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  1. Guest

    Free shard

    Guys do you know any free shard with 300+ people online where can i play for every character, unlike for example server SecondAge T2A where can i play just craft, mage or warrior?
  2. For those of you who never upgraded to Modains Legacy, you can now do it for free! http://www.uoherald.com/news/news.php?newsid=877
  3. I have way to much junk honestly. I don't really need many tokuno things since I have what I need. So I figured if anyone is having any problems getting them or cannot get them due to time constraints please let me know. The only things I cant give away are the Chaos Blue dyes (I'm going to redye the Blue Light Tavern Lamp posts to that color. I think) The Pinkish color because I told Ryo id give her my extra. Mempo because I haven't gotten one yet but if I get two which is unlikely ill give it to someone who has been dieing for it heh. Anyways if your looking for something in particul
  4. Assorted peculiar seeds to give away, already identified. Tell me what you need or want and if I have them, they are yours! =)
  5. These instructions are intended to describe the procedure for maintaining a Personal Computer running Win2000, WinXP and Vista using nothing more than free programmes and your free time. Most of the PC's that I fix will usually go through this procedure but, obviously, if your PC is badly infected with viri or has other severe issues you will need to take other steps to fix it. In a nutshell this procedure should be done on a regular basis to keep your PC in top condition. It is a good idea to read all the way through these instructions and although Im confident nothing I describe wi
  6. Published by Genius at 4:13 pm under lotro Codemasters Online - The Lord of the Rings Online, will be celebrating its second anniversary next week on April 24th, 2009. The celebrations will include a series of exciting in-game events, competitions and giveaways. To mark this special occasion, Eurogamer is teaming up with Codemasters Online to give away two thousand LOTRO digital keys totally free! The first 2000 lucky individuals to claim a key when the giveaway goes live at 3pm UK time (2pm GMT) on April 24th can grab the full, ori
  7. Theres a space up near Minoc for 1 large house or maybe even 2 decent sized ones since Van dropped his house if anyone is interested:
  8. I know that you get 14 free days if you sign up for UO, but it seems as if it will charge you anyway (For the month after the 14 days). I want to see what this game has to offer, but I don't want to pay first. I want to go through the 14 day trial then decide. How does this work? Thanks.
  9. Dear people of Trinsic, This is no rp post so i'll keep it short Due to bla bla and bla, I moved house to another place in bla. My house at arrow bridge, south of the 1st bridge to elven quarter from Trinsic west gate is about to fall in approx 6 days. I'd like to offer it to any member of DoT or any rp person who considers him a loyal citizen of Trinsic. I dislike moving without notice and think this plot would be a good asset to the town of Trinsic. Please take it before any idiot places something ugly or non-rp building. Letting you know is the least I can do, due to work I am not ab
  10. Ok, so my title is a bit of a bait-and-switch. Still, if you qualify you can get some cash. I knew fellows in college who used to donate sperm to earn beer money. I always felt bad for the women on the receiving end... http://www.wpri.com/dpp/news/local_news/local_mass_egg_sperm_donors20090126 ~M
  11. New free shard with quickly growing player base. 3 new player run cities, helpful and dedicated staff, balanced PvP and PvM. Check it out: Hybrid Insanitry
  12. Taking up valuable space in my house, I'll wait for a day then dump them.. ~100 peculiar/fragrant seeds from mummies, kappas, etc.
  13. Seems kind of fun http://www.jamlegend.com/
  14. I've tried to enter the free trial serial for two different accounts that I just created and neither worked. First it tells me there is a problem with the 'system' and my credit card didn't go through. Then when I try to register the serial after my account is created it says: "Error! We cannot process your request because this registration selection has already been applied to your account." Yet, I cannot login. ????
  15. Is your shield dented? Your sword full of scratches and bent? Your armor starting to fall apart ? Or maybe the strings of your bow need replacement? Or did that Crimson Dragon burn a hole in your dress? Come see Draxandru Rose, Aegnor and Rohndra tonight between 8 and 9 in the Elven Quarter and have your things repaired for free. The Free Repair Team
  16. A secret access code inside the latest issue of Massive Online Gamer #16 magazine, available on newsstands beginning this week, will provide all readers with a limited edition in-game item called the “Cloak of the Cold Well.” Can't wait for the magazine? The first 1000 people to subscribe to Massive Online Gamer will receive a unique LOTRO code via email that can be redeemed for the in-game item!
  17. There seems to be alot of free online games out there that are just as good as some subscription based games. You can buy extra content with most of the free games and I personally think most subscription games will die off- particually the ones where you need to buy the DVD to begin with. What does everyone here think?
  18. Microsoft to offer free security The new software will protect machines running XP, Vista, and Windows 7 In a surprise move, Microsoft has announced it will offer a free anti-virus and security solution from the second half of next year. It will stop selling OneCare, its all-in-one security and PC management service, from the end of June 2009. The new software, code-named Morro, will
  19. The Ancient Conclave of Wisdom is providing Free Vendor Rentals inside the walls of Luna at several locations around the city. The conditions are as follows and very simple. You provide the Rental Contract. You must keep it stocked as all times. Item pricing should be in the lower half of the market. Hence let’s say we run a search on searchuo to compare the pricing your Items should fall in the lower half of the list. Normal daily staple providers have preference. People selling items such as Bolts, Arrows, Bandi’s Furniture, plants you all know what I am talking about. T
  20. Does anyone know of a vent/teamspeak server that is active on LS and is taking new members? Some guilds have one but I was curious if there's one for just regular players.
  21. I'm just curious to the benefits of a payshard vs. a free shard.
  22. I have an 18x18 on the water in Gyldenfeld I'm getting rid of. Rather than mess about trying to squeeze a few million meager gold pieces out of it, I'd rather find a good home for it, err, find a player in need of a good home. I know there are often new or returning players(fresh blood! muahaha) looking for decent-sized housing, so I'd like to offer this home to them. By getting some active players in the neighborhood(already so many homes that just sit there without any activity and we never see the owners) we're hoping to get some of that friendly neighbor spirit going again in our neck of t
  23. Hi I've just created a free trial account, and I'm currently trying to log in with the ultima online gold client I got off fileplanet as my net is really slow and I didn't want to wait ages for kingdom reborn. It keeps telling me my username or password is wrong though, is this because I have the wrong client? Thanks
  24. Received from The Syndicate <a href="http://www.LLTS.org">The Syndicate</a> is holding another of its famous FREE, open to the public, lotteries this weekend. It will take place Saturday 6/28 at 5:30pm EST at one of their castles. The lottery contains many high quality prizes and past lotteries have given away houses, bags of power scrolls as well as very rare items, among other things. This lottery will be no exception to the great prizes and it's completely free! There are two ways to get to the lottery: 1) Look for players with the 4 digit guild abbreviation LLTS over
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