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  1. You are to write/paint a comic strip with 9 boxes! 3x3 What you need to include in the strip #Of course Valentine needs to be in it one way or another. #As all my Events/Competitions there needs to be a Gnome! #One way or another, totally up to you. You need to include UOForums. What I will judge on is humor and plot, NOT Graphic skills. It can be made in normal window paints if you want, how it is made is not a thing I will judge, as long as i can see it is 9 boxes (3x3) with something in them. Prize: This medal under your Avatar, given by Adam our "Evil" but generous Admin
  2. May 18th, 8pm GMT, prepare for battle. The dungeon's inhabitants have been way too uppish with travellers, we need to clean it out to prevent them from getting out. Gather in Full Force. Gathering point will be at Swagger's Inn, Vesper [OOC] This is a community wide event, bring your finest warrior [/OOC]
  3. Greetings We will be hosting another auction event in our New Magincia Auction House. This event will be our 18th event. The 18th Knucklehead Auction has been planned for: Friday the 4th of May 2012 @ 20:30 CEST/MESZ (18:30 UTC/GMT, 7:30 PM BEST, 21:00 EEST, 2:30 PM EST). You may now submit auctions for this event, and/or view auctions that is currently on the program by clicking below button Note: Submit window will be open untill 4th of May @ 00:30 CEST/MESZ, or untill the program is considered full by us. For Event FAQ and Process, please see Auction FAQ Hope to see Everyone
  4. 17th auction will be held on April 6th '12 at 20:30 CEST (6:30pm GMT/UTC, 7:30pm BST, 2:30pm EDT) Currently on the program: [table]Item(s) | Opening Bid | Bid Increase 1x Valkyrie's Glaive | 10.000 | 10.000 1x Barnacle Covered Painting. | 10.000 | 10.000 25x Seed of RenewaL | 500.000 | 100.000 1x Book of Truth | 50.000 | 10.000 1x Stalagmites (Brownish) | 10.000 | 10.000 50x Relic Fragments | 500.000 | 100.000 1x Gargish Luck Totem | 10.000 | 10.000 1x + 20 Fishing PowerScroll. | 1.000.000 | 100.000 1x Ring of Restoration | 50.000 | 15.000 1x Snow Tree (Token) | 300.000 | 10.000 1x Pilot'
  5. Greetings Gamblers, Travelers and Citizens of Sosaria The Blackrock Casino will open it's doors for it's second scheduled event. These events will probably be held every two weeks on a Saturday This event will happen... On Saturday, 31st of March '12 starting 20:00 CEST This being 2pm EST, 6pm UTC/GMT, 7pm BST, 21:00 EEST The Casino will be open until last visitor leaves! We have listened to feedback, and for this event there will be an additional bet size allowed at the tables. You can now play with a 10k bet! For more info on the casino. Please visit the Blackrock Casino Events page.
  6. Greetings Travelers, Gamblers and Citizens of Sosaria. I have been honored with the duty to announce the Grand Opening of the Blackrock Casino. This will happen this Saturday: The 17th of March 2012 from 19:00 CET/MEZ (18:00 GMT/UTC). In the Blackrock Casino. Opening Night Raffle On opening night there will be a raffle for items to be won, These are no ordenary items, they will be displayed in chest(s) near the stage on the 2nd floor of the casino, untill they are won. Tickets for this will be purchaseable from a vendor near or on the stage, Only on opening night! On eve
  7. Greetings. We will be hosting another fishing compettion, this will run from 13th to 17th of March, with Winner-finding event on the 18th. Announcement / Rules Greetings The Knuckleheads
  8. OOC: We'll start 10:00 CET - hope to see you there - also there will be more townhalls if you can't make it
  9. If you're not able to attend this Saturday's Seattle UO Town Hall have no fear, for once again members of the Whispering Rose Radio [WRR] staff will be broadcasting it live and you can join in the 'party' time fun on Lake Superior at the special WRR Dave & Busters site ....
  10. Lillimu is hosting a storytelling contest at the Luna Fairgrounds on Wednesday the 14th at 6 PM PST. The rules are: 1. It must be Halloween Related 2. It must be germane to the world of Britannia 3. It must be under 5 minutes long (If it is longer, you will be cut off) 4. It must be for a PG 13 audience. 5. Group entries are permitted, but only one story can be told. 6. Costume will improve your score. 7. All judging is done by Lillimu and she has the final say on the outcome. 8. Have fun!
  11. The Marshall has ordered that all Island City's be Surved and anaylized. I understand that there is going to be a little naked race in some distant land on this day, however, The Marshall's Orders will be carried out before we go have our fun in Ilshnear. The target Island of the night will be Moonglow. Our orders are as follows: Identification of local leadership figures. Ascertain the loyalty of the population loyalty to the crown or other entities. Find information on strategic locations Ascertain key defensible locations I am gathering a group of Army Personel, but here is the kick
  12. Dungeon Rescue Training Mission is a Guild Event Participants: This event is held as a training mission for recruits, turcopoles, and esquires, but all may attend and participant. Please come prepared with armor repaired, aids, and potions, and equipment. When: Saturday Oct 3, 2009 at 5pm bst or 11am est Meeting: Fort Beaufoir Objectives: Sir Gendin is missing is Ice Dungeon. The team is to locate and find him. Aid and ressurect him if necessary and bring him back to to fort Beaufoir safely and unharmed. Training Skill Objectives: Communications and Teamwork
  13. It is time for another one of our monthly trading events! Again, merchants and pirates will sell a lot of valuable contraband. The Black Market During this monthly recurring popular event, everyone can sell, buy or trade interesting wares! The facts: Merchants can claim a personal market stand where they can advertise and sell their products. The merchants should enter the list of their products into the book locked down on their market stand (at least one day prior to the event, so people can come by and check on the items). Bargaining is encouraged! If you want to sell contraband, yo
  14. Next Saturday, The 10th of October at 9pm UK Time (10pm CEST) O*T are holding their first event 'The Great Ilshenar Naked Race' a race from the Compassion Moongate to the camp just to the south. THE MAP: THE START: THE FINISH: ----------- THE RULES: You may use a mount, or as a gargoyle you may use the ability to fly. You must be naked. You must pass through the 6 checkpoints and collect a ticket (Further details below). You must show all 6 tickets at the end to collect your prize. You must follow the path on the map, Using other methods to advance forward will not be al
  15. Hawkeye Pike challenges thee to race against him! The stake of the previous races has risen to 5.3 million gold coins! Outsail Hawkeye and win the pot! The race will be held on a predetermined route. If you sail, you have to bet at least 300,000 gold pieces on your victory, which will be added to the pot (those who lack of funds can be helped out). Higher bets or donations are welcome! If Hawkeye Pike beats the participants, the pot will be the prize for the next race. If someone beats Hawkeye, he will win the whole pot. The location of the race will be disclosed prior to the race. Partici
  16. There is an EM Meet and Greet with EM Lillimu on Wednesday Sept. 30th, at 4 PM PST. We should be able to visit with Lillimu, then head to the Tavern Night afterwards.
  17. Sorry I posted this is such short notice
  18. This whole weekend, you can obtain pirate hats and eyepatches by doing a short fedex quest and collecting items along the banks of the Brandywine river in both Evendim and The Shire. Lorebook: The Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariners - LOTRO Lorebook This quest is obtained just north of the Brandywine Bridge, on the Bree-land side. The First Mate asks you to find the captain of the ship, and to help retrieve the lost cargo along the river. The cargo is intended for the Rangers of Annuminas, who are fighting to reclaim their old capital from the forces of Angmar, as well as from greedy tomb ro
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