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  1. Hi all, I just found out that if you use this promotional code you'll save 25% off all orders on the ea site. VoucherCodes.com25% Its from a voucher website which I don't need to link. Oh and I've tested it and it works If you haven't already got SA, get it now for cheaper EDIT: I've updated this from 15% to 25% (cheers Aurelius) This applies to the UK ea store only
  2. http://www.joystiq.com/2009/07/24/ea-crafting-new-ultima-online-for-asian-market/ EA and NetDragon Enter Agreement to Develop Ultima Online HONG KONG, July 22 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ -- Electronic Arts Inc. (Nasdaq: ERTS) and NetDragon Websoft Inc., a leading game developer and operator in China ("NetDragon", with its subsidiaries collectively know as the "Group"; Hong Kong Stock Code: 777), today announced a licensing agreement for the development of a new massively multi-player online role playing game (MMORPG) based on "Ultima Online" from Ele
  3. EA Japan UO team announces the 1st illust contest! The original page in Japanese: Here! I translated how it goes in this contest, Enjoy and win prizes! -- 1st Illust contest Period for application: From Jun. 5. 2009 to Jun. 29. 2009 15:00 JST This deadline is extended: the new deadline is: Jun. 13, 2009 15:00 JST Thema: - The Gargoyles: the new race of the next expansion "Stygian Abyss" - "The summer" of "Ultima Online" - Illustrations or arts of items, terrains or add-ons that you would like to see implemented in game Conditions of applications: - A screenshot of what players c
  4. EA Japan UO team posts FoF-like Q&As on their official webisite at the end of every month. I translate some of them here. (*)Note: this is what I translate from what EA Japan UO team translates from what they were informed by the dev team. Please note that there might exist some mistranslations during the process. -- Q.1 I found an ancient hammer with 888 charges. Is this exploited? A.1 It is not officially stated how many charges can an ancient hammer have, but 888 charges are within the range of normal charges as designed. -- Q.2 Will live events like ToT planned in the futur
  5. http://www.gamasutra.com/newswire?story=24227 Found this in my email. BioWare has been a quickly-rising star within Electronic Arts' stable of studios, recently opening up its third location, making headlines with upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, and launching major single-player titles Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age in the fall. Earlier this week, it was announced that BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk will head up EA's new RPG/MMO Group. Along with BioWare, it includes EA's other big MMO developer, Mythic Entertainment, which maintains Warhammer Online, Dark Ag
  6. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090605/ap_on_en_ot/us_games_e3_protest Fake religious protestors? I find it borderline snarky, borderline tasteless.
  7. EA Japan UO team posts FoF-like Q&As at the end of every month on their official web site. They posted those of this month today. I'd like to translate some of them which are supposed to be significant not only for players in Japan but also for players all over the world into English, so that all can share these informations. - What has become of the issue that we can't mark crafted food stackable with a name of a cook? About two weeks ago, the code was built up, that allows cooks to mark stackable items with their names when they craft these items, in case that the items are eatable.
  8. [uPDATE] Madden publisher's earnings report shows huge fiscal year 2009 losses despite increased sales; Lord of the Rings: Conquest sells 1 million, Warhammer Online subscribers now 300,000. It's been a rough year for the industry, but few companies have taken it on the chin like Electronic Arts. Today the publisher released its financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended March 31, showing that the company limped to the finish line in a year that saw it lose more than a billion do
  9. A round-up on The Street’s claimed that Apple may be looking to buy EA. “Adami noted that there is chatter that Apple (AAPL Quote) is eyeing Electronic Arts(ERTS Quote) as a takeover target,” said David Tong, writing in this piece. Stranger things have happened. In fact, this really wouldn’t be very shocking at all. Complete article
  10. EA’s renamed its Redwood Shores studio - the outfit responsible for Dead Space and Dante’s Inferno - as Visceral Games. The publisher trademarked the title at the beginning of March. In addition, Visceral has now been confirmed as working on two unannounced projects, as well as Dante and Dead Space: Extraction. Press release after the break. Complete article
  11. Funny thing is I bought "World Of EA Games" compilation for the computer last year. I lost the serial codes to the game included (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Black & White Deluxe, and Freedom Fighters) so I emailed EA. I told them what happened & to prove I purchased the games, I wrote down the UPC code that was on the back of the box. The next day I get an email with the codes in them for each game. I'm mentioning this because I was reading the manual for Call of Duty: World at War. It mentions the fact that if you lose the registration co
  12. Saturday the 11th of April The Easterbunny is visiting Sosaria (trammel) ! If you can find him, he may have a task for you which you have to finish before monday. Sunday the 12th of April While he is in Sosaria the Easterbunny will be hiding easter-eggs everywhere on sunday. Anyone can join in, they can be found anywhere. Good luck finding them!
