Harbourside dinner. Fortune Telling. Conjurers/Magic Show. In Cove to for their May Day Weekend!!! When? Tonight 8pm BST/UK Time Where? Cove -Escaflowne
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