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Found 9 results

  1. I'm looking for a decent Sampire suit. 70 resists (95 fire) with 45%DCI. I'm willing to spend 2 mil for this, but if you have additional equipment with good sampire-type affects like jewelry and weapons (I'm a swordsman) I would be happy to negotiate more, or if you have some choice sampire preffered artifacts. ICQ me at 9120006.
  2. So I got frustrated with my bushi/chiv fencer and decided to stone off all skills and try my hands on a nox-mage with some necro. I already decided on the template, should be something along the lines of: 120 magery 120 eval 120 resist 100 scribe 100 med 80 nox 80 Necro As this will be my first PvP Mage the question is now: With what kind of gear do you equip you PvP Mage or Necros? Do you go for 100% lrc? (I think I'd like to) Rune Beetle Carapace? Hat of the Magi? Kasa of Raijin? Tell me about your suits! I am in a faction, so faction artis are probably a good idea, although I'm no
  3. Basara posts his concerns and findings on this topic. These elementals had the ability, pre-AoS, to destroy equipment, and this feature was supposed to have been removed. However, over the last 6 months, I've lost 2 pair of +5 mining gloves, 2 pairs of sleeves, 1 gorget, and (last night) a leather cap while fighting them. All of the leather items were crafted by me, and had at least half their durability left when destroyed. There was no message of it occurring - the items simply disappeared (usually not noticed during combat, unless the item caused damage to signifcantly rise from lo
  4. Ugh. I just realized character xfers are still down. Ummmm... Auction Postponed Until Further Notice. I've decided to auction off not just my suit, but everything I've ever stolen or looted (that I haven't sold yet) and make an event of it.
  5. I calculated it up and I can make a pretty decent suit with them but I'm still not sure if I want to lower stealing/stealth. Here's what my skills are at 120 Stealing 120 Stealth 120 Ninjitsu 100 Snooping 100 Hiding 110 Magery After this I have 50 skill points left over and if you add the bandana and the shadow dancers...thats an extra 120 points. I was thinking of going with either tracking or detect hidden.... I think tracking would be better especially at gm but not sure...who knows maybe even wrestling or magic resist....
  6. Sending British soldiers on patrol or into battle with defective equipment could breach their human rights, a High Court judge has ruled. In a test case over Scottish soldier Pte Jason Smith's death in Iraq, Mr Justice Collins said human rights laws could apply to troops serving abroad. He also ruled the families of those killed in conflict should get legal aid and access to military documents. The government is appealing against the court's decision on human rights. The rulings came during a request for military inquest guidelines in a case relating to Pte Smith, 32, from Hawick, in t
  7. I'm gonna have a lot of questions I guess the next few days cause I', finally able to play KR... When you die in 2d, you can't access your bag so you don't know what's left in there until you get rezzed. With KR, sometimes when we die, we can see all our equipment in our bag so we know for sure we didn't lose it. But then sometimes, the bag is empty. Or just the books are left in there. Is this a bug? Which one is it supposed to be, or is it always random?
  8. First off, this is a PvM equipment discussion, so lets keep on track with that. What does everyone look for on jewels? Im partial to DI, HCI, DCI and + Dex. The only + Skill piece I use is the Ancient Samurai Do (+10 Parry) because the resists are pretty great too. What about arties? Helms: Sam Helm, Glasses, Aegis of Grace? Legs: Ember, Fey, or Barbed Kit Legs? Gorget: Voice of the Fallen King, Jackals (if you can aford the price tag..) Tunic: Heart of the Lion, Ancient Samurai Do, Rune Beetle Carapace, etc? Arms: Tactical Excellence? Gloves: Id have to say Stormgrip re
  9. Anyone have an idea how much this would go for in UO Gold? The set gives the following defense: 45 Phys 70 Fire 40 Cold 50 Poison 75 Elec (If Elf, otherwise 70) STR +12 Nightsight DCI 10% for Whole Set and Self Repair 3 Thanks for Info.....
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