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Found 14 results

  1. Its january 2005, ive just got a new flat in london *yays me* but i have no money to go out with and neither do any of my friends *boos mortgages*. I get more into UO than ive ever been in my life. I mean all i do other than that is work, play with my animals, and a bit of cycling. I head to a town ive not been to for 6 months of not more, the plyer town of Dreamstone, in Yew Felucca on Europa. I meet this girl ive not seen for a while too, Wenchkin. I appear in her town every so often, pratt about, behave the way my thick as two short planks character always behaves and we have a good laug
  2. The house north of Devante's in Vesper is decaying, Currently owned by Ray Strongbow aka.. I shouldn't tell. Sadly he is never around anymore. To keep things short, I want that plot !! It will be a great addition to the little player town for the Vesper Crossbow corps and will build it suitable to rp specifics. I own the little adobe next to the graveyard entrance and will use my other account to, if possible, to take it. This will bring a bit of a problem, I am currently holding a rather large house at the elven quarter which I will loose if I move to Vesper. So ehm.. Gwen? I hope you
  3. Wed 20:14 Falling Trees If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Ultima Online is a big world, containing a myriad of virtual objects of every type and description. Animals, monsters, people, plants, and yes, trees too, all abound over nearly seventy million square meters of territory that exists merely as a figment of data in some server's RAM, dutifully backed up on a daily basis. If UO is a persistent world, does everything keep going, even when players aren't there? The short answer is: no, unfortunately not. A somewhat commonly kno
  4. In Malas on the road, easy enough to find. Packed full of goodies. Some one said one went OSI owned (my main house) still can't figure that one out but at any rate there is nothing illegal in any of the houses. We were pack rats and before we left hit some good idocs (took nothing in mass quantity that could be considered duped). I believe someone said Bruno's house is due to fall Tuesday. Have fun and enjoy on behalf of Mags and Bruno. Good luck and keep an eye out for the rares
  5. NOTE: This thread is founded on the -premise- that UO subs are falling, and will be worsening with a failing real-world economy. Either positions may or may not be wrong. That isn't the point - I am throwing this out for general discussion purposes only. In the event that SA fails to revive the UO franchise, what could Mythic do to recruit and retain more players as 'luxury cash' becomes more and more prized by subscribers? Why not take a page out of some other (unnamed) online games? Or better yet, drug dealers! :razz1: "What?!?" I hear you say! Well, why not have tiered accounts?
  6. I've noticed there seem to be many, many houses on europa but there dosnt actually seem to be that many players, or at least not enough for all the houses! Also i closed an account around 6 months ago and re-opened it around 2 months ago and the house on the account was still standing! Anyone enlighten me?
  7. posted to UO Herald by Jeremy Dalberg on October 26, 2007 "What is the barding difficulty formula?" The Stratics page on barding difficulty is accurate. The formula listed on that page only gives you an approximate difficulty, however, because Animal Lore doesn't necessarily show you all of a creature's skills - Parry, for example, doesn't show up in that list, but the creature may have skill points in it, affecting its total difficulty. So while the formula itself is correct, players don't necessarily have all the data they'd need to use it. The actual barding difficulty listed in the A
  8. source taken from UO U.Hall I noticed that on all American Shards a Luna House is gonna be falling shortly, was all same owner, but I am posting so Jeremy doesnt forget to have somebody go empty them completly, get rid of all this duped loot from all our shards ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ they should also watch every single one of the damm things and every player on a new or trial account and check all of them for third party programs. Its so funny I never knew this game was so alove with new players until a luna house goes. (new players that can fill 100 barrels in less then a minu
  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6407419.stm Written by the Business Editor of the BBC, his upgrade from XP to Vista, didn't go to smoothly! Microsoft promises to wow people who are upgrading from Windows XP to its new operating system, but with the joys of Windows Vista comes plenty of pain. Computers look complicated, but are easy to upgrade
  10. Posted on uo.com's FYI Snow is falling! Dec 19 2006 2:39AM GMT (PST +08:00) As is appropriate for the season, snow is falling on Britain. However, it's falling slowly, and may take time to fall on every shard. We expect the snowstorm to complete this week.
  11. source taken from UO.UHall At least 2 houses of the banned "180" accounts haven fallen so far on our shard. With literally hundreds of doom arties, valo and barbed runics, rares and even uniques spread on the ground instead of being deleted as EA stated. Do we have to expect more of this since idoc is only just starting? Its already a desaster now... AND That is a disaster... IDODC's shouldn't exist. I think the best money sink is making it so when a house pops all the stuff inside pops as well. Such a system would at least help stabalize the economy a little bit. A
  12. source taken from UO.Europa COMMENT and straight into my backpack. Just confirming reports that it is now dropping as a minor in Tokuno. and Holy! it's true! I did have a message to have found a martie awhile ago but it wasn't neither in the bank or in my backpack... after reading the post I re-inspected my backpack and TA DAAAH! I found a smallish hard to see piece of blackrock there!!!!!! it's true yay! and to be honest i hate this piece of blackrock, because i need my microscope to see it .... so it isnt really good as decoration nor is it usefull, just to cast armageddon t
  13. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The recent drop in prices at the pump could pick up steam, driving gasoline sharply lower in coming months. "I'd say $2 to $2.50," said Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at the Oil Price Information Service. "Once you get past Sept. 15, it's really a downhill game." Kloza said so far the average cost of a gallon of gas peaked this year at $3.036 on Aug. 10 and has come down largely due to diminishing hurricane fears. "There's just nothing happening in the tropics, and the market had priced in all sorts of calamities," he said. The motorist organization AAA reported
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