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  1. Dungeon Rescue Training Mission is a Guild Event Participants: This event is held as a training mission for recruits, turcopoles, and esquires, but all may attend and participant. Please come prepared with armor repaired, aids, and potions, and equipment. When: Saturday Oct 3, 2009 at 5pm bst or 11am est Meeting: Fort Beaufoir Objectives: Sir Gendin is missing is Ice Dungeon. The team is to locate and find him. Aid and ressurect him if necessary and bring him back to to fort Beaufoir safely and unharmed. Training Skill Objectives: Communications and Teamwork
  2. Just to remind everyone this is a Training Event Open to Everyone But Particularly For Recruits - Esquires. Meetings Place: Fort Beaufoir Time: 5pm BST Saturday Oct 3, 2009 Event: We will be leaving fully equipped to search for the lost Lord Gendin in Ice Dungeon. I have received a message that he had to go into the Ice Dungeon for an important reason only to fall to some doom. It is not known where he is alive or unconscious, and what aid he will require. Objectives: The team will go to Ice Dungeon to search and locate Lord Gendin. Good Communication and teamwork skills will be required,
  3. When: 19:30 UK time Where: Outside the Swaggers On Monday all are invited to gather outside the Swaggers for a quick recruitment run, followed by an exciting round of Dungeon games. Come for the fun, stay for the humiliation of your fellow Vesparian, leave with the prizes!
  4. The dungeon challenge is over now and the em´s will post the winning team on their website tomorrow. What teams were participating? And what was your time for finishing that nasty room? I was part of the Team "Precious" (don´t ask me why the Em´s named us like that! Maybe it was Gar Garstigs presence? *g*) A big thanks to all of our team! It was great fun, and I think with 2 mins 40 secs we had a good time! Members of our team were: - Zaizu Riboflavi - Neidre - Lord Shai Houlud - Quirk - Gar Garstig II - Aaron - Kron - Syrana Jarm (me) Here´s a screeny of us after the challenge:
  5. Okay you lazy grunts, gather your gear and meet up at the swaggers as the sun sets over Vesper {8.30 Pm Gmt/3.30 Pm Est}. Make sure you have night sight pots, candles or torches with you! Where we go depends on numbers that show! Dont be late! When - Tuesday 7th 8.30pm gmt Where - Outside Swaggers What - Dungeon patrol
  6. Greetings, as i could not attend on Thursday i will again be leading a group task from the tasks board during the day of Sunday. We gather at the swaggers mid afternoon {3.00Pm Gmt}. It's only a short patrol up to the task site but will give anyone who attends a chance to complete the task! There will also be a patrol into a dungeon once the task is done. Anyone wishing to attend may do so. {OOC} When - Sunday 5th Where - Swaggers What - Pvm
  7. I want to start a weekly Dungeon Run were we will start at Fort Belvior and then go raid one of the Anti-Virtue Dungeons. I just need to know what days would be good and who would be interested in going. BTW we need Officers (hint hint guys lol) I would also like to include some of the other Guilds as well but would like to hear your opinions.
  8. What is your favorite Heroic dungeon?
  9. Some of our members got together and we did a dungeon crawl in Shame last night. Purpose was to help each other with skill gains, but mostley get together and have a little fun. Fiona found a black horse she didnt remember she had and brought it. Knut Boolt brought along his newly tamed polar bear, the bear lasted a fairly long time before the elementals bested it. MONTAR hacked and slashed his way with his Luna Lance. Seagrams Seven used his wicked bardich and Malia used her black magic and another black horse to even the score. Lord Darkfire, used his black arts skills to his advantage c
  10. Recently rejoined playing UO again just over a week ago, looking for a partner to get deep into dungeons with and clear all the dungeons so I can see some of the end game content that is challenging to get to. Gonna start playing ultima online again and i'm on a free trial account at the moment. The char i'm making will be a Dexxer, Bard, Mage. I've got to 70 Mace Fighting, 70 Tactics, 80 Healing, 70 Anatomy, 95 provocation, GM Musicianship and GM Magery in just over 7 days now on a new account by playing alot of hours and have made it a really good Bard/Dexxer/Mage 70 Anatomy 50 Eval Int
  11. I have a vast amount of runes that teleported me inside the original dungeons but none of them currently seem to work... Are you able to recall/sj into dungeons or only outside them? Also it seems you cannot recall/sj OUT of dungeons anymore?
