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Found 17 results

  1. Here is another link that has a lot of really good information. SA Loot Drops, Their Sources and Uses - Stratics Forums
  2. March 18th 2009 Everyone is talking about new, much harder The Vile Maw instance - better known as The Watcher raid. We are making a new guide with more details and strategies how to defeat the Watcher. In the meantime take a look at New Watcher Drops. We would like...Click here to read full
  3. Thanks to Petrify,who compiled this list I'll keep an updated list of which champ spawns drop which "unique" artifact. So far the only one I've gotten is Embroided Oak Leaf Shroud off of Barracoon. Please post in here if you have gotten others.
  4. Didnt know this was gonna happen. Got my first drop this morn. A dragon slayer. WOOT!
  5. Anyone have the rate of drops for the crimmy on Mel? What kind of formula do they use?
  6. Hi, Anyone know what monster(s) drop the vampiric embrace scroll? Regards, -Havok
  7. Well, i must say i was one of the disbelievers when i heard Melissa drops crimmys etc. I am a believer now. Got one this morn.
  8. Are these items still being randomly dropped in packs while hunting in the old dungeons?
  9. Placing recruitment banners and doing leaflet drops for the guild is a good thing to do, and I'm very happy to know that more are taking on the responsibility of doing them. If this guild is going to grow, we need to be more active at recruiting. Other guilds have up to 4-5 recruits a week. That's usually something we can brag about having a month. So I appreciate the effort. I have, however, been contacted by BoC, which is quite annoyed at having LB recruitment books dropped outside their headquarters in Cove. A good practice is to not drop these leaflets where other guilds are playing
  10. You know how stratics shows the paragon creature database where you can calculate chances of finding a paragon chest based on your luck? I've been fighting in Despise on and off for about two days now and have killed around $50,000 gold's worth of Ettins and Earth Elementals and I haven't gotten a single pack drop. I read somewhere that each creature you kill in the anti-virtue dungeons gets you a number of "points" and when you accumulate enough, you get a drop. Is this correct? Am I doing something wrong? Anybody know the statistics on this or how these "points" are calculated? ~Ga
  11. has announced that they're shutting down seven of their servers and opening transfers for characters on the closing servers as of Tuesday, April 15th. Out of the 11 total servers PotBS was running with, it's now down to just four. The upshot of this news is that servers will be far more dense with players -- which is the main reason Flying Lab gives concerning the shutdowns. Another reason given us is that recent updates have allowed for more characters per server. When you're shutting down more than half of your servers, it's never a completely good thing. We feel like this is a sign that
  12. Hi all. Just had a few questions: 1. Do the 10th anniversary items drop from ALL monsters in ALL legacy dungeons? Do harder monsters have a higher chance of dropping them? 2. Does luck affect the 10th anniversary drop? What else does luck affect...chance to hit/defend/gold dropped or anything like that? 3. Are there any good places to hunt earth eles except shame level 1? It gets crowded there sometimes and its about the best money my poor paladin can make. Thanks!
  13. Source: On December 26th, 2007 (Beijing Time), the legendary phoenix mount summoned through using Ashes of Al'ar appeared on the Molten Core server in China. Soon after its appearance, the phoenix mount was bought by a player at 190,000 wow gold (approximately RMB 7,000). Many players may question whether it's worthwhile to spend so much money just in order to get a mount. However, I believe if you are a truly fanatic World of Warcraft fan, you may desire to have such a mount too. It's really unique, rare and more importantly fast.
  14. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed this, but I would like to address a recent change that I've noticed in my shard's economy that has become increasingly apparant since the day ebay banned the sale of virtual goods. I have noticed a steady drop in the price of all high end items, and I think it is largely due to the ban on the sale of virtual goods. It may be due to the fact that summer is quickly approaching, more players are griding peerless/doom therefore creating more high end items to circulate, but either way it seems like every week items like Inquisitors Resolution and Crimson Cinctu
  15. I just need to confirm a few things. So luck only effect the intensity of the drops (all items the monster has drops, jewelry/wep mods) and has no bearing on rate of arties that drop. Do certain monsters give better drops in terms of weps and jewels? I farm onis w/ 1450 luck w/tamer and get some ok weps and jewels. Should I try to farm something or somewhere else? One more thing. Is it just my luck (no pun intended), but I feel like I am the only one who gets a really good shepherd's crook or a pitchfork w/ great mods. I think the UO gods are trying to tell me something. Has anyone else ever
  16. UO.UHall Comment The events have been great, actual rewards for fighting doom-like bosses, so how about looking at doom gauntlet arty drops and bumping them up a bit? Doom stays pretty empty now, it could use some rejuvenation, and bumping the arty drop rate would do just that. I think it would also help reduce the duping issue if the arties dropped somewhat more often than they do currently. And, yes, I have gotten an artifact from gauntlet, but I have also spent several hundred hours in there, for that amount of time spent, 1 arty seems pretty slow drop rate to me. If not bumpi
  17. I am wondering if someone can answer this...I have been going to doom since AoS and doing all the peerless I can...yet, I have yet to get one major artifact or anything of that nature! Is it really random or mebbe I did somethin to piss off the UO gods!! Can someone shine some light on the subject...I have friends that hit DOOM and leave with 2 or 3 items!! what is the deal?? :-/
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