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  1. I've been wanting to update this for a while: UO Thief | The Thief Forum FAQ This is a very old document and has a lot of history associated with it. The first three sections were written by Crazy Joe & Chaotic Jelly in the years soon after UO's release in 1997. It was then revised by Neon Ninja after Trammel was introduced with UO Renaissance in 2000. "Pulling Off the Theft" was later added by Zole. I've now included updates of my own. (It's always going to be available on the main index of UO Thief.) ~ The Thief Forum FAQ ~ Section 1: General Thief Information UO Thief | 1
  2. Pitr


    How do you make a macro? How do you assign a Key to it?
  3. Copied from Stratics. Do I have to purchase the Enhanced client in order to use the expansion? We can understand this confusion as in the original announcement of the Stygian Abyss expansion (over 3 years ago) we did say that the new client was the only way to get the expansion content. After, a lot of research and feedback from all of our players we decided to make the expansion available in the Classic Client (2D) as well. The clients themselves (Classic and Enhanced) are FREE to use regardless of what expansion is enabled on an individual player’s account. I've heard the terms Enahn
  4. With the release of UO’s 8th expansion pack around the corner we thought we’d give the community just a glimmer of the technology that’s been under development. We’d like the community to take a look at our latest efforts to improve on the interface and user experience. Please understand that you do not need to use this client for the new expansion; however, we do think you’ll enjoy a lot of the features and improvements we’ve made. This client will maintain the “beta” tag as we continue to gather information and improve it based on community feedback. We hope you’ll take a
  5. Posted on Monday, April 20, 2009, 10:26 AM EDT by Oriana (Baja) From the desk of Seppo... I noticed some questions and confusion arising from the guard conference. To answer some of the queries I have updated the FAQ section of the website. Here is the summary: Special FAQ about Royal Guard story line I have noticed some confusion present amongst people. One of the aims of the guard conference was to clear some of this while moving the story line. So here are some key points, 1) Is this a global event? No, the guard story
  6. Stratics Mining Forum Faq Min. Skill to mine colored ore Iron - 0 Mining Skill Dull Copper - 65 Mining Skill Shadow Iron - 70 Mining Skill Copper - 75 Mining Skill Bronze - 80 Mining Skill Golden - 85 Mining Skill Agapite - 90 Mining Skill Verite - 95 Mining Skill Valorite - 99 Mining Skill Mining Macro's XKtuluX Mining and "Make Last" Macros for UO Assist kitiara Mining Macro
  7. So, do we have any idea on the rotation of the slimes and the locations they show up at?
  8. In light of a returning players query on this topic,I have hunted round different forums and collected some tips.Hope they help.
  9. Is there a guide to finding rare artifacts and stealable items? Thanks...
  10. In response to this post from UO Lead Programmer 'Supreem' Aurelias has opened a thread here for discussion and further FAQ updated reading. I have stickied the thread.
  11. Hi all Our FAQ section (Common FAQ's - Ultimate Online Forums) is in dire need of some sorting out There's a ton of threads all over the place, some sticky, some not Anyone have any ideas on sorting it out? One idea I had was to reorganise the threads so there's less of them, perhaps combine all information on a paticular subject into a single thread, then TAG each of the threads with a relevant keyword, only settable by Staff, so it's easier to find the info people want.
  12. Necromancy--The dark art of communing with the dead. From animating the lifeless remains of your kills to transforming yourself into an undead sorcerer, this skill has a host of evil possibilities... What spells can I use and what do they do? What are the Necromancy reagents and where can I find them? What do I cast at what level for the best gains? Link--What other skills go with Necromancy for a good template?
  13. May 14, 2008 (Computerworld) Microsoft's having a tough year with reboots. First it was a reboot ad infinitum in February, brought on by a flawed update to Windows Vista. Now the same thing's happening to some users who have updated to Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3). What gives? We don't have the answer to that -- at the moment, no one seems to have the definitive answer to that. But we do have answers to the most pressing questions about the latest Windows snafu, including a developing game of blame. What's happening? After some users update to Windows XP SP3, their PCs reboot -- whic
  14. Or rather, adding to the existing help/faq area What items do you think would be beneficial to add to that help/faq area? Couple that spring to mind 1) The option to block forums you don't want to read or get new posts from (Some people don't know that exists heh) 2) Changing styles to something else What else can anyone think of?
  15. **********ROUGH DRAFT************** The Samurai uses the Bushido skill to aid in the honorable combat of evil foes. What are the Bushido abilities? Honorable Execution: Min skill: 25 Mana Cost: 0 When your enemy is about to fall, you can use this ability to deliver the killing blow. If the enemy dies, you get a swing speed boost (Swing speed increased by 0.25 sec) for 10 seconds BUT if the you do not slay them, you will get a huge resistance penalty (you skill in Magic Resist will be reset to 0 and all resists drop by 40%) for about 6 seconds or until you
  16. As there will be many MANY questions regarding customising your interface,I have set up some questions Ive seen asked with the answers. Hopefully this will help explain everything as we go along to those of us who have no idea what this procedure entails. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have and we will I am sure between us sort out the answers. Please keep this section for Questions only. Answers will be posted here
  17. This thread will adress all the common FAQ's we see on getting started in the game, or on a shard. Hopefully this will make things easier for those new to our game. Below is a directory link that will allow you to jump to the desired section Shard Selection Race Properties Selecting Skills and Stats New Haven Quests Swoop Guide How do I get my Items Repaired? What is Item Insurance? What is Pet Bonding? Why are my resists below 0? Where do i get the UO:KR Files? Where to buy Bushi and Ninjitsu books from NPC's
  18. Baldguy

    Vendor FAQ's

    So you have some items to sell to others? This is the place for you! We will address all the questions from "How do I get a vendor" to "How do I make a vendor mall".
  19. Baldguy

    PvM FAQ

    The primary means of income when starting the game. All things monster related, including advanced tactics.
  20. Here you will find answers to the perplexing problems of setting up your first macroes, (2D and KR), server selection, ping responses, etc.
  21. Baldguy

    Uoam Faq

    UOAM Tips UOAM is downloaded from his web site: . I STRONGLY suggest getting the beta version. UAOM is not compatible with UO:KR. It is no longer updated since the release of UO:SE, so will NOT show MOST Mondain's legends areas. However, it is STILL the default map of maps. We get a few questions on UOAM, so we will attempt to adress them here, with the aid of our fellow posters. When downloading, make sure you select all possible files with it. These include all tmap spots, daily rares, and more. I downloaded UOAM and it won't track where I am How do I get this server thingi
  22. We are going to try to smooth out the getting started thread (clickie click). We need screenies of (2D only, contact tabbitha for KR guide). Anyone can submit any of these. Please use the servers image hosting feature. info me (baldguy) via PM or this thread that you have uploaded pictures. 1) login screen (make SURE you account name is not visible) 2) Shard selection (with buttons in view for shard population, ping, packet loss) 3) New Character screen. (one of human and one of elf) 4) Skill SElection screen. 5) Stats 6) New haven quest areas (with map or UOAM) 7) Using the Item Insurance
  23. Been doing some research, and NOONE has a DEFINITIVE list of bladeweaving specials. Questions that we need answers for: 1) Does having bushido over 90 increase the number of special moves?/ 2) Does having ninjitsu over 90 increase the number of special moves? 3) does disarm work now? 4) Can it be poisoned? 5) Which special moves have you seen from this special? 6) Do the special moves change if you use a swords or a fencing wep?
  24. bendavho

    ITEM FAQ's

    _Edit- Baldguy. This thread will contain answers and links to all of your item based questions. For actual USE of the items, you should refer to the appropriate PvP or skill related forum. Below is a hyperlinked directory list to allow easy navigation of this section. It is jampacked with information. Intensity Caps Item Property Descriptions Luck FAQ Which armor / items are medable? Damage Bonus caps Artifact lists SSI Discussion Mana Regen Discussion Slayer Properties List Talisman Description Arcane Clothing
  25. If anyone has time / motivation, I could really use some help getting pics of the different steps to get to swoops, WITH UOAM displayed. Basically, it must all be from the point of a new player, so : walking directions from yew gate to heartwood, pic of calendor, pic of getting the quest, pic of selecting spirtuality gate, pic of getting to mushroom cave, pic of sparklies (both sides), pic of swoop area. I have place holders in this thread http://www.uoforums.com/showpost.php?p=257504&postcount=6v for where i think i need pics(more is better). YOu can use image hosting ( botom row
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