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  1. Alright...I have recently transferred my archer from Pacific to Atlantic. I am looking to a faction PVP guild that is willing to teach me the ropes. What is the faction to go with here on Atlantic? Thanks. -Anselinah-
  2. Hey everybody. I'm doing some research at the University of Denver about faction loyalty. So, if you have a minute to take this survey, I'd appreciate it: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFdyZmdKZ280b1VxZ3prQmhLdDJ6OHc6MQ Thanks!
  3. If you kill a member of an enemy faction two or more times in a row, you only get kill points for the first kill. That's pretty straight-forward and makes sense. But - and here comes the question - what exactly has to happen before you get points from that character again? I searched the playguide but couldn't find anything about this.
  4. Where are the best places to particpate in Faction PvP on LS? Any specific times of the day seem best?
  5. I'll go test this on test shard, but someone said that smith/tailor crafted armor with silver no longer exists. EDIT: That's stupid, the faction artifacts I claimed weren't blessed.
  6. Does anyone know if the skills lost from getting killed while in Factions helps with gaining skill(since your skills get lowered) still? I joined a Faction, got killed, saw my skills drop upon resurrection but when I went to work some Provocation, I didnt get a single gain where I should have if I was truly at that skill level.
  7. Hey everyone, So I've been getting consistently owned as a fencing dexxer in faction pvp and I'm looking for a dramatic shift. For sake of simplicity, I would prefer to keep my character a fighter but add another skill set. Could I get people's feedback on this template (710 skill)? (I'll outline some equipment that I'm mulling over) Fencing 120 Tactics 90 Parry 110 Bushido 110 Magery 110 Eval Int 110 Med 60 I'm thinking of changing over to an elf for the mana bonus. So, for equipment: Folded Steel Reading Glasses (faction, 25% DCI total) gorget (mana regen, mana increase, LRC) Rune Be
  8. The Guardian Needsss You! The Twilight Legion. An evil faction of the Baronship Of Cove roleplaying community.
  9. I was thinking, it would be cool if they extended faction PVP to Ilshenar, but still kept it out of Trammel, Tokuno, and Malas. Ilshenar is supposed to be a land of adventure, after all.
  10. okie ill start by saying i was a 6 year vet almost left when AOS came out as the doom !!!! recked the game but i stayed with it then came the Samiri stuff and i had just had all i could take with keeping up with items etc so i left for L2 what i was playing on the side well im done all i can in L2 the only time i log in is to do sieges once a week so im thinking of coming back ill start by saying ive got every char u can think of and all the other skills on stones so teplate is no problem to update ok so here is what i have at the mo on my account as ive just activated it again to check my ite
  11. Hi all, Posting this here instead of the PvP forum to save myself some embarassment. I suck at PvP (admittedly, I don't really have the right template/gear for it, and I usually don't bother carrying pots), but I'd like to get to at least Rank 4 so I can wear the faction Cincture. What is the easiest way to buy/borrow/steal/(sigh)earn a few faction ranks? Also, really basic UO PVP pointers would also be appreciated.
  12. Can we get the full story about the town invasions... I haven't the slightest idea how they work. I am probably not the only one, so any insight would be appreciated. What's [falsehood] [cowardice] [hatred] and what makes the towns get invaded. Someone with the knowledge should clue us in. Thankyou in advance.
  13. New Content Proposal: Faction Dungeons Hello all! Usually, I put a great deal of careful thought into my new content proposals before I even hint about them here. This one hit me in a flash of inspiration. That means it truly excited me, but also that I’ve had less time to polish it. Forgive anything truly unbalanced or ridiculous and please post constructive comments to tweak the idea! Purpose: Bring new content to factions, create new dungeons to conquer, create a TvT environment, expand PvP, create unique items that can only be obtained in this faction environment. Concept: Cre
  14. Hi, haven't played the game for 7 or 8 years now and heard they revamped the faction mechanic a bit. Back in the day there would be raids in the evening with 20vs20 players or more fighting. Is this still happening? how many players of each faction are online during the day? If my faction has no people online and i had to go for solo PvP, would i be able to have some good fights, or are there only gank squads running around killing people 3vs1?
  15. Forget it, found the solution. Please delete this thread
  16. With the updates on the faction system, it seems about to I educated myself about this topic. Has anybody a link to some kind of "guide to factions"? Otherwise I will have to spam this thread with questions First one would be: Is there a way to find out, which are in which faction? Is there a list somewhere saying: "This faction consists of the following guilds" ?
  17. With the need for all True Brits to meet and get to know each other, and to arrange to be on-line at the same time, to form some plans, activities, training, and just a make friends thing, I will be running a 'FOX HUNT' very shortly. I would like ALL True Brits to get in touch with me, and also maybe post below what time they are free, and when would be the best /most suitable time. With a few BIG events due very shortly with BIG rewards for factions, we do need to finally get together and ........ Its great to see a few solo folk have been stealing sigils, and I appreciate how galling i
  18. Posted by Jeremy_EAMythic UO Community Coordinator If y'all are playing around with faction crafting on TC1, please take a look at this doc - if you see something on it that doesn't match what you're seeing on TC, post it and I'll figure out if it's the doc or the game that's wrong Thanks! ~~~~ In response Tina Small posted Jeremy, I'll try to give it a shot tonight. Will have to run around and try to figure out who is controlling the various towns and then join the appropriate faction before proceeding to test the actual crafting. Is the option to add factional properties su
  19. Guest

    Faction Guild

    I am recruiting members for a Faction/ War guild. Please contact me by icq at 1902887 for a interview. Faction experience not neccessary.
  20. How do i resign from a the Brit faction? I signed up a few days ago, but id like to leave the faction now. I read on stratics that after u resign at the faction stone, that u have to wait 7 days. But i cant even do the first step, when i click on the faction stone nothings happens. Anyone knows how to solve this?
  21. We have been in TB faction for a while now... So I have a question... What is the point of this Stat Loss? Thank you.
  22. 120 Fencing 120 Resist 120 Parry 100 Anatomy (95 til I hit 720 skillcap in a few months) 90 Healing 90 Tactics 80 Poisoning ..or I was thinking of adding GM bushido in there, at the expense of poisoning and some anatomy points. Would that be better?
  23. Basically get rid of it! Factions mind stand a chance of getting active again. Why do factions have to get stat loss when no other fell based guilds/players have to put up with it?
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