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Found 18 results

  1. I have decided to move to a new spot on the same shard. I went ahead and placed my new spot. I was thinking it took about a week before the 1st house would collapse, to move stuff from the last time I moved. It has been a while though. I clicked on the sign of the old house that said it is condemned and the information box on the condemned notice said a condemned house would drop in 2 days. Is that outdated information, or is it correct?
  2. The time has come. My leadership has approved my release from Iraq a few weeks early. This doesn't mean I'm going home early - just that I'm going to a nicer place for a few weeks until my time runs out. I'll probably be stuck doing every distasteful project they can think of to fill my time, but at least I'll be near a swimming pool and three beers a day. Not that I'll drink them. I have no palate for beer, and it would only lessen the anticipation of my first truly outstanding sip of wine back home. The point of this babble is that I will likely be spending very little time on the f
  3. Yes, you heard write. Fall on your face for Fame, Glory, and Gold! The Duke IceWalker Memorial Arena, located west of the Chaos Tower in Paxlair City, is the location of the slickest patches of ice in all of Sosaria! The object is to walk as far as you can over the nine ice patches before falling down. The last ice patch you are standing on, before you fall, is the distance you traveled, NOT the ice patch you were stepping toward when you fell. When you fall, you do not always stand up beside the last spot you were standing on. It appears the chances of keeping your footing, slipp
  4. Taken from Stratics main page Posted on Monday, September 29, 2008, 9:17 AM EDT by Lady Lava (GreatLakes) . Million Dollar Checks Fall From The Sky Many weeks past I did an article on one of the older and previous main land owners in Luna named Rhen. This past week I ran into Gold Matterson of Rhen and he was running all over the city of Luna dropping million dollar checks and other goodies on the ground as a final farewell. It appears he is closing his account and wanted a little exiting fun. The bulk of his wealth went to a single player whom he thought enjoyed the gam
  5. some pics of fall festival stuff...first a pic of the fall festival horse..as well as the summer fest horse and a reputation horse along with a regular bloodbay [ATTACH]8786[/ATTACH] then my pumpkin head costume along with my fall festival scarecrow yard art [ATTACH]8787[/ATTACH]
  6. Attention Catskillians! You are needed! There is a Fantastic event happening the end of October, and we need your ideas! What community events would you like to see? What sounds fun to you? Please come and offer your creative energy, Tuesday night, 9PM at the Skara Brae Community Center. IF you need directions, come to Haven just before 9 and we'll get you there! The community of Catskills is counting on you!
  7. Back in 2005 I constructed a City Hall and Blue Light Tavern with this big massive waterfall. And I just came across it on the PaxLair site and I thought id never find the picture. Anyways here it is hehe and yeah this is before I went to basic decorations that were more RL like and started being a nit picking perfectionist.
  8. Im the walnut tree- not always liked Link
  9. As most of you know I check all the homes in PaxOku daily. Except these past few days so i did a check today. The *NI* Craft home is due to fall I think sometime this weekend. I will try to be on to place a home. I do NOT need another house. So if anyone would like the building I figured you could let me know. Just a quick point. No you dont have to be a citizen of PaxOku to ask for the building. This building was Owned by Neo of Lothlore then it was given to me then I gave it to Silent Star and I guess she quit hehe. SO here is a pic of where it is. It is 6:26pm est on Wednesday that
  10. Yes! The time has finally come! Saturday, Oct 20th will be our Fall Festival. The Festival Events will start at 2pm EST, and run throughout the day til around 10-11pm EST. The first event at 2pm EST, Hide n Seek, will kick off the day as the official Grand Opening of The Treasure Box, the T*T event house. A clue will be given to a specific location, where another clue will be found, and so on, til someone finds the person named The Key To, the owner of The Treasure Box. (get it? *giggles) The first to find Key, will win a grand prize, with very nice prizes to the runners up, and all who part
  11. It was in the royal court of Yew where my enemy Aribeth Kalgroth had been put on trail for her crimes against the forces of good and Virtue. I remember sitting in the court room, listening as the list of crimes she had committed were read and the judge gave sentence. Due to the nature of her being, the court could not risk her remaining in Britannia, so the court demanded that she be burned at the stake and her ashes locked up into a magically sealed chest and taken back to her home in the Stygian Abyss. As the last of the Virturi Knights and her only remaining enemy, the task was given to me
  12. Hayt finished reading the scroll and handed it back to Honir. “Interesting,” he said. “Interesting?” Honir snatched back the parchment and crushed it in his fist. “Is that all you have to say?” he growled. “Are you sure you understand the implications of this? The Court is in disarray. The Courtiers turn against each other and the Shadow King is made a figure of public ridicule. Is this what we have come back to? There was a time when the Shadow Court had a reputation as an honourable and worthy guild. Its name was one to be proud of. Where is the honour and pride in this?” He held the crush
  13. I wouldnt really consider myself an "IDOC hunter" but I do run around looking at house signs from time to time, and if I stumble on a worn house, I mark it and see if I get lucky. So far I havent gotten too lucky. Ive been the only person there at 2 different idocs in the last couple weeks, and there was only junk in the house. But anyway.... My question is about these houses I run across that say "Owned by: OSI" They seem to deteriorate at the normal rate, until the time where it should go from greatly worn to IDOC.. and then poof!! it refreshes. What is the deal with these houses? Do they e
  14. A note is pinned upon every tavern door in Sosaria: You are formally invited to attend the Ancient Order of Elves' Fall Carnival, held in the ancient elven realm of Eldador on the night of October 30th, 2006 at 7:30pm Pacific Standard Time. Gates shall be provided from the Skara Brae moongate and Luna bank (Trammel) at fifteen minute intervals starting October 30th @ 7:20pm PST. For those who wish to travel to Eldador on their own, Eldador is located around the dungeon Wrong, on the Trammel facet. The Carnival will be held in and around Tel'Ereg ar' Cu, the elven tavern. Gates will be pr
  15. The Pacific Role Play Community(PRC) will be hosting Skara Brae Fall Festival. On Tuesday, October 17th at 7:00pm, the Pacific Role-playing Community will be hosting a small festival for anyone who would like to stop by that evening. We have a few events scheduled that should be a lot of fun, including: Angus MacKey Regatta - (Trammel)Captain and crews sail to three different ports of call and the first to return to Skara Brae, alive or dead wins. Participants should have their boats docked at Skara Brae at 7:00. Bag Ball Relay - Participants leapfrog a filled bagball around Skara
  16. NOTE: DUE TO THE COMPLEXITY OF THE TOPICs COVERED, CLASS SIZES WILL BE LIMITED TO 8 PARTICIPANTS. Class 1 How to Fill Up the Ice Cube Trays: Step by Step Instructions. Slide Presentation Meets 4 weeks, Monday and Wednesday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00 PM. Class 2 The Toilet Paper Roll: Does It Change Itself. Round Table Discussion Meets 2 weeks, Saturday 12:00 for 2 hours. Class 3 Is It Possible To Urinate Using The Technique Of Lifting The Seat and Avoiding The Floor, Walls and Nearby Bathtub? Group Practice Meets 4 weeks, Saturday 10:00 PM for 2 hours. Class 4 Fundamental Differenc
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