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Found 5 results

  1. So I'm doing the "put a bunch of appropriate-level animals on a boat then discord them from another boat, invis for 20 seconds, repeat" method of gaining discord. So far I'm only at 65ish, so gamans are fine, but when I tried loading the other boat with scorpions, they all killed each other as soon as I released them...I started thinking about it and realized that this would probably happen with any aggressive monster, and that seems to include every tamable that I could gain discord on from 75-100. So the question is: is there a way to keep tamed-and-released aggressives from killing each
  2. I've been working on a disco tamer lately, and I've decided that discord is pretty much the best PVM skill in the game (better than the taming part)...it's unbelievable what a difference it makes in taking stuff down. So what are some fun templates for going nuts with disco? I was thinking something like a discopire: 120 Music 120 Discord 120 Weapon 120 Parry 100 Necro (for VE) 100 Tactics 70 Chiv Obviously, I'd need some jewelry to make this work, and it might not have enough healing to stay up without confidence and/or healing/anat. Any other non-pure bard/non-tamer suggestions fo
  3. At last, with the assistance of Swoop, some lucky 10th Ed arty drops and a tight fiscal policy, I saved enough gold to purchase a Legendary Scroll of Discordance. It took me many days of waiting and searching Luna for a second-hand scroll. Initially, I was disheartened by the exhorbitant prices these Champ Spawners wanted, but eventually I located a kind shop keeper willing to part with his scroll for a bit less than 1.2M - I even had enough cash left over for a few rounds of insurance. To my delight, I discovered that the giant flaming bolts from the sky now enabled me to rise to a lofty
  4. =)Hello fellow Sonomans! I decided that I'd change up my tamer template a bit and stone meditation for discord. I'm loving it! Only problem is, I fail so often on my favorite PvM targets that I need to carry multiple GM instruments! My +skill items get me almost to my 110 cap, but there is room for improvement... Does anyone know of a +discord item higher than +7 available for sale or trade? Right now, I'm using a +7 discord fishin' pole of DOOM!! that a kind individual runic-crafted for me, free of charge. However, i'd really like to get at least a +10 item, perhaps a spell book if
  5. When you discord something, how long do the effects last?
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