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  1. this MRAP was hit by two RPGs (rocket propelled grenade) a couple days ago. Everyone lived, surprisingly. Took one through the front windshield, and one through the turret.
  2. Just wanted to share some pics with you guys from my neck of the woods, most are from the wife's camera from our street. I just moved back into the area, oh the irony! Lol, we're totally safe, so don't worry about us. Just keep the people whom have lost homes in your thoughts and prayers, please. This last one always makes me think of Smaug!
  3. Don't forget today marks the beginning of Midsummer Fire Festival! Share your rewards with us!
  4. Back before the gem of immortality was shattered, elves and humans walked the lands of Sosaria side by side. Two such elves were Capra the Caregiver, one of the many elven healers whose beauty and grace were what legends are made of. She is said to have been able to heal with a meer glance or touch of her hands. The other, her husband, was Uriel the Lorekeeper of Heartwood. He was a legendary stoic that many would seek out for his wisdom and mystical teachings. He carried with him ages of elven knowledge and history. This couple had five daughters known as "The Five Elements". Each daughter re
  5. I would like to buy a fire beetle thanks
  6. This afternoon Lord Gareth took Niva the Savage out to an IDOC. He wanted to show her the many different things you can do in the world. Niva was not impressed at all but tolerated the human leading her around to different homes. They came upon a spot in trammel located where PaxLair city is in Fel. They marked the spot and continued on their way. Some time later the house caved in and items were all over but, Niva and Gareth missed that part. Once they arrived they looked at the land and Gareth decided to buy it from the Realtor. Niva didn't seem to understand why they couldn't just take th
  7. So who attended and on which shards? Who has any tales to tell of how it went? Any screenshots? Please feel free to post on your relevant shards ,as I understand each shards event was different.
  8. I took a few pictures on the part one of the Fire and Ice event last night. There is an article at www.vikingsofmidgard.com with a link to the VoM Gallery. I got alot of nametags on some pics, so go check. Enjoy!
  9. This thread is meant to collect what the "leading roles" said and did during that event. So if you have anything to add feel free to do so. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- *After arriving in the Crystal Chamber* Casca: Here before you Casca: This is the source of evil! Casca: Your evil has plagued us for long enough! Casca: Evil begone! Casca: *Peers at the Crystal* Casca: begone! *Crystal explodes into shards* Casca: *Stares at the empty spot* Casca: I feel we must not stay here too long Casca: Everybody meet me outside! Casca: Everybody m
  10. Fire and Ice Event Schedule ---------------------------------------- SATURDAY MARCH 21, 2009 Baja Saturday 3:30 PM PST Catskills Saturday 7:30 PM EST Europa Saturday at 7:30 PM BST 8:30 PM CET Great Lakes Saturday at 7:00 PM EST Lake Austin Saturday 10:00 PM EST Lake Superior Saturday 8:00 PM EST Napa Valley Saturday 7:00 PM PST Sonoma Saturday 3:30 PM PST - 4:30 PM MST - 5:30 PM CST - 6:30 PM EST ---------------------------------------- SUNDAY MARCH 22, 2009 Atlantic Sunday 7:30 PM EST Chesapeake Sunday at 8:00 PM EST Drachenfels Sunday 8:00 PM GMT+1 Legends Sunday 5:00 PM EST Oce
  11. Any generous tamers on Catskills up for taming a fire beetle for some gold? I could really use one for my miner, ol' blue just isn't doing it for me anymore. =)
  12. Looking to buy a Fire Beetle if you can get one tell me how much and I will meet you at Luna Bank for transfer. thanks
  13. Has anyone gotten the pheramones to drop from the rabbit? I have killed maybe 20 and nothing so far. Whats the drop rate?
  14. Xevious has a question about x pollinating I did the Solen hive quest and got one fire red and two black seeds, planted them, and they are growing. I noticed today that the fire red has a yellow - next to the pollen indicator. That should be a red X shouldn't it? Both of the black ones have red Xs there. ~~~~ DHMagicMan_1 wondered It's not going to polinate into more Fire Reds, I'm sure... what plant is it? Fire Red what? ~~~~ I don't know, it's still in a bowl. ....replied Xevious ....I was just saying it should have a red X and not a yellow -. ~~~~ DHMagicMan_1 I have a
  15. what do you guys use/recommend?
  16. Inny and Onza had fun cappin' the ally towns in order to add to our new wardrobes... [ATTACH]8400[/ATTACH] Gotta love the new Midsummer Fire Festival gear! I'm working on getting that fire-dancing nekkid chick thing LOL Oh yeah...if ya haven't noticed, we started a new guild... LOL!!! [ATTACH]8401[/ATTACH]
  17. I was curious, do Fan Dancers do any fire damage, at all, or do they just reduce fire? I see them listed as doing 100% physical. If they don't do any fire, I wonder if they should have a firebreath or something. I think a firebreath would do about 26-7 damage or so, more if under effects of reduced fire, depending on suit, of course. I ask this as to address scripters who hit them up, although, I haven't seen local scripters in a long while...hm...
  18. I would like to buy a fire beetle. If someone would tame one for me icq me @ 370-721-130 with a price and meeting place.
  19. I posted this on the trade forum but it doesn't look like there is a lot of traffic on siege there. If anyone would tame one for me contact me @ icq 370-721-130 with your price and where to meet.
  20. Title says it all I suppose. Not sure how messages and things work, but if you can help me out reply on here. (and let me know price please).
  21. I recently returned (last month to be exact) to LS and I heard about the portable forge known as the fire beetle. Can anyone tell me the going rate for one and what skills one needs to control it? Thanks to all who respond.
  22. Fire pit RUBBLE with the rocks around it (not just the lil fireball) on Chessy shard. How much?
  23. Guest

    Fire Beetle?

    I just bought a fire beetle. How do they work? Can you smelt with them and such?
  24. Posted to UO Herald by Jeremy Dalberg November 2, 2007 The Stratics Smith Forum FAQ says, "The deed you get at and after 70.0 Real is completely random, though GM smith's have a slightly higher chance of getting a better deed." Can someone quantify the "slightly higher chance?" Wilki says, "GM and above gets a 20% better chance of receiving a colored BOD, and roughly a 50% better chance to get an exceptional BOD." -- "Why don't GM and higher Smiths get large iron armour bods?" As near as we can tell, they can and should. If anyone has collected substantial data to the contr
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