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Found 9 results

  1. I'm seeing other shards continue to have EM's holding events and what not. Ours seem to be largely MIA. Vladimere is still showing up on occasion in Luna, and has stated he will show up to events IF invited (I'm not clear how one invites him even), but Dudley hasnt really been seen in several weeks. We had an rp storyline going with him that has just been dropped without a word, and no weekly meetings or anything like we used to have. No silly little fun events, fishing tournaments etc...nothing. Also there was a website devoted to the Chesapeake EMs and their events and doings, and tha
  2. Starting today from 5pm to 7pm Pacific (7-9pm CT, 8-10pm ET) at least one of our EMs will be available at the Wedding Chapel office in Tram (located next to the West Brit Counselor Hall) to deliver cloaks of Silence from Dawn to any warriors who did not recover in time to make it from the battlefield to the appreciation celebration honoring all citizens who aided in the defense effort. Tomorrow (Wed. 8/12) at least one of our EMs will be available at the West Brit Wedding Chapel in Tram a half hour BEFORE (4:30pm PT) and AFTER (6pm PT) the Summer FunFest meeting (5-6pm PT) being held in the
  3. Just checked my e-mails and found this rather amazing offer from Sarakan: I've replied thanking him very much and said we'll let him know the dates as soon as they're set.
  4. FoA Victorious Over EMs and Tram Players Fel Jehlom Pits And Brit Healers 7/11/09 In Attendance: Iveisse [DWxC], Faith [}--D], IchiBan KichiGai [}--D], Lootu Too [DWxC], Lord Gramps [F*V], CharGar [F*V], Lady Sami [DwB], Limerence [s*D], Lord Gareth [RBG], Lord Al [OATH], Nox Vandal [FoA], E-LoomiNaToR [FoA], Denathar [FoA], Bubbles [FoA], AhmZirah [FoA], Credrick Dubois [FoA], Braunstein Frese [FoA], Sir Lancelot [FoA] Tonight Em Vladimere held a !!!! and Dragon Fight at the Fel Jehlom pits. What was to be a night of fun entertainment for people turned into a fun n
  5. Reported by AirmidCecht 1st Wedding held on LS with New EMs! With congratulations to Leeda and Ironhorse, I wanted to say the EM sponsored wedding tonight was well done with everyone in attendance so respectful. It was held on Marble Island in the temple with decorations done by Fred and catering done by Kariny. This is not a shard specific post. It is an example of what can still be had in our communities when those in attendance are as wonderful as those hosting an event. Thanks to EM Quantum, Lord Ironhorse and Lady Leeda for a wonderful time. Now I am
  6. http://www.uoherald.com/news/news.php?newsid=455
  7. taken from Thread :- EMs: Why do some shards have them and some don't? found in UO.UHall I really would like an answer from the Community Reps on this one. Personally its unfair that not all shards would have one, and from previous posts it seems only 1/2 the shards DO have one. It can't be from lack of applicants, I know at least 3 people who have tried to contact Glamdring regarding my shard to ask about the program. Come Monday I'm hoping there will be an honest answer or some insight. ########################### I never heard at all why, It would be nice to see them
  8. I want to see more diversity in the events. I want to see more events aimed at contests involving wits, not just fights. Why must every event here on Catskills involve meeting at the castle to hear about some bad guy, gating to some unknown location to fight paragon type monsters, dying a million times due to lag, and then gating back to the castle to hear that the bad guy was defeated before the EM logs out? I want to see more games, like solving elaborate riddles or puzzles. The event we had were we searched for different NPCs that would in turn give clues to finding the next NPC was a goo
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