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Found 7 results

  1. Mesanna took some time out to answer questions sent in by our users, so here's our interview with Mesanna. Interviewing Mesanna 1) What are some of the ways UO is trying to innovate to stand out from other games? In my opinion UO is so unique we can only improve on that foundation. We want to make sure there is something for everyone’s play style. 2) The Warriors of Destiny story arc has been long(over 2 years!) and enjoyed immensely by the player community. With it's conclusion fast approaching, is there another grand story arc waiting in the wings? If so, can you give so
  2. Calvin's interview also came back today! So here it is. Questions: 1) Will EA/Mythic ever think about ressurecting Ultima X: Odessey or some other form of Ultima Online that is truly 3D? This is a reaaaalllyyy bad question. By bad I mean letting anyone know anything about anything that has to do with something is not necessarily for everyone. So having said completely nothing about that, I’ll say this. I don’t know. I really can’t speak for what plans Mythic has in terms of a “Truly 3D” environment for Ultima Online, I know many have tried and failed … or the circumstances and tim
  3. I spoke with Jeremy and asked about KR's slow progress Due to the move and having to hire new staff to replace those who chose not to move, KR's development has been a fair bit slower Basically they had to hire new staff, train said staff and redo all their schedules So I hope that means we'll be seeing more work being put into KR. Not exactly ground breaking news, I know, but that's the official reason anyways
  4. I'll get all these questions out at once. I am trying to devolpe a few more character besides the ones I play most of the time. I already have a Tamer/mage, Bard/Archer/ and I am convertingmy old battle mage to a pure mage (adding spellweaving and inscription). What I do not have and want to add are a necromancer and a pure fighter. I have the 100 sword and 100 tactic on soulstones from the battle mage so my fighter will be sword based. how should I set this guy up? I also notice that the templates I have been looking at do not have focus listed, so I am wondering if it is realy needed.
  5. The following questions were presented by Drax-GVA on UO U.Hall a couple days ago, which Leurocian, Senior game designer, gives an inside perspective as to what is happening behind the 'development scene' ... Thank you Leurocian
  6. A young man, tall and thin, with dark hair and darkly tanned skin stepped off a Magincian ship, onto the shore of the village of New Paws. His orders were clear. Ensure that the Trade Union successfully purchased more property and prospected for as of yet undeveloped land. This small village, situated just south and around the ruins of the Village of Paws, was north of Trinsic. The land was a mixture of forest, sea coast and swamp. The magincian looked around and saw ahead his first destination. A large mansion, seeming to rise from the ground, erected of clay and stone blocks, was bui
  7. ...BY Miss Agnes Nutter I received an exciting message today from a dear old lady who has taken to accompanying me on my recent investigations into the Wisp Dungeon .Please read here for the full message Regards Lady Tabbitha *makes a copy of the parchment and sends to Lady Flame of the Bloodguard*
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