  13. Forgot that breaks everytime the forum is updated.:dancet:
  14. I have more than one account, but have not been playing for a while - thinking about starting again, so logged in on my 'main' and took a tour of my houses. All were still in good condition except one, which was in the very first stage of decay. That house is behind Yew abbey, on land that was legal for building, but changed in the tweaking with the town boundaries that went on with the current stage of the events, and was tagged 'illegally placed' as a result. Went to the Gamecodes site, paid for gametime on that account, logged in a few minutes later - and discover that the house status ch
  15. http://www.markeedragon.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/2146715/Attention_EA_Your_customer_ser Makes for an interesting read I thought.
  16. Greetings, Thank you for your interest in the Ultima Online Event Moderator program. As you may know we had over 100 applicants submitting as part of a small team focused on delivering live content to support both the UO:Live story arc and events for the new Expansion, Stygian Abyss. At this time all positions for Event Moderator program are filled. However, we are keeping all applications on file as over the next six months some Event Moderators may not be able to fulfill their duties, or may be removed for other reasons. In addition, we are constantly looking for fan fiction to
  17. This might be controversial, but I think after all these years of playing that EA simply has bigger fish to fry. The only previous fantasy game I came across besides UO produced by EA was "The Immortal." Maybe I'm just wrong & there's more of them. But the company has bigger fish to fry as far as sports games & the various other genres they deal in are concerned. We all hear about these mysterious third party programs designed by users of UO to do things the that Origin hadn't thought of including in the original game. But because they obviously let you do stuff like cheat by "speed
  18. Apparently Adam posting on this subject caused a bit of a furore on Stratics Lord Gareth started the thread off on 16th Oct. (Post originaly by Adam) Posted on the UO.JP site and translation yoinked! from Athos_UO EA Japan posted that they release the 11th anniversary items collection in Japan. - Armor Engraving Tool: You can engrave armors 30 times with this tool. Not rechargeable.(The stacked lady and the Rambo are not included.) - Fallen Log: You can sit down on it. - Earring of Protection: You can choose one from five colors, which means the +2% elemental r
  19. I think Electronic Arts owns Mythic & Origin, maybe they should have a subscription plan that charges for all three of their MMOs: Dark Age of Camelot, UO, & Warhammer Online. Say $12 each? Maybe it's a good thing for them to be seperate... I wonder if any of Mythic's games have been nerfed as severely as UO has been over the years... Another oddity I've noticed is the fact that LOTRO has a promotion for "lifetime membership" going for a one-time fee of $200.
  20. source Ok I've been trying for a while to get an issue taken care of with my account. It seems every time I call in the person I get doesn't understand me and I certainly have a problem with understanding them. On my final call before this I came out and said, "Is there anyway to get around the automated system because it really sucks and is more annoying than it is useful" and the CSR said "If you talk to me that way then I will not be able to help you" then he hung up on me. I didn't know I was that brutal with him and thinking now that I'm just going to let my accounts go inactive.. M
  21. Posted on the UO.JP site and translation yoinked! from Athos_UO EA Japan posted that they release the 11th anniversary items collection in Japan. - Armor Engraving Tool: You can engrave armors 30 times with this tool. Not rechargeable.(The stacked lady and the Rambo are not included.) - Fallen Log: You can sit down on it. - Earring of Protection: You can choose one from five colors, which means the +2% elemental resistance of the color. They are not blessed on Siege/Mugen. - Lamp Post: Doulbe clicking on it turns on light. You can bring it in your backpack. - Hitching
  22. Should ea bring back chaos order guilds? I think they should it was a fun system that allowed PvP anywhere for those that wanted to be in either a chaos order guild. GM's of a guild would have full control of weather or not the guild is chaos, order, neither.
  23. If EA is serious about curbing cheating, then they need the player community to help them. A reward system would motivate players to help EA police the game. There will be critics of this proposal. Though just consider that the most powerful deterrent to cheating, or anything bad in life, is policing and enforcement. If EA puts out the word, that Jeremy Dalberg is putting 10M in players pockets for reporting “speed hackers” followed by EA reporting of players getting banned as a result of this program. I bet this practice would end very quickly. Cheating and shutting out players from doin
  24. Simple and straight forward only two ways to vote. I think its about time to see what the players really think since we all cant make Townhall meetings.
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