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  1. The buyer said the house was worth 50 mil according to Tradespot. I traded 30 mil for the Luna House on Lake Austin then got a castle in Fel where I gave back the money in exchange for it. So now I own a castle... paid $250 to a broker and apparently could of gotten a much larger house for that price! Jeez!
  2. I had a fel Keep that I had to let go. As of yesterday, the keep had not been replaced. I can show you the spot if you would like, or give you a rune. I normally play on Chessy, but have kept this keep since I was given a castle for our guild to use while on LA.
  3. Ok, so basically what I'm looking for is a template that can solo Champ Spawns, beginning to end (looking for PSes and replicas more than trans scrolls), but also has some PvP staying power so that I can do well against folks who might want to gank me mid-spawn or steal the champ away...templates with decent AoE power are preferred so that it doesn't take all day to get to the champ. I have two characters that I do champ spawns with in trammel, and they both do fine there, but they both have drawbacks in Fel. One is a Sampire, which is awesome for the spawn (especially low level spawn with
  4. I am looking to buy a fel keep or castle please ICQ me at 409470835
  5. Guest

    WTB Fel Baja Keep

    If you are interested in selling please contact me on ICQ 156881041
  6. soo how many people do spawns and pvp / fel based stuff on Atlantic, tell me you chars / guilds and what you like doing best ( just trying to make the Atlantic forum a bit more exciting ) =)
  7. 1. chill out. 2. learn to spell. 3. the pixels disappear when you turn off your monitor. 4. no one in the real world cares how many n3wbz u pwnz. 5. ITS A VIDEO GAME.
  8. Selling Chessy gold (or any shard if you buy more than 100M) 80 cents per mil. Have sold to many here on uoforums as well as lots of chessy pvpers (I was a member of Champs, PoNi, RoT, CKS) and have sold to many members of X, CKS and Champs (among others). I was Maja and Natalie on Chessy. Also selling Fel Castle located in Paxlair - still has alot of stuff in it (tons of barbed kit armor, misc old school rares (like old armor, of except qaulity items, etc), about 20 or so gold metal boxes, etc. Quiting for good so make a decent offer and it's all yours. Thanks, Nat ICQ 133411447 AIM sni
  9. i need a decent sized open land for a decent sized house. Anywhere in Atlantic Fel or Not.
  10. DHMagicMan 1 made no bones about his feelings on this topic It's clearly too late for this publish, but keep Tram ruleset in Tram and Fel ruleset in Fel... why would you make them cross over like this? It's going to be a serious problem for many of us... I know speaking for myself, I'll intentionally go nowhere other than Luna and directly to certain marked buildings for quest givers... where I can be in and out in 30 seconds or less. In the end, you know you have two VERY DIFFERENT audiences (well far more than two) who will never see eye to eye, so why force one groups play style on an
  11. Released Tuesday October 14th by Saga the owner of the Deus Ex Machina Forums. Saga- "I've been toying with the idea of shutting down the site. ALREADY Issac has been removed as an admin of this site due to his inability to be loyal to his own guild mates. I would like to personally apologize to Arwen, Strength, Choc, Drake, Bentley, and everyone else that was around when {X} was worth a damn, sadly enough it's now nothing more than a 19 year old sore that just never seems to heal. It's a shame that such a great guild has been drug so thoroughly through the sewers by Issac. BUT... I
  12. Either add some stones to stop spawn or delet all the stones. Thank you. Chesapeake shard (Fel ice)
  13. Seems like I remember someone saying that this is was true, but the search function didn't help me so I wanted to ask to make sure. Is it true that your "points" towards being awarded a virtue artifact is doubled while hunting in Fel? Or at least somewhat faster if not doubled?
  14. See topic title. Also selling gold. PM me or ICQ 67715770.
  15. My Baja Fel castle is for sale, it is in trinny swamps, the closest one to the trinny side of the swamp to Trinsic. Plusses! 1. It is a Castle 2. It is in Fel. 3. It is in Fel. price is not set as i cannot read the market very well, but the best bid will get it, and i will not see saw. thank you
  16. Was wondering around in fel today not too far from my home, and there was a idoc. Love those Well Foo that guild came along and well started to pvp no big deal I had my greater with me, However I was so wondering first off how can you ride a dread war horse and have a giant beetle at the same time? Im 115 taming and cant do it. However one of the Foo members did. kinda odd. And why was it that since i have a t-1 connenction, and i am usually fast with downloads and moving in the game when they would come near me to attack my whole game would lock up and could not move, they did not paralyze m
  17. Not at all sure about going rates, so i am taking offers on my castle, and i will sell it to the "highest bidder", i will not see saw between two bidders. for now if you could P.M. me here, i am at work so i cannot go onto icq... The Castle is in the Trinny Swamps, the first castle inside the swamps closest to Trinsic... and of course, in Fel, which in my opinion makes it that much better
  18. Send me a pm if you have one for sale. Thanks in advance, -ofatlantic07
  19. Time is Midnight Eastern, 7pm PST. Couple reds, watch out. ~M
  20. First house to the East of the gate - Chessy shard fel Yew Gate. Great spot for vendors and you can snipe ppl in guards from your house heheheh. Also - the plot can be placed MUCH larger than it is. at least 3 tiles to the sides and 3 tiles to the top. Icq me at 133411447 or if I do not respond within an hour or so AIM me at smoochiebo0chie (0 is a zero). Sometimes my icq does not show me new user requests. The current high bid is at 60M. Will be sold this weekend.
  21. Yesterday Sarsmi asked ...can we talk about getting the spawn adjusted so it is faster as a benefit to hunting in fel? It's so agonizingly slooow now that I keep wishing a pk would show up and put me out of my misery. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fayled Dreams wondered hehehehe .... well ... hehehe .... k ... ... are ya still getting the proper double resources ? ~~~~ I think so,[replies Sarsmi I killed a harpy earlier and got 100 feathers. I think that's double from what it normally is? ~~~~~~ Lilac Crypt racked her brain to try remember some thing she had seen posted. See,
  22. It's located outside Brit, far east of town, by the water a bit. Pictures! Currently located on Great Lakes shard, Xavier's Arena will host the following events: Newbie only brawls: come make a new char on GL, get a gate from New Haven to the house. Pay your 1000 gp upfront and you can have the chance to brawl with other newbie chars for the grand prize. Ganksta's Paradise: Experienced chars on GL fight it out to the death in a Royal Rumble-styled match. Every man for himself, no rules brawl!! Beware, this one might even stretch into the cheap seats! Duelist Rounds: Best two out of thr
  23. can i set up vendors in fel without letting anyone into my home or is there any safe way to do this without geting hijacked in my own house
  24. What is Fel and Trammel places in game ??
  25. taken from UO U.Hall We recently had an extra tile width added and the ability to teleport and fire onto the ledge at the end, now you can target along it's entire length. I think some people were looking for this but I can't see quite what difference it makes apart from making it easier for alter-cam zerg guilds to raid * shrugs * Of course its too much to expect a change to be documented. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I suspect that one ended up under "World art fixes" on my list - I'll see what I can do to break that kind of change out a little better in the future. E. Jeremy Dal
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