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  1. Hey folks, travellers, anonymous visitors, returners, newcommers, citizens of Vesper, I found that is should be important for you to know that we are NOT DEAD. However, our boards here are barely used anymore. They more or less just serve background information about us. If you want to get in touch with us you will most likely be more lucky to meet us in game than here. Lookout for us in South Vesper around the Swaggers Inn. Take care and see you there! ~Anna~
  2. Quote: Disclaimer No document like this could ever be complete, nor should it claim to be. It is the amagamation of many contributions from all over the community. And like any history, it is only as wide as the range of the authors who contributed, and only as accurate as their collective memories. Adding to this history and updating it with more recent and current events is a community job, and needs YOUR contribution. If you find something you think is important has been left out, then put the information - including when it happened! - in a new thread on this board, and ask one
  3. August 1997 Lord British has an unfortunate accident. While giving a speech to a bright-eyed Britannian crowd, the King is engulfed in flames and spent some time in the realm of the dead. However, with the aid of his companions, he is revived shortly thereafter and finishes his speech, much to the delight of those in attendance. 1998 Lord British loyalists increase their hold on Vesper after hearing of a rebel group, led by a Lord Xel’Naga, coming forward to claim the city after they had "obtained" it through the "will of the king". Sylis Larpet starts a rebellious campaign against th
  4. Pilgrimage to the Virtues A contemporary report of the well-walked path through the ages By Gerrick Adarastos Part I: Introduction and Honour As many have done before me, I donned the pilgrim robe and hood on a quest to contemplate on the Virtues set by Lord British. Taking with me modest supplies of food, bandages, drinkable water, parchments, pen and ink and a copy of the Virtues, I began my long and perilous journey to visit all 8 shrines erected to honor them. As the reader knows Lord British placed first the three principles, Truth, Love and Courage from which either directl
  5. Hello everyone, I'm trying to get a nice list of good player shops around Europa. The goal is to add this for my newbie guide as a reference when they look for something (recall scrolls, PoF, CBD, marties, etc.) I know the biggest shops out there like Luna ring, BWT, Zento's, Umbra's. But I'm wondering in towns like Vesper, Trinsic, Brit, is there a big shop life? I rarely venture out of Haven anymore... If you own such a shop and want to send me a short description it would be appreciated Thanks for reading and/or replying
  6. Cove Attendees: Faden Wildheart Bersi Valiro Torrak Keres Sergio Jarrett Vesper Attendees: Balgus Bloodmore (Leading) Lion'L Jonshon Cal'ain Cui'gnir Jaymee Brenna Night Aeldur The Covian Army and Vesper Militia gather outside the entrance to the dungeon. Vesper's first attempt at the Arkay manoeuvre. Torrak Keres teaches the Arkay manoeuvre but adapts it into a line formation. The Arkay manoeuvre successfully completed againt a blood elemental. Bloodmore locates the first scroll. The Arkay manoeuvre used once again al
  7. Hello All, Few years ago the f4g site crashed and all data was lost. There was plethora of stories and reports written there. I've tried to recover the data from google cache and recovered about 1.5GB of data. However I have never gotten around to sorting it and doing anything meaningful with it. The archive still sitting on my hard drive. It's around 1.5 GB and while doing cleaning I would like to get rid of it. If you know someone who might be interested in recovering it I would gladly burn a DVD and send it to them by regular mail in any format they would prefer (ie. XML). I will make a
  8. Europa seems to be down, at least I can't see it anymore in the servers list.
  9. I'm brand new to UO, but from reading other posts it sounds like the shard that suits my playing preferences best. So my questions are: How friendly/helpful are the other players towards newbies? Are there any RP guilds that would take a player such as myself*? Are there any race/class combos I should avoid so as not to make it difficult to join most RP guilds? (i.e. I saw the undead and vampire faces in chargen -- So would playing one make things difficult?) * While I am brand new to UO, I am not new to MMOs or role-playing within them. Ideally I would love to join an active RP guild
  10. Does anyone have any idea why the Europa shard has been down all day? No acknowledgment has been made on UO.com... let's hope all the Devs arn't sleeping and neglecting us Mmm posted this just before they made the announcement on UO.com, quite unlucky. Either way, this sucks First day I get to play SA and home server down all day.
  11. Buying Europa gold Skirt Execptional, and Doublet Execptional PM me or icq me ICQ-554902409
  12. Hi there! it soo happens that i started playing UO a few days ago.. At first i was thinking like: why am i even trying this game? bla bla bla there is no people playing and stuffs like that.. But when i got a deeper look inside it turned out to be the MMO i always wanted to play. Im sicked and tired of all the World of Warcrafts out there, and games that tries to be just ast succesfull as blizzard but fails. UO for me is a perfect game in many ways. Anyway. I decided to play on Europa since i live i Sweden and a friend of mine told me that this shard is the best for me considering the ping
  13. Posted by Bladius. Something to think about, find ways of getting Trinsic involved. I'm not sure we can actually pick a side, too many political hot potatoes, but that doesn't mean we can't help both sides in other ways, or try and make a peacekeeping force, or something:
  14. A Knighting Ceremony will be held on the roof of Fort Belvoir, everyone is invited to come and watch when Esquire Ferenhelm will be dubbed into Knighthood after proved squireship. The Ceremony will start at 7pm GMT. Reminder that the House Rules of Fort Belvoir applies. And can be located at the entrance level. By the Virtue boxes. No Drows or Orcs are welcome to participate. Given its nature. May the Virtues Prevail!
  15. Let's bury that other, potentially harmful thread by circle jerking over how great our community is! Seriously, I think we offer something uniquely satisfying in our RP. I personally was never really attracted to roleplaying until I came to embrace the ethos of our community, and other places i've tried since just don't cut it. Sure there's different stylistic preferences between guilds but that all overlies a common culture. The vast majority of us are trying to play deep and multifaceted characters with incompatible motivations and conceptions of the good, coupled with intense local loyalt
  16. This coming Wednesday after the auction at about 8pm BST, Europa Auction & Events will be hosting our monthly Bovine Madness Event! The event consists of 3 games: Cow Tipping, Milk Stool Race and Barnyard Rumble. So if you'd like a chance to win a prize, please come and join us next Wednesday.
  17. *this information is pinned up at every bank* The event at the moment stand that Orcs have been gathering strange seed pods and taking them back to there strongholds. We were attacked in Moonglow near the lyceum by orcs trying to gather one such pod which they got away with. More pods have been located at Britain moongate and Spirituality moongate, this evening we used fungus spores from mushrooms to infect the seed at spirituality so they would collect that and watch what happen. We have also discovered books at some Orc strongholds (if someone could publish the information please) showing
  18. "Times had been hard for Cove. Endless pestilence and ceaseless wars had left the lands of the Baronship depleted, with only a few hardy soldiers and citizens struggling to survive. To worsen the situation, the Covian treasury was all but empty. The Baron's Court in conjunction with high command after long deliberations concluded that there was only one solution to Cove's woes: the army must hire itself out to the highest bidder. And so it came to pass that the banners of the Covian army were to be stored away and to gather dust; their glory known only to the few brave men who still endured
  19. Ello chucks, Tomorrow I will be hosting Europa Auction's 250th anniversary auction! So along with the usual auction, we will be holding a quest! The quest will start at about 8pm BST, so join us for fun and a chance to win some nice prizes! Hope to see some of you there! Ama Chuck
  20. All content supplied by Europa RP'rs and compiled by Seriya D'Lacy who gave her endorsement as follows. " by all means repost this and re-use this wherever you think people might be interested in it. " A History of RP on Europa A history of Sosaria - Europa facet August 1997 Lord British has an unfortunate accident. While giving a speech to a bright-eyed Britannian crowd, the King is engulfed in flames and spent some time in the realm of the dead. However, with the aid of his companions, he is revived shortly thereafter and finishes his speec
  21. I just have to say that having played UO since it began 10 years ago, I have overlooked this gem of a shard for far too long. I *love* this shard. The people are interesting, funny, smart, and the player run towns are AMAZING! I went to GRD's Stonekeep and it was amusing and imaginative! You guys here are awesome! I will probably be playing here most of the time now Ciao!
  22. Hello all, well I have decided to give UO a shot to see how I like it ( I played it when it first came out and played the single player games many many moons ago!) Just thought I would say hello to every one and hope to see some of you in game =)
  23. Please let me know. There's one tiny little item I'd like send with you.
  24. From a book at the Counsellors' Hall north Britain: The Europa EM Web Portal
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