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  1. Hello All - As a merchant and backpack art critic, I am enormously saddened that the new UOSA client doen not allow us to view backpacks in their 2D mode. UOKR did, and it made it much easier to manage vendors and appreciate the hard work others have put into making their vendor backpacks works of art. Can a Dev please explain why this change was made and whether we might get this functionality back? Thanks. ~M
  2. Hello All - Since I finally figured out how to stack items on a pedestal for display, I'm happily setting my most prized posessions up for public viewing. It occurred to me that the Devs missed a great opportunity: Wouldn't it be great if we could double click the pedestal and write a short description of the item on it? Then, visitors could just mouseover the pedestal to read fun facts! Can we implement this? Pretty please? (Your thoughts?) ~M
  3. ....after months of barely posting anything much in the way of news and/or replies to players queries,there has been a sudden influx of activity from a few of them, not least of all the Master of Disaster 'Draconi'. So batten the hatches,and make a LARGE pot of coffee 'cos all the forums below have updated stuff on them for some interesting reading. ~~~~ Massively Evil Event ~~~~ Crimson Dragon ~~~~ Publish 58 to all Shards
  4. Demonous started a thread to draw this matetr to the devs attention trying to do an imp spawn at ice dungeon champ spawn and its a 2 candle start however there were like 5 imps and 1 mongbat, nothing else came out...~~~ ~~~~~ SWEENEY Maybe they're fixing the champ gold drop first. ~~~~~ shanshu asked What's wrong with the gold drop? ~~~~ SWEENEY Draconi said the loot drops will be changing. Combined with BoS' maybe they don't wont one person to be able to scoop it all up when things will change soon. Just an idea, but I might be giving them too much credit for doing thi
  5. Hello All! Since the lag in Qatar has dipped a bit, I've grown braver and joined the fight against the evil Shadow invasion armies. Actually, I think I'm the only player trying to turn the tide anymore... The spiffy colored armor and weapons are piling up in my bank box. It is a good thing that my stealth tamer's bank strongbox was nearly empty, or I'd have no place for all of this nifty loot. Here's the thing: These suits of colored armor would look absolutely spectacular on display...but we've no way to display them! I propose the following: Craftable Armor Display A characte
  6. Hello All! I have unilaterally decided that it is time for a new round of artifacts or mini-artifacts. Yes, I know that the fresh-baked replicas are still cooling on the counter, but let’s not become complacent! There are so gosh-darn many artifacts, that it becomes difficult to create new ones that do not unreasonably ratchet-up power levels or that are not woefully under-strength. Frequently, when items are added to the game, they have mods that are over the standard loot cap at the cost of low resistances, or vice versa. This seems to be the standard approach to preventing power-cree
  7. Because I have been away since b4 Christmas, [and also because I am scraping the barrel for dev news,.] I decided to read everything I missed since December last and found the following info on Stratics. Thought some old timers like me would be interested to see what a 'step up ' UO has been for some of the past devs. Feel free to add any devs and where they have moved to that have been missed ~~~~~ Stratics Forums kicked off the thread Where they are, what they are working on? Be nice to hear from em once in a while, like Vex Oaks Hanse Speedman Mr Tact Wilki Adrick and many
  8. Hello all! My thinking cap has been hard at work generating ideas for some current writing projects, so there hasn't been a great deal of juice remaining for UO thoughts. I did dream this one up after reading someone's question about Quivers. The word 'quiver' is both a noun and a verb, and is sort of silly-sounding as well. The 'silly' part is the genesis of this idea for a new begging reward for Halloween 2009: I hereby propose: Quiver in Fear. Weight: 8 Stones Ammo: Up to 500 Arrows or Bolts Hiding +20 Damage Modifier: -50% Hit Chance Increase: -100% Defense Chance Increase 50%
  9. Hello All! As I lay awake pondering random subjects last night, it occurred to me: I hate the Moonglow Zoo. I’m not alone. The Zoo Collection was poorly implemented and represents a constant source of frustration to even the dedicated (like me) Zoo Contributors. Why do we hate the Zoo? 1) There never seems to be any animals in it. I know the Dev team has tweaked and re-tweaked the decay rate for points, but with the decline of interest in the Cooperative Collections, there simply aren’t enough die-hard people on a given shard to crank that sucker up to its highest level. Who wants
  10. Hello All! I’ve been thinking lately about what I love most in Ultima Online. I’ve decided that, in addition to all the other things that make this game great, I like the sneaky 'easter eggs 'that the Dev team occasionally hides. Remember Molotov cocktails? I’m even half-convinced that the recent new daily rares (dirty plates, etc) were the result of deliberate planning on one member’s part, instead of an outright mistake. Wouldn’t it be great if there were more of these things floating around? Now, fast forward to my breakfast daydream conundrum: Why can evil murderers wear Virtu
  11. Hello all! I was saving this idea to use as the post that would finally put my on the ‘all time’ most prolific posters list. However, I decided that was too much hype for an idea that a) many people won’t like and will probably never see implementation. It is not as if I’m a developer. I’m still struggling with a way to bring more thief content to UO, but in a way that is creative and RP instead of annoying and troublesome for other players. Thieving, by nature, is anti-social – so there will always be an element of that. What I’m looking for is a scoundrel theme, much like other pla
  12. Hello All! Even though I have not yet begun to claim my gifts, I read here that - once again - there are oodles of holiday cards to collect, each with one of 70 different Developer names. I am puzzled by this apparent contradiction: First, we have Spring Cleaning 2008 to eliminate scads of these sorts of things, then the team turns right around and creates new ones. Perhaps in the future, there could be a way to combine all of the cards into a single recognition plaque. Once a player collected all 70 cards, he/she could turn them in or combine them to create a nice item to hang on a ho
  13. BlissMarie I love 'em! Thanks so much! =) Happy Holidays to everyone! BlissMarie ~~~~ Mind saying what they are? Some of us can't get the game to start at the moment...asked Crysta
  14. What do you think of the idea? in warmer places you need something like the "Chill" spell or fire resistant armour and for colder areas something like a fur cloak or cold resistant armour? Possibly losing hit points because of it etc etc... I know this happens when in contact with ice creatures, but the temperature itself should effect the characters too.
  15. Hello all! It occurs to me that it would be a shame for us all to fill up our hard-earned Spring Cleaning space with oodles of 0.1-1.0 transcendence scrolls. You can be certain that players will be hoarding these against the day they can finally get those last 20 points in taming or those last five lockpicking gains. Merchants will do a brisk business selling blocks of 5- or 10-point gains, and there will be much rejoicing. But that rejoicing will come with a burden: dozens and scores of scrolls will have to be cataloged and stored until they can be eaten or sold. Soon, we'll hear a
  16. Hello all! In another thread, I proposed the idea of ‘deedable’ pets. I like the idea so much, I’m expanding on it here in hopes that a Dev will read and heed. Problem: There are too many spiffy pets for one account to stable them all. Proposed solution: Deedable Pets. 1. Stable slots remain unchanged. 2. At the stable, a pet owner may purchase a pet claim ticket. When double clicked, it brings up a version of the stable gump and allows the owner to store a pet *already in the stables* in deed form. 3. Deed can be sold on vendors or traded between players 4. In order to redee
  17. How about being able to tailor hooded robes? Instead of being ragged like the robe of umbras, shadow and monks robe, being smooth at the bottom like a normal robe which would keep the others "Special". You could tailor them in any colour just like any other tailored item. Also double clicking the hood would make it possible to put the hood up and down. For roleplay this would be handy for when you have to put your hood down. Would be good if this option was also available on the monks umbra and shadow robe.
  18. *Unrolls scroll* Dear Devs, I've been a good girl this year.:innocent: Since this is the season of goodwill twards all men I want to share with all my friends in Sosaria. Here's just a small list of things I think everyone would like. *pulls out three more scrolls and starts reading* A deed or token that gives a choice like a hertige token. Give options like these. 1. Official Brittanian Pardon for all crimes. Good for one use only. After all everyone deserves a new start.:angel: 2. A holiday package of various previous holiday gifts and new ones. Maybe add holiday turkey/goose, a s
  19. Lady Kiara brought up a good point with this topic that I had forgotten about till she reminded everyone. " If there was a post about this somewhere i am truly sorry for missing it... Remember way Back when publish 55 came out and Pepa leaked out.We were told she wasn't suspose to show up till Publish 56.Did they forget about her? does she now have a purpose?Or are we the players forgettting about her and she has some secret role in this event that we over looked... any who...Whats up with her and her ever loving "PEPTA'S SATIETY CURE". Again if i missed a posting to this i am tru
  20. how we water plants!! (no longer have to target water pitcher in our backpack as long as water pitcher has water in it) our furniture dye tubs by putting a default button on.... (click once and then click again to set back to default - bleach!) *not really sure if the furny dye tub issue was fixed prior to Pub 56 but then again I don't really care when .... TY TY TY =)
  21. Basara posts his concerns and findings on this topic. These elementals had the ability, pre-AoS, to destroy equipment, and this feature was supposed to have been removed. However, over the last 6 months, I've lost 2 pair of +5 mining gloves, 2 pairs of sleeves, 1 gorget, and (last night) a leather cap while fighting them. All of the leather items were crafted by me, and had at least half their durability left when destroyed. There was no message of it occurring - the items simply disappeared (usually not noticed during combat, unless the item caused damage to signifcantly rise from lo
  22. Last night Warcry hosted the Devs chat.This is the LAST Dev chat prior to the World Tour.!!!! You can read the full transcript here For those that cant access for any reason here it is in full . WarCry: Welcome to the Lord of the Rings Online WarCry Dev Chat. We are proud to host the last dev chat prior to the launch of the World Tour. So get your fill of LOTRO with our honored guest, while we all patiently wait for Pre-order VIP launch and the beginning of the World Tour. If you haven't already done so you can send your questions to @[QT]QuestionTaker. Also general chat is available in
  23. For the longest time after the new vendors came.. I've off and on sold the clothing the vendor was wearing.. well i put it for sale.. rarely sold it hehe, Anywho .. if you put the item in the vendor's bag and give it a price, you can then put it on the vendor to wear. Noone ever told me there was something wrong with this until today. I was setting up a new vendor and my friend sees her dress she's wearing for sale and he tells me i better take it off or a gm will kick my butt. At some time .. he had a vendor.. with items for sale being worn and a GM told him he cant do that and gave hi
  24. Is this the climax of the event? Is there any reward or bonus for the characters I chose not to get the glass dagger with? I'm not complaining at all. This event was great. I am just curious how the choice in the rift plays into the scenario. Can anyone shed some light? PS - What about my chest full of threads and Cloak of Corruption? Just thought I would ask. Thanks for a good time.
  25. Did the point values change? Previous patch notes said clockwork would be worth 250, instead they are 200... ~M
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