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Found 6 results

  1. Rules of conduct: * Please use common sense and consideration for other players at all times. * No obscene language or use of OOC insults will be permitted. * Stay in character at all times. * Guild abbreviations must always be visible. * All players must carry a yellow bag in which items available for looting or stealing must be kept. (For more information please scroll down to the ‘Thieves and Stealing' section below.) * If there is any complaint, grievance, or other issue with a player or guild, it must be dealt with between the respective GMs. * If you are rec
  2. I would like to Thank everyone who came out and participated in last nights event....Mayor Gareth, Xix, Angus, Crystal and Cat. Also, a Thank you to Se'an Silverfoot who arrived toward the end of the battle to help us gather our troops and fall back to my home. A special Thank you to Lady Katherine, who crafted the fine weapons that were used in the event. Although we fought with Honor and Bravery, we were sadly out numbered, and could not hold the Bushido Dojo without many deaths. The Ronin and Ninja are ruthless warriors, and at points in the fray we would engage them in waves of 4 or mor
  3. Please have a look at the newest edition of Community of Roleplayers Europa, Rules of Engagement http://wiki.moongates.org/RoE
  4. Does anyone out ther have a set of rules of engagement they follow when they a re in Fel? A Friend and I were attacked while farming drags so we smoked him. This happened 3 or four times. After a while I said just one of us should go at it since it doe snot seem fair that we both attacked at once. The only problem I have is that he waited for use to be fighting a drag then he attacked. Even with that I could not bring myself to kill his ride. Maybe I am too nice for Fel.
  5. As i'm sure you all know by now, most RP guilds of Europa have agreed to follow a standard set of Rules of Engagement. We are one of those guilds. Oh...and we also get to wear Quivers now. RoE says all quivers except Infinity may be used. However ! Marksmen Command says you may only wear quivers that are green, which limits marksmen to either the Standard Elven Quiver or the Quiver of blight. Basically we don't want our marksmen running around in bright neon pink quivers of chavness like we belong in some clown guild. Please take a moment to read the New Rules of Engagement, these can be
  6. The Following has been agreed upon as a new ruleset for the signatory role playing guilds of Europa shard of Ultima Online. Rules of Engagement v1.0 [20th October 2006] Note: Any of these rules may be waived or altered for a specific encounter/scenario by mutual agreement of the GMs of the guilds involved. Code of Conduct - Stay in character whenever role-playing or in a role play area. Keep OOC talk to party/guildchat. - Do not recall or gate into or out of role play towns or areas. - Guild tags must be visible at all times. - No OOC profanity or insulting of other players.
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