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Found 15 results

  1. Oops...looks like the Large Hadron Collider might actually end the world. Interesting...several scientists apparently now think there might be something to the worries that the micro black holes it creates swallowing the Earth. You know what that means? Shard consolidation! "We conclude that ... the growth of black holes to catastrophic size does not seem possible. Nonetheless, it remains true that the expected decay times are much longer (and possibly >> 1 second) than is typically predicted by other models." That's a helluva thing to get wrong, folks. Last time I checked,
  2. as reported by teeshy here UoForums url ARE allowed in game. Thankyou Jeremy for sticking with this and thrashing it out with the higher ups. Also thanks to the Stratics Mods for allowing the thread over there to reach a positive conclusion,despite all the obvious trouble making that went on. Thanks to all the great ideas and suggestions that were put forward also. Thanks also to any of you that sent in emails.Hopefully it kept 'Bob' busy It was a really good topic to debate,added to which a LOT of the community got behind in a positive way,:protest: and made themselve
  3. 100 Swordsmanship 100 Tactics 100 Anatomy 90 Healing 96.5 Parry (stuck) 96 Bushido (also stuck) 65 Chivalry Why I'm disastisfied with this guy, well... I went to Melissa tonight and saw only mages, necromancers and animal tamers and a few archers and started to wonder... why am I wasting a character slot on this loser? He can't fight Peerless. Actually, one hit from a balron killed him, so... I need a makeover. I have only one small idea and thats to ditch Bushido for Resisting Spells, or dump Bushido, Parry and Swords for Archery, Music and Peacemaking? Sorry, I'm too big of a loser to know
  4. Over on Stratic Forums Omnicron asked Just wondering what other informitive forums are out there that I dont know about. Thanks. ~~~~ TheScoundrelRico UO Forums. I read more than I post there though. Good source...Three thumbs up, errrm...la ~~~~ Littleblue The Lost Lands and UO Forums. ~~~~ Larisa UO General/Community News Reporter The Lost Lands Shameless plug for Flutter and TheLostLands. EXCELLENT forums. UOForums is another one, Thank you Adam. And we can't forget UOGuide thanks to JC, an excellent source of information. Not a forum but packed with info. ~~~
  5. Noticing alot of irate people on Uhall these days, demanding answers, claims of "droves" of people quitting etc etc. Spoken to a few people recently, even the die hard UO'ers and the general impression I'm getting is they feel EA isn't listening to their feedback, that EA is doing things their own way and doesn't seem to care much about what their players (aka paying customers) want. What's your thoughts? do you agree on it?
  6. In DOOM, on Catskills, there is a char that I will not name. If any of you ever play there, you will know the player of which I speak. They will hide in the gauntlet, rarely ever helping to complete the rooms. When it is done and the Dark Fathers spawn, this player will lure both Dark Fathers near each other and nearly have them wipe each other out (wither). On top of that she will wait until another bard provos the more difficult monsters on to the Dark Father and then proceed to steal your success. If you don't know what I mean, I will explain; A lich Lord or a Rotting Corpse can be diffic
  7. Charity 'makes you feel better' Best not to keep it all It is not having lots of money that makes us happy - it is spending it on others, Canadian researchers suggest. A team from the University of British Columbia said spending as little as $5 (£2.52) a day on others helped. And staff who spent some of their bonuses on others were happier than those who did not, the research published in Science magazine found. A UK psychologist said such charita
  8. [video=youtube;njZiGKYI86I]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njZiGKYI86I&feature=related
  9. at work from time to time? today seems to be taking forever and ive only been here for and hour and half.........still got six and a half left, someone pls put me out of my misery !!!
  10. source UO U.Hall I am a recent returnee, who came back for the community. Of course, since it is a time investment for me, I would like to know the future of the game I have chosen as my primary entertainment. As media outlets are unreliable, I have studied some things that I would call evidentary as to the future of UO. Many of them are conflicting, leaving me confused. Recent changes: NO "returnee" offers for 9th anniversary or KR announced. Subscriptions (unofficial) decline below 100k Fansite program cancelled Official support forum status at Stratics was revoked. No update
  11. Gotta feel sorry for the Aussies. Australia farmers feel drought strain Australian farmers and countryside dwellers describe their hardship during the worst drought in a century. ESMA AND PAT BERRY, FARMERS, NEW SOUTH WALES We have a farm, 50 or 60 miles outside the capital Canberra. It's on 500 acres of land and it's one of the smallest ones in the district. We now have 600 sheep and a few heads of cattle.
  12. Hey all got my account up and running again (pre AoS)and i was shocked at how much content and how different the game is played....What the heck is sdi,lrc insurance,4/6 - 2/6??omg im scared lol Is my old mage template still viable for pvm?? 100 Magery 80 Resist 100 Inscription 100 eval 100 med im thinking maybe gm wrestle aswell.. Help pls hehe
  13. How would other players out there, across all shards, feel if their shard's Event Moderator was also not only the head forum mod for that same shard's forum on the "official" forum site, but also the guildmaster of the largest guild on that same shard? To take it further, how would they feel if this person under their role as forum mod had been responsible for banning most posters they have personal problems with? Or had used their leverage as the guildmaster of the shard's largest guild to have other players' event blacklisted, players harassed, et cetera? So how would some others of you
  14. source taken from UO.UHAll Comment I am curious as to what your feelings would be if the next race introduced into Ultima Online was Dwarves as opposed to a race like Orcs or Gargoyles? The reason I ask this is because last time EA introduced a new race they gave us Elves and alot of people were very upset about it and still are to this day. Why do I think Dwarves might be next? Because of this screen shot taken from UO:KR in which the developers released a while back. Anyhow, take careful note of it : http://www.zymdragon.com/uo/comparison-lg.jpg Also this website seems to suggest
  15. I feel better now. Just had me a little rant over at Stratics MasterP How are we supposed to respect you and the way you talk when you obviously haven't taken the time to learn our language properly? Would you like it if we came and ****ized the way you grew up? EVERYBODY has had tough points in their life. It's the people that go through the worst crap life can sling at them and they still do everything correctly. Are you going to respect the ghetto thug that says he doesn't have to do it the right way cause he had a hard life. Or are you going to respect the man who had the worst life
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