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Found 14 results

  1. I think Felucca should be completely redesigned. First of all, I hate the barren trees everywhere... ugh. I am soooo tired of it looking like a wasteland. Give us back the trees! Secondly, I'd like them to add the "guard whack" feature back to the towns, moongates, and surrounding the towns' perimeters (like the towers I mention below). Meaning that no reds can go into those areas without being automatically killed. I know that you can still call guards on them now if they attack you, but I dislike that. I think if you are going to be red, you should live off the land itself (and the ve
  2. Hello everyone I'm new to Atlantic and i was just wondering if there were any active faction guilds out there that takes newer characters, I am willing to learn all the ropes and love group fights. As of right now I'm just using a 100% lrc suit to train my mystic mage up so i can start farming everything i need to make a good pvp suit, any suggestions or advise is well appreciated and ty for your time . You can ICQ me at 600035024
  3. hey every one iv been playing uo for a year now, iv been running around with a few guys from cow watchin them fight as the faction com, i think i would like to join factions but im not to sure, is there any thing i realy need to know and what would be the best char to build for factions. any help is always grate.
  4. I started playing factions about 2 months ago and I really like it. But I wish that there was a way beside vent or teamspeak that we could talk with the other faction members. Our guild started a faction with only guild members and we joined TB. There is not a lot of us, but they are a lot of TB members. There needs to be way we can chat with other members in TB. I think that need to remove the alliance or party chat and have one of those for faction chat. And they also need to change area spell damge along with poison fields and para fields. Everyone joined either TB, SL, or whatever faction
  5. With all the upcoming additions and changes to the venerable Faction systems, many players will be interested in learning about Factions, either for the first time or as a big refresher. Factions is a narrow but rich part of Ultima Online. Many people know of Factions, a few play in it but a relatively even fewer know the intricacies, explicit rules and nuances of playing in Factions. UOGuide.com needs your expertise and help! While there are a few pages related to Factions, there could probably be many more to better explain and truly help people understand what Factions is all about, wha
  6. Merc

    Factions template

    My guild is starting to get into factions I was wondering what is a good template for factions. I have never did thsi part of the game before and I am just wondering. These are the chars I am running now... necro/mage spawns only! archery almost completed sword/bushido
  7. Tinmad07


    do any shards have people that even do factions out there?
  8. 5 years ago i was in factions for the true britanians, i recently rejoined the game and for some reason there was no action anywhere. whats happened?
  9. Factions are dead at the moment, I made few differend kind of solutions which you can combine how you want. 1. Profits from faction vendors are directed to players of that faction. The amount of gold you get, depends on how many faction kills you got that week. So all kill that faction has done = 100%, and your kills/all kills = % you get. 2. Faction horses would give same barding as armored swampys give now. 3. Making being PK (red) harder then it is at the moment. I have red, and it's way easier to be red that being in faction. If there was some real punishment for being red, people wo
  10. Draconi has acknowledged that the upcoming Halloween Event/Demon Invasion of Magincia is going to have an impact on factions. He asked that people add their comments to the following thread on U.Hall: Halloween 2007 Events Testing Unfortunately, it appears that the testing for the event is restricted to Trammel. If you have any concerns about this issue, please use the above thread to make them known. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not for long, luckily. I'll post when it's available in Felucca. Tim "Draconi" Cotten - UO Designer - EA Mythic
  11. source You folks know where I play. I die a lot. You know what? I am OK with that. I work with how broken factions is. Why? Because it is fun. Dieing means nothing in a game, rez, sit out stat, get gear and go! All good fun. Today, someone placed 61 members into our faction. Minax on Siege. They were all named lol, except for maybe one LoL. Sixty one characters. This lol took charge. With 61 characters. What does an account cost these days? If he is will to spend over $700 a month, I will give him the win. We all know he is not spending any money on 61 accounts named lol. Yet, when
  12. source taken from this thread in UO Europa. What's up with Factions on Europa? I am too noob to understand the whole thing but I looked at the official site under "Factions" and it says something like this: Europa Factions last updated: Mar 5 2007 06:04AM Factions Main Europa Overall | Council of Mages | Minax | Shadowlords | True Britannians Europa Faction Guild Rankings Guild Faction Kill Points Europa Faction Member Rankings Member Faction Kill Points Papa Smurf True Britannians 1 Does that actually means no one play Factions on E
  13. source taken from UO.UHall Comment can we get some faction talk int he five on friday this go around. Id like to see this friday and maybe afew more dedicated to answering our question on faction systems. pretty please guys talk about factions. There I asked nicely too, so lets have itguys faction talk this friday andnext! ############################ Agreed. I am tired of not seeing any of the Five on Friday questions dealing with PvP Systems ... and hardly any with PvP. Take 4 questions and talk about something else, and designate at least 1 question/answer each week to PvP (not ne
  14. Vindicator


    Do people still play factions? I really enjoyed factions for a long time, but it seems they are done with for good.
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