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  1. It would/might be kewl to have WoW players' Achievement score appear as a stat below their avatar. They could either maintain it on their own or tie in their playerid via the WoW Armory.
  2. Hi all - I've been working on adding a long-requested feature to the Pet Power Calculator: a resist calculation that gives higher priority to the pet's strongest resists while negating some of the value of the pet's weakest resists. In theory, a pet that has extraordinary max values in one or two resists would be used to fight monsters that deal damage in those high resist areas. Let's say a pet has awful cold resist. You wouldn't likely take that pet out to fight against monsters that deal primarily cold damage. Therefore, the fact that the pet has low cold resist isn't very important. I
  3. This is just a preliminary list of stuff we know so far, from the Austin Town hall. Seattle Town Hall: When? - Stygian Abyss is coming next year sometime (2009) How? - Build up to expansion via live ingame events Gargoyle information. - Gargoyles have their own animation effects... including flying - Gargoyles cannot wear human/elf armors - Gargoyle flying over water... "we don't know" - No new skills are garg specific - Jeremy takes a vote and it's 50/50 on having a turn to garg quest - Gargoyle animations will be seriously different from human/elves - Inherent Gar
  4. See any Taint? Ultimate Online Forums How do I get the little picture instead of the link into this post please? Ultimate Online Forums
  5. I have been unable to redeem any codes today , any idea whats up
  6. On the main page of searchuo.com is a new feature called Player Vendors, you can browse luna in 12 sections, read shop names / titles and browse single vendor pages. The pages stay static based on the x/y coords, so if you vendor never changes position, the link to your vendor will be perminant.:O:O:O:O:O If you own a luna vendor here are some tips: Try to name your vendor and shop to point out the type of items you carry, this may increase clicks to your vendor and you will sell more . Putting the date on which u last stocked may be a large factor aswell.
  7. You can now search through your pm's for keywords or by username.
  8. Another player asks about Firework effects in UO Kingdom Reborn.I had to post it here as Cathat decided to respond as only he can Can someone verify that they, too, are seeing random magical special effects when they make a killing blow on an enemy? I nearly reported this as a bug but I believe it's intended. The effect is widely varying and ranges from cure and heal effects through Paladin and Necro effects. My favorite being where a black skull floats for a couple seconds...fitting, indeed! Even if it is a bug, I hope they leave it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ... Are you also g
  9. There's quite a few people here who have multiple accounts, for roleplaying and whatnot It's a pain to keep logging in and out to make posts under your roleplaying name, isn't it? Well, now you don't have to You can flick between accounts with a couple of mouse clicks! See pictures below Instructions 1) Click "My profile" at the top of the page 2) On the profile page, put in your username and password for any additional accounts you have, click "Link account" 3) Go back to any page on the forums and you'll notice a drop down arrow next to your name (top left), click it and choose t
  10. When I was in a party this beam of light shined on my partner. I found it distracting and hard to see Air Elementals. What do you think?
  11. Normally when someone requests access to your private guild forums, you don't know they've done so, unless you manually check, or are told by the user Now, when someone requests access, you'll get a PM, with a link to the page to either accept/deny/ignore the request.
  12. souirce taken from UO U.Hall Opening the patch screen to get into UO a few minutes ago, I looked at the blurb on the blackrock traders. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Look at the picture next to it: The five slot boxes on a paperdoll that isn't theirs? Hmm... This is one of two things, in my opinion. Either it's a new and very welcomed feature of the 2D client update that will be happening next week (According to Jeremy and taken from this post), or it's a slip of the god powers that EA has. Either way, it's interesting, but, Hey, if it isn't a feature that's coming to us, w
  13. Hey Adam! Is there any way to add one of those "back to top" internal hyperlinks to the bottom of each page (ya know, the link that would jump the page back up to the top)? Or to duplicate the "xx unread posts" link at the bottom of each page? 'Cuz when I read a long thread and get to the bottom of the page, it's annoying to have to scroll ALL the way back to the top to get to the "xx unread posts" link again (I have a serious aversion to scrolling).
  14. When creating a thread or post, or editing one, you now have the option of spell checking your content. In the top right hand corner of the edit box you'll see the blue tick with ABC above it Click that and it'll open a popup which will spell check your post.
  15. UO has seen a lot of upgrades since Renaissance, what are some of your favorite features?
  16. Hey, I was curious to see everyone's "personal" touch to their house. Something they feel is there own and that no one else has in their house, lets see some shots!
  17. Instead of people having to fill out a PM with their details, i've setup a form they can fill out instead See what you guys think http://www.uoforums.com/newthread.php?do=guildapp
  18. Well it's called Journal, but I guess it's abit like blogging You can access/setup a journal by going to the "Special features" menu at the top left and choosing "Journals" On the next page, you can setup your journal! You can make private journals to, which aren't viewable by ANYONE, even Admins. A direct link to said area is here - http://www.uoforums.com/journal.php
  19. This was a feature we used to have, not sure why it stopped working, but anyways. For those who don't like seeing posts in forums they never visit (Like the personal forums for example), you now have the option of blocking those forums from view and also any new posts that show up in said forums, won't show in the "New posts" link. To block any forum from view, or several, click "My profile" at the top of the page Then click "Edit options" You'll see an option at the bottom (pictured below) where you can either block an entire category, or select forums from view (Hold down CTRL to block
  20. Guest

    New mini feature

    You can show people the mood your in by changing it to a pre select list of faces To do so, use the "My mood" bar (top left) It'll show under your post count once you've set it.
  21. Guest

    New feature added.

    Personal notepads http://www.uoforums.com/usercp.php You'll notice a box where you can enter text and save it This is basically just like a postit note, you store stuff in it for future reference/retrieval etc. I'll work on making the box a little bigger.
  22. This feature allows you to "stick" a thread you like, to the top of the forum it's in. For example, i've stickied the "Garfield" thread in the spiels forum. You can do this by opening the thread you like, clicking "Thread tools" (top of the thread) and click "Stick the thread to the top"
  23. I think some of you will find this useful In your control panel ------- http://www.uoforums.com/profile.php?do=editoptions Exclude Forums from "Get New Posts" At the bottom, there are two options, the first allows you to select a forum or forums to remove from the daily "get new posts" search when you click "X New Posts" (top right) For example, if you don't like reading all the "Welcome to the forums!" replies, you choose the "New member area" in the list, then click save So when someone replies to a thread in that forum, it won't show on your forum search Forums To Exclude From Vie
  24. Guest

    Feature idea.

    Just had an idea for posters here at UOF This paticular idea would have to be thought out more and i'm writing this post as I think it up But, basically, i'm thinking of offering forum legends their own forum (seperate from UOForums) which they would have FULL control over, on the uoforums domain So, it'd be something like www.uoforums.com/mine or mine.uoforums.com I say "Forum Legends", because if it were offered to everyone and tons of people signed up for it, it'd be a real resource hog, heh So, what's people's thoughts?
  25. Thought this might come in useful At the top of the page, on the lower menu bar, there's a drop down menu called "Image hosting" Click that, click "Upload an image", then upload the images you want When finished, click the image hosting menu again, then click "Your images" Enjoy
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