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Found 6 results

  1. Santiago's Fishing Challenge Trinsic City September 3, 2009 In Attendance: Ry, Sami, Yamamoto [CAT], Lord Merlock [DWxC], Sushi [DWxC], Em Dudley, Loopy [FTH], Lord Gareth [PaxO], Jonah [DWxC], Savaric [DWxC], Lady Alexis Korath, Knightingale [TEB], syjwoods, Lord Kei Kusanagi [RAZE], Crewel Lye [uSN],Lameth (DWxC), Smiley, Samuel The fishermen of Chesapeake all made their way to the Counselors Hall in Britain city. (Please note almost all EM events start here.) Once gathered EM Dudley had people pre-register with him. The following information needed to be entered into
  2. Interview with EM Dudley Luna City Bank August 28, 2009 So Dudley. The entire shard wants to know. Where have you been? Dudley: Canada. Eh? Exploring Shipwrecks. So since you were in Canada and said Eh?.... Are you Neo of Lothlore? Dudley: It's quite nice there this time of year and the poutine is quite delicious. Recent Uhall Posts show Chesapeake not to happy with its EM staff. What do you have to say about this? Dudley: It's unfortunate that there are those that are unhappy with how things are going. I did read the feedback. It's important for people to
  3. EM Dudley was spamming in Luna early this evening telling us that we needed to head to Brit to talk to the Marcy the Event Advertiser. Of course I followed and Marcy announced that there is a special guess at the House of Commons meeting on Sunday at 9PM est. There will be a gate provided also for a special event. Marcy says to follow the white rabbit........
  4. On Tuesday March 31st PaxKratOkuC held its auction at its regular time 8pm est. Before the start the famous Em Dudley popped in behind the auction table to pay a visit. He also announced that their is now an Event Advertiser outside of the Hall in Britain. All you have to say is News and they will give you the latest. After wards the auction began and more filled in seats. In total we had 40 customers through the night and sandman said "We had more listeners" So we are trying to work that up more. The auction house currently hosts Trivia run by Whispering Rose Radio. Lotto hosted b
  5. EM's Tailspin and Dudley are at the Brit Counselor Hall in Britain near Blackthorn's castle, come give them a warm Chesapeake welcome!
  6. At Nanoc's beckoning, I came to the old Counselor's Hall in Britain to meet EM Dudley. It was quiet and empty when I arrived but I noticed some items leaning against the rear wall. As I began to russle amongst the items, there was an ear-splitting pierce of lightning behind me. I turned about to see a lone, green-robed figure who them introduced himself as EM Dudley. After some brief and cordial introductions, Nanoc soon arrived and joined us in some idle banter. Somewhat of a departure to find such a robed figure in the old Counselor's Hall, I asked if this would be the best place to learn
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