  12. Sunday Night at 5pm PST we will have a guild Fight in the Dungeon of Doom. Reminders will go out about an hour before then again right before we leave. We will all meet in New Haven at the bank area, anyone weak can still come, this is about fighting, skill gain and we will all be there to help you. Our goal is to accept the quest in doom, collect the bones and cross to the Gauntlet. I will be on my thief, so I will share the loot as well. See ya There Candice
  13. Its that time again folks! Time for another Dungeon Games!!! Gather at the Swaggers at 8:30pm BST/UK Time tonight to take part in some fun and have a chance at prizes! All friends of Vesper are welcome! When? Tonight 8:30pm BST/UK Time Where? Gather at Swaggers -Escaflowne
  14. hey everyone, Don't forget that tonight, Monday Feb 23, is the *final* round of the Naked Dungeon Runs! While this is a league event hosted by the United Sosarian Alliance of which Gyldenfeld is a member that has been running all month, you don't need to have run in any of the previous weeks' rounds to compete tonight. There will be some hefty gold checks for the top three runners! Bring your best running shoes and show up in your birthday suit at the entrance to the dungeon Shame at 9 PM EST tonight! Complete info here: http://www.uoforums.com/chesapeake-event-forum/58318-united-sosar
  15. It's been another great month of league events as we approach tommorrows finals for the United Sosarian Alliance Naked Dungeon Run League! With the championship all but in the bag Broli (RoT) has swept all three runs as of yet. Join us as we attempt to beat this legendary runner! We'll be gathering outside the dungeon Shame on Mondays eve at 9pm for the months final run. 250k for first place 75k for second and 50k for third will be up for grabs as well as braggin rights for beating the runner who has swept the field! Immediately following the nights treacherous run We'll be awarding Brol
  16. The sea winds blew in brisk and cold, chilling the odd assembly of naked people standing on the docks in Serpent's Hold yesterday evening. Strange as it was to see a huddled group standing there without a scrap of clothing, they were there for good reason - Round 3 of the USA Alliance Naked Dungeon Run! This weekly, league-style event was now in it's third, penultimate round. With Broli's dominating wins in the first two weeks back to back, this was his chance to tighten his grip on the lead. But just as it was his opportunity to secure that position, so it was still just as possible for som
  17. Join us for round three of the United Sosarian Alliance Naked Dungeon Run League! Last weeks run through Despise hosted by Lady Darth Oni, the Mayor of Silvervale, was quite a race as seventeen adventurers made the trip to vie for the nights purse and precious points towards the months championship prize of one million gold pieces! This weeks run will take us to the Fire Dungeon, exiting dosckside in Serpent's Hold. Evil NPC Mages, various elementals and fire creatues await a tasty meal of naked Sosarians trying to run past and be the first out alive! We'll be gathering outside the Fire du
  18. hey everyone, Just a reminder that *tonight* is the second installment of the Naked Dungeon Run, a United Sosarian Alliance league event of which Gyldenfeld is a part of that will run each Monday night through February. The fun starts at 9 PM EST! and we'll be running the dungeon Despise. Gold, glory and deathrobes await! I got 4th place last time and only died once, barely missing 3rd place because I made a wrong turn into a den of harpies, lol Hope to see you there! Details: http://www.uoforums.com/uo-chesapeake-shard/57820-usa-alliance-naked-dungeon-run-league-round-two.html
  19. Okay folks, this Monday evening i am going to request help from ye lot for a patrol to Ice dungeon. I am sure the captain and leaders of the town could use the pile of gold we should be able to gather, so polish ye weapons and grab ye armour and meet at the Militia HQ this Monday evening as the sun sets over the town {8.30Pm Gmt}.
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