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Found 20 results

  1. The forces of Shadow was quickly dispatched by the Vesperian Army and some random customers of Swaggers Inn. Casca Delivered a warning about paying tribute to the king...something something... Vesper prevails!
  2. I dont fully understand the bonuses of the cu sidhe form. Does it allow me to heal myself with bandages with no healing/ant or?
  3. When we shipped the original Kingdom Reborn client it featured a completely redone map. There was a new waypoint system, icons for locations, and an overhauled look and feel. In fact, you could say the "new look" was more of a "ye olde looke" straight out of the Age of Discovery. A yellowed parchment with faded colors, crinkled edges – far more realistic as a "map" than the old UO way of doing things. Unlike the 15th century Europeans, however, our own explorers quickly discovered that this absolutely gorgeous remake of our old map was mostly useless. In fact, the parchment version essential
  4. I get that quite alot in Ki-Rin form on my ninja. Is this because even focus is unusable in animal form? If so , that kinda harsh don't cha think? Lotsa Ninja nerfs some of which like this one seem unreasonable
  5. Why is animal formed nerfed to where you can do bushido attacks?
  6. Pity this wasnt posted here too but at least I found it so please add your input here. Howdy all, In the recent FoF, we informed you all about the Stone Form Mysticism spell. So far, the concepts of the Mysticism spells seem really solid so far. However, Stone Form appeared to be a lackluster spell. There are some important details about Stone Form that weren't mentioned to you all. Here is the comprehensive information about Stone Form. I would like your initial thoughts on the spell. I realize you all aren't play testing or anything yet. Don't panic. If the current design of the spe
  7. Why is that so great? Does that mean a 20% chance to drain some life, or that it drains 20% of their life with each strike, or what? Someone please explain why this combined with Bushido makes such a powerful character?
  8. Haven't been playing for a long time and am returning to UO im curious would Vampiric Embrace and one of the Ninja Forms stack? (trying to get an interesting template together ) Oh and by chance anyone happen to know what the %'s are for Lightning Strike and Focus Attack as far as Hit chance increase goes?
  9. Im wonder if it is possible to die in lich form from the life draining effect. Thanks In Advance
  10. For those who might want a personal forum, the application form is back It's in the navigation bar, top right Shortcut - Ultimate Online Forums - Personal Forum application form
  11. Ultimate Online Forums - Guild application form I've added a link to the main page, but will probably add it to the navigation bar at the top later.
  12. I'm posting this here because I despair of any Dev actually reading the KR feedback on UOForums. If someone could cross-post for me to Stratics, that would be swell. When in animal form at a champ spawn, KR crashed multiple times when walls/fields were cast. Also, KR will crash every time when you try to loot your own corpse as a velociraptor...err...ostard while stealthed. ~M
  13. Posted on Stratics' UO U.Hall Summoning Pet Balls, Animal Form, and Pets 02/26/08 07:03 AM Hello Everyone, Just letting you know we have been reading your feedback on summoning pet balls, animal form, and pets. Some of the suggestions I've seen target reducing effectiveness of one or more of these three things. At the moment, I'm more inclined to look at the summoning pet balls first and see if we want to make any changes to it. One of the main suggestions I have seen that has possibilities is to require a reuse timer for the summoning pet balls, and perhaps don't allow them to be
  14. what are the facts? i know it sucks mana from wither, but what is the %. and is it the same for melee. and is it true mana leech or % of your total damage. true mana leech meaning it steals the targets mana until there is none.
  15. source Gee, Magincia is so dangerous! I hope the demons don't destroy all the buildings! *snort* Seriously, I'm trying to keep it light-hearted but I really want Draconi or someone to explain WHY ALL THE MONSTERS ARE OFF IN THE BLOODY WOODS AND NOT SACKING THE CITY. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Maybe they haven't advanced that far in their invasion ~~~~ that was fantastic...first laugh ive had all day at work. ~~~~ OK Skrag...that was cute...hehehehe. At least you didn't have to draw it...but I have a feeling it may not be quite
  16. How can i use Animal form i have the ninjistue book and all but do i have to be a certail skill lvl or should i be able to use it right in the begining?? Could it be because im on trial version??? Or KR or somthing?
  17. Hi all, This post is designed mainly as a question to CoRE RPers about what would be acceptable for RP in CoRe rules. I have recently created a tamer / mage with ninjitsu as a 7th skill. The aim of this was to use Wolf Form in RP PVP along with two tamed wolves, to simulate a wolf pack. Now, before ye start, i know...id be better off training a fighting skill instead of magery...but i havent Anyways...I enjoy RPing as an animal, especially a dog or a wolf. My character progressed from dog to wolf as he got older, which i think is acceptable RP. However, there are times when i want to ac
  18. From uoherald.comhttp://www.uo.com/fof/fiveonfriday57.html April 20, 2007 "If I use a character name change token, will my name change on my Candle of Love or will it stay the same?" Wilki says, "It stays the same." -- "Does casting Protection reduce your FC cap to 2?" Yes and no - the Protection FC reduction is applied AFTER the cap takes effect. If your total FC is at the cap of 4 (for Ninjitsu, Bushido, Spellweaving, and, under certain circumstances, Chivalry,) then yes, it'll reduce it to 2. If you're at a cap of 2 (for Magery, Necromancy, and under other circumstances, Chival
  19. taken from Thread :- So.. I died in Wraith form and now my character is bugged... found in UO.UHall ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And GM's won't do ANYTHING about it. I have been referred to the knowledge base 3 times in a row for an issue that IS NOT answered there. I do not have protection, RA, MR or ANY form cast. I have NO items equipped. I am stuck at 15 physical, -5 fire, -5 energy resist. I have crossed server lines, died, done everything in my power (used remove curse, ward removal, etc) and nothing. Still even when I explain this GM's do not show up. I understand UO is on a game with a
  20. For those who might be interested in a personal forum, i've made an application form To access said form, click the special features menu (top left) then click "apply for a personal forum" Easy
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