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  1. Guest

    Useful UO site links.

    I'm going to be using this thread to compile a list of UO related fansites that people can go to. If anyone has any suggestions on what sites to add, please post them in this thread and I'll amend this original post. Official UO Sites http://www.uoherald.com - Main UO Page UO Stygian Abyss Site UO Playguide Download UO http://www.uoforums.com/view.php?pg=downloaduo <hr> Fansites House Decoration Kayhynn's House Decoration site - Crescent Moon Interior Design The old Castles and Courtyards Website Spellweave (UOKR client/macro guide and deco site) Radio Stations Whis
  2. Anybody know how big the SA download is? I have dialup and just finished two huge patches this week. I can't find anywhere where a disk is available for purchase. Are they trying to drive dial up accounts away? Either they are, or don't care! Thanks for the help!
  3. I Recently Had To Reinstall SA Client Which Was Fine But Can Something Be Done About The Patches. I Have A 2.4G Processor With 1G RAM And It Is Still Taking Me Over 5 Hours To Install All The Patches I Use DSL So I Know That Dial-Up Will Take Longer.
  4. I've sent Chrissay a permission request via email to do this, but I think it'll help with those experiencing incredibly slow patch downloads I've patched up SA and... Apparently I'm not allowed to host a patched copy of SA, sorry folks
  5. Can I get some folks to download the 2D client from a fileshare I've got setup and let me know how fast the file downloads? File: http://content10.wuala.com/contents/Adam_UOForums/Ultima%20Online/Download%20UO%20-%202D/setup- Let me know your connection speed and the rate at which the file downloads, if you would.
  6. I just dl the game from uo.com. I installed it but when it comes to patch time it doesnt works. I got windows vista so i did (start as an admin.) and i was able to dl some patch. The problem now is that it stop at patch 82. I tried to disinstall the game and reinstall but it stop me at patch 82 again . What should i do? An old Hax
  7. For those needing the link for the 2d Client Download, I found this to be the most reliable: 2d Client DOwnload The Customer Support Number is: 866-543-5435 Kai Shober: We’d like to remind you that you can contact the UO Billing support via phone under 1-650-628-1001. Our phone support hours are 10am to 10pm EST (3pm to 3am UTC), 7 days a week.
  8. Hey Adam - FYI, this has happened to me twice yesterday and once today. Write a post. Hit the post button. Browser attempts to download the PHP file that processes the posts, instead of running the file on the PHP engine on the server and posting. (I get a box confirming that I want to download the PHP file). It usually goes through the 2nd or 3rd time (I hit cancel on the download box, and hit post again). There are about 8,000 things that can cause this, but the root of it is that when the post button gets hit, the web server isn't recognizing PHP as a file type that it knows how
  9. Can someone tell me where I can download the Kingodom Reborn. I tried Fileplanet but I keep having troubles. Thanks a bunch
  10. I mean wow, it's like being on dialup all over again! I bet everyone's jealous, right? =) And yea, that's 0.3mb download speed and 0.1mb upload speed. Oh well, lesson learnt, NEVER get BT Broadband.
  11. Its a good thing they give you 3 days prior to download...... mine says its going to take 2weeks 5 days 3 hours and 36 minutes to complete (this is a upgrade from when I started the downloader, it did say 5weeks previously)
  12. Hi guys, I decided recently I really wanted to try UO, but every time I download the UO: Kingdom Reborn client I get a corrupt file, and the RAR error "unexpected end of archive" So has anyone seen this before? How do I fix it? Thanks very much all for any help.
  13. Official BBC iPlayer downloads are out of action today because of a failure in one of the system's back end databases. Reg readers who use the Windows-only desktop application noticed performace problems earlier this week. Now the whole system, which is based on Verisign's Kontiki peer-to-peer distribution platform, has been taken offline. Where an option would normally offer a download for each show, the iPlayer site now simply reads: "Sorry, downloads are not available." Auntie sent us this statement: Downloads are currently unavailable on BBC iPlayer. This is due to a technical fail
  14. Each time i download uork from the uo official web site or any other mirror , it is corrupt and broken!I mean that i cant unzip the file because it give me a error message each time, i tried to repair it using in-tool but its not use and still broken. Im quite annoyed now, its been 5 times i download 2 gig and it still not working ! Any idea why?
  15. if i wanted to use my account at my brothers house is there a download for the 9th anniversary uo i can't seem to find my uo cd
  16. I'm having major issues downloading KR. Whenever I download it and try to open it using winzip it says it cannot be opened due to an invalid archive or something like that. (cant remember exact error) any suggestions? I tried using IE and Firefox to download.
  17. Do I have to buy this game to activate more races? I tried going to frys and they don't even carry it? Is it normal that only the human race appears? ---Edit--- Also, I just noticed that I cannot even get past the Profession screen. when I click next, nothing happens!
  18. It is spend so many time to download the UOKR patch file by UOAutopatch I hope the offical can release the patch file to ftp server sorry for my poor english
  19. This is a really large download and would take an age to download where I live. Is there a link just to the new patch so I can download onto a usb disk at the local internet cafe?
  20. Hey everyone. I am in the middle of trying to download the Kingdom Reborn client, but it is going almost unbearably slow - is that normal? I tried the EA Large Downloads link on the Kingdom Reborn website, but it didnt seem that much was happening, and I wasnt too sure about Fileplanet, so I tried the Bittorrent link at the top (downloaded the bittorrent client and whatnot) and am in the process of downloading KR, but 30+ more hours seems a bit long. I am on a broadband connection (WiFi service with speeds roughly equivalent to DSL) and have a D-Link Gaming Router which usually runs pretty fas
  21. source UO U.Hall Ok, this isn't a rant about the client its self. I actually enjoy what I see in KR. But what the hell are they going to do for those of us who can't dl it? I have satilite. I have a 200MB daily dl limit because its satilite...we all know it sucks. My friend has dial up, the waiting limit was 600hrs. The bittorrent could easily take as long or longer. I tried to DL directly from ea but everytime the open file came up, it stopped at that. I tried DL it from fileplanet. I got kicked off twice and only 17MBs of 2.24GBS in 20mins. That means I had to wait in line for 20mins ea
  22. OK I have had my computer tied up most of the day downloading KR from UOherald. When it finally finishes I go to unzip it and get error messages "I/O error - unable to read from zip file" "bad CRC 79135b41 (should be bd97a90f)" "warning the size of the extracted file (82289656) does not match the uncompresssed size (20745448)recorded in the zip file" So after a day of downloading I have no game :angry5: Is this a file problem at UO's end or something to do with the download process ? Either way at present I cant try KR and am pretty damn annoyed I can tell you. Can anyone please
  23. Click here for Kingdom Reborn download from Fileplanet
  24. ive been trying to download UOKR for the past 2 days but my internet connection has been dropping often for the past week and i cant finish the download. after the internet goes out it wont let me continue the download and i have to start all over but it always drops before it can finish. does anyone have a torrent or something like that where i can download and still get it while lagging out. ty <3
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