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Found 10 results

  1. Myself, the Marschall and the Herald will be needing an escort for the meeting tongiht. All available Knights are needed! Gather at 7:15pm, Beaufort, Templewood.
  2. Date: Monday the 5th of October Time: 8pm The Herald is requesting an escort to Trinsic for a meeting. Those interested please meet at Fort Belvoir 10 minutes prior to 8pm.
  3. I've been doing alot of the NPC escort quests from Cove in recent days to raise my compassion virtue and also to make some easy money....... Is it just me tho or does every bloody NPC you go to seem to want a gate to Nujel'm?!?! Do they know something we don't
  4. Tonight the militia are required to gather at the militia HQ AT 7:45pm GMT where we will head to Britain for 8pm GMT. Turn up in correct uniform and supplied for battle. When? Tonight 7:45pm GMT Where? Gather at HQ -Escaflowne
  5. This sunday our duke will travel to Britain on invitation of the new king. All available guards are to report at the westgate at 7.30 to escort the duke to Britain. *signed* Dawn , captain of the guard
  6. Been working on compassion some and every time I lead an escort to the town they wish to go the quest actually completes and I get the reward but then also get the message you have failed your escort quest.. Is there a bug or something text wise?
  7. Since 10/29 I have noticed that every time I escort an NPC on a quest somewhere, when I get there I both complete the quest and fail the quest. Has anybody noticed this as well?? What's going on? I don't want to wait for a GM to answer my question, so I hope that someone else can!! Thanks.
  8. I've reactivated my account, and want to join the city of PaxLair. My ICQ is 416063353 . Also, my ingame name is Perryn.
  9. We gathered at Skara docks, ready to escort a caravan to the new Garrison in East Britain, There were 4 Britannia Guards and a handful of skara Braen soldiers. We had been alerted to the possibilty of an assualt due to the valuable nature of our cargo. A consignment of gunpowder for the Garrison, well mainly for the commanders new cannon's ! We met the first group of Brigands soon after we left Skara, on the road to the crossroads. There appeared to only be one, so after the customary exchamge of empty threats we attempted to push our way past. We were attacked from all sides by more of the
  10. You have captured an Trinsician enemy (Not an enemy of Trinsic) in the Trinsic Rose and have to bring them to Ice Island, your ship is at Britain Docks. You know you have 30 minutes before a posse is on your tail. You cannot cast the Gate spell. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Was thinking via Moongate, but that works on the user picking the destination. So the prisioner could pick Sacriface, and the amount of choices it be hard to find them again. So that ideas out. Walking to Britain, you know that they will catch you on the road. Cross co
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