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Found 18 results

  1. I know this has been brought up before. I even brought this up awhile ago. UO is in need of an expansion of it's water fontier. Fishing and pulling up sunken treasure is all the sea really offers anymore and this profession is slowly dying. I think an expansion small enough to fit into a new publish will re-spark the fishing profession and also add more adventuring onto the high seas. First: More boats. Not just more but larger ones. Say one that is two stories with the first being below deck. (if graphically possible) Also if possible allow the below deck to accept addons like
  2. Heya. I'm a huge fan of "sandbox" style games and heard that Ultima Online fits this description. Been playing EVE since the beginning of this year, but now I feel compelled to give UO a go. But just a question. I'm still downloading the trial so I can't see for myself, but do I have to pay for the expansion packs? I know some games you do, while others provide them for free. I can't find any info anywhere. Also does UO accept PayPal? And is UO newbie-friendly, or am I going to face up against lvl 1000 characters who've been playing for over ten years?
  3. [Written report to Captain Bedford; a sealed letter on his desk] As I was wandering along the road to Stonekeep, I happened to come upon a collection of Yewish in uniform, all standing around and apparently waiting. Intrigued, I ventured nearer and made the following discovery: Yew plans to expand their territory. What I had walked into turned out to be a Militia briefing, so I dutifully hid myself around the corner of one of their buildings and snatched up what I could. Captain Bladius Dart informed the Militia of a few general things, some of which I think might be quite relieving to u
  4. The LOTRO development team recently participated in a live chat hosted by Xfire. Producer Rowan, Art Director Floon, and designers Jalessa, Amlug, and Constant Gardener shared some new info about Volume II, Book 7; the first free content update to Mines of Moria ™! Some of the highlights included A new 12-man raid The opening of Lorien to players A new Lorien reputation system New Minstrel Instruments Insights into Class creation and changes on the way Read the full transcript to get all the details! :beer1:
  5. I know Mines of Moria has only just been released, but I am curious what you folks think will be the next expansion. My thoughts/hopes: Rohan/Mirkwood/Ironhills- Expansion would fix house designing as well as adding new housing area's(the only ones who wouldn't get a new housing area are hobbits, but they could work something in.) Also focusing on establishing mounted combat, for whom in the Rohirrim would dare only ride from horseback! Anyhow, what do you folks think?
  6. As an Ultima Online veteran and an Ultima fan in general, I have many suggestions and wishes as far as features for my most beloved online community. This is one feature that I think will add to the community building of our game. Some may say that this is simply ripping off an idea from another game, and yes, the idea definitely comes from another game, but it was a very good idea and one that (I think) should be featured in more worlds. It is fair to say that combat content is definitely very interesting, however, that is not what Ultima Online's longevity, in my opinion, can be attributed
  7. I've been trying to write a page on the Moongates Wiki about the Minoc Campaign that took place a few years back. Though it's riddled with mistakes, inaccuracies, and a muddled timeline. If any patrons of these forums were involved with that event arc, I'd really appreciate it if you could lend a hand. If anyone has screenshots that would be great an' all. Cheers. The page itself: The Minoc Campaign - MoongatesWiki
  8. What would you guys/girls prefer? The next expansion have new lands with new content, or add advancements to previous lands (including ocean) and new content. There is just so much things in Ultima that could use some advancements. Instead of wasting the money adding a new land for the expansion, why not use that money to revamp old lands? What are your thoughts?
  9. I have a nice 18x18 with that 20% storage expansion that came with ML (or was it AoS?). Now I am thinking of placing a castle - one of the few perks of the dwindling player base. The question is now: If I place a new home and let the old one decay - what happens to the additional storage? Will my castle also have +20% storage or not?
  10. Greetings. I am an old UO player, coming back to the game after EQ, EQ2 and WoW. Feeling nestolgic, back to my gaming roots so to speak etc. I was able to reactivate my old account and I downloaded KR and have enjoyed finding my way around. I also downloaded the UO Gold free 14 day trial which has the first 5 expansion packs from what I understand. But I do not seem to have the expansion pack content. I think UO Gold is supposed to be up to Age of Shawdows but I have no idea how to get to Luna etc. I went to my UO account and I did the "upgrade account" and it says I am already u
  11. Make Trammel and Fel separate servers so not to frustrate pvprs. Pre ren or up to ren magic timing, But instead magic res and ref magic acutally work. Magic armor buffs will not make you god. Uo more than any other game at its ( creation ) was a pure pvp mmorpg, The environment has never been made interesting enough to get new players to do anything but champ spawn. Things like better AI, wolves that travel in packs. To make the game interesting again all the players need to be put at odds with the environment, not just some occasional roaming demon or harpy while running through the woods, ho
  12. Ok, here are some things that could be fixed with a new expansion. Introduce height and weight changes, how? Add Mejico, now you can have short fat guys running around (like me). Plus, you can introduce a few more scary monsters!! :> Actually, the new lands could be called Antillia. This comes from traditional Spanish mythology, also called the Isle of Seven Cities. Was supposed to be located to west of Spain in the Atlantic ocean. Arabian geographer's new it as Dragon's Isle. Perfect for a UO world. Artwork could consist of Spanish or Mediterranean flares. Armor and weapons
  13. source taken from UO U.Hall I don't plan on playing KR and will only use 2d. I think they should keep 2d around with the new 3d client and let the 2d users play the new expansions. I think it would be a smarter play imo. ------------------------------ The new graphics are horrible, the macros, everything.... I'd rather play it in 2d still or move to another game... ------------------------------ So you're admitting to breaking th NDA Even if you're not, don't let the door hit ya. B'bye ------------------------------ (2D is not going away because people are not going to s
  14. I had an idea for a vet reward or reward with purchase of expansion which I feel would be very much liked and appreciated. my question is does anyone have an idea how I can submit my idea and who to submit it to?
  15. Well I have the 9th Anniversery Edition which includes Mondains Legacy, yet there are 2 parts of the floor tiles which I still cannot use. My first thought would be these were patched in for KR or SA. Does anyone else have this problem?
  16. In here will be tidbits of information on what's featured in the upcoming expansion. New graphics engine 3D-accelerated special effects 9,000 pieces of art being redrawn A new playable race Other features will add to or enhance many of the key features of Ultima Online, namely: Epic battles versus powerful monsters Deep dangerous dungeons Player-versus-player combat Creative housing design Crafting and much more!
  17. [ So We Have a Name, what else is there in store for us?
  18. Physicists announced Thursday that they now have the smoking gun that shows the universe went through extremely rapid expansion in the moments after the big bang, growing from the size of a marble to a volume larger than all of observable space in less than a trillion-trillionth of a second. The discovery _ which involves an analysis of variations in the brightness of microwave radiation _ is the first direct evidence to support the two-decade-old theory that the universe went through what is called inflation. It also helps explain how matter eventually clumped together into planets, stars
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