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  1. April 30th 2009 Turbine has announced a new batch of questions. This time you should put yourself in the role of a genuine game developer and to answer some tough questions. How it works: Each week Turbine'll be asking you questions, and here in this thread, you can tell: What comes to mind; what you think; how you feel; etc, as it relates to the question(s) at hand. Ground Rules: Please read both the Ground Rules and the Forum Guidelines posts before you do anything else. These will be strictly enforced. Question 1: You’ve been hired as a class dev for a day. You can choose 1 exi
  2. Stratics Dev Chat Transcript 3/11/2009 Any chances that 2nd Age weapons could go into a barter system like Khuzdul Tablets and Rusted Dwarf Tools? Are 1st Age weapons going to be available anywhere besides the Watcher in book 7? Are we gonna get any new uses for the crafting mats we can collect with the new craftinstances that we get in book 7? continue reading below for answers to these questions and more. Floon - Thank Bog Floon - Growing older and older... Rowan - Talking about your LM pet again Floon? Sapience - it was cold and dark, and lonely... Floon - Pra
  3. While running around Fire Isle the other night as part of the February 2009 Chesapeake Regatta, I noticed this: This little snow patch is the *only* one on *all* of Fire Isle! Was wondering if this was some sort of dev joke
  4. February 3rd 2009 LOTRO Chat Leader (officiallotro5): Hello Everyone and welcome to the chat with the team at Turbine! I’ll let them introduce themselves, then they’ll start taking your questions! Take it away guys! Turbine_Floon (floonbeetle): Howdy, I’m Floon, Art Director for Lotro. I am a cranky old man. Turbine_Sapience (turbinesapience): HI I’m Sapience, part of the community team, and no you cannot have my Pew Pew! *looks at Constant Gardner* Turbine_Rowan (turbinerowan): Hello everyone, I’m Rowan - Live Producer for LOTRO. and Floon is a cranky old man. Turbine_Jalessa
  5. The LOTRO development team recently participated in a live chat hosted by Xfire. Producer Rowan, Art Director Floon, and designers Jalessa, Amlug, and Constant Gardener shared some new info about Volume II, Book 7; the first free content update to Mines of Moria ™! Some of the highlights included A new 12-man raid The opening of Lorien to players A new Lorien reputation system New Minstrel Instruments Insights into Class creation and changes on the way Read the full transcript to get all the details! :beer1:
  6. So whos have you managed to get so far? Which are going to be the rare ones ? Have you got any to swap with other players? So far there is a list doing the rounds of 70 names and lots of new ones,so get posting your requests 1.Acheren 2. Aefli 3. Aeseer 4. Affect 5. Akemai 6. Axel 7. Balendros 8. BD 9. Bleak 10. Cachorrao 11. Celtious 12. Comforl 13. Dekru 14. Dorow 15. Draconi 16. Drosst 17. DrummerGirl 18. Eldariian 19. Ems 20. Epic 21. Evrie 22. Feidrid 23. Fiper 24. Fuzzy 25. Gatermot 26. Glathin 27. H
  7. Following on from recent reports of the new 'Rune-keeper' class and many ,many threads regarding its viability Sapience from the Turbine Community Team opened a feedback forum. See a sample below:- That screen is a single frame from an animation that lasts about a second. Like most marketing screen shots it's a 'glam-shot' meant to make the skill look as eye-catching as possible. Seen in game it is far less dramatic. It also has a long cool down. Sapience
  8. I removed the colour from the title so as not to spoil anything for anyone. Recently Queen Mum posted here a thread about the New plants with special colours from Lady Lava. Unfortunately a few players are NOT happy about the types of new plants the colours the fact the seeds have to be hunted. Another thread started here shows some of the concerns of hard core gardners,and they arent happy ,as Sakkarah [Regine EA-Mythic] found out. read on .... DHMagicman opened the thread with This pic was posted in the Botany forum by Ms Lady Lava... Us gardeners are tr
  9. Read all the latest on what the dev team have been responding to in the past week about UO despite the Texan hurricane. Im not sure whats stayed posted and what hasnt so if any of my 'reportin' is duplicated anywhere I apologise in advance. thankyou Tabby
  10. A casual players concern Posted by Serafi on Stratics I would never knowingly support dupers by buying anything I suspected was a dupe, nor have I ever or will ever dupe. These recent bannings have made me concerned however that my style of play, even though legal - might be "at risk". Let me explain: I am a periodical casual gamer/hard core gamer - depending on RL constraints. I can play for hours on end during weekends, but have periods where I only log in once a week to restock vendors, sometimes even less. I browse Stratics sporadically, and not at all when I have time restr
  11. Again, thanks to Mesanna for taking the time out to answer our questions Here's Mesanna's interview! 1) Thanks Mesanna.. I'd really like to know the future direction of UO. There’s been lots of EA staff/ company changes that have affected the direction of UO and it would be good to know what is happening in the future. Can you enlighten us? Even with all the changes to the team I personally love the direction I see UO going in. UO is going back to the basic story line of the original games which we all loved.2) Please describe your average day there at EA Mythic. Oh god! I never have
  12. In a post it was mentioned mousehole would be available in patch 53. What happened to it? I totally looked forward to it. Thanks
  13. can you allow us to turn in the Doom, Dojo, Tokumo mine stealables for points in Pub 53? I think i have 20+ chests full of them from all the years i've been stealing. I just can't continue to feed my kids with baskets, braziers, and rocks. Although they have fun wacking each other with swords and cutting up my paittings, my front yard is full of these Japanese stone sculptures and my library is stacked up to the roof with books. I think my wife said its a fire hazard waiting to happen. I must say on hot summer days having 20 fans around is a blessing. But then again I get so drunk from d
  14. Brannoc :- Welcome to today's House of Commons chat with the developers of Lord of the Rings Online! We'll begin with a brief introduction and some announcements from our guests and then jump straight into the questions. The full logs will be available at Lord of the Rings Online - Your Lord of the Rings Online Community Resource shortly afterward. Liquilla_cm Before proceedings get underway, the Spring festival ends on the 31st March so don't forget to take part in the in-game festivities before it's all over for another year! We're also tightly under wraps about the first LOTRO Expans
  15. An interesting question came up on Stratics,posted by Belmarduk I have asked a few times but no official answer sofar so i am starting a thread about it: Is it possible to make UOKR real 3D ? eg: Now the camera is fixed but if the camera could be swung round we would have the equivalent of a REAL 3D client.The gamebryo engine is a REAL 3D engine. For houses etc the camera could swing back to the default angel and be locked - also people could have the option of locking the camera permanently (people who DONT want real 3D) I think this is a VERY important issue - There are worlds betw
  16. Source Please join us on Roheryn in the Ettenmoors for some fun and chaos as members of the LOTRO development team jump into the battle for control of the Delving of Frór! On Friday, January 25 from 5:00-8:00PM Eastern (-5 GMT) members of the LOTRO team will be online and playing as Creeps and Freeps in the Ettenmoors on the Roheryn server! Devs are identified by a + in front of their names. We may at times request that players take/defend specific areas of the Ettenmoors or Ettendeep, so keep an eye out for world broadcasts during the event. We look forward to seeing everyone there!
  17. So loqucious posted We are told that the dev team is going to be working on what looks to me like 3 or 4 different onlines games simultaneously. Doesn't a single online game require a full time dev team? The team prior to the Mythic acquisition was never able to handle all the fixes that UO needed and always seemed behind the 8-ball. How is this current team going to handle several games at once? Furthermore, if one team is doing all the games, how are they going to make each game unique? Since the team will have their own "style", won't all the games seem similar? And if they are simila
  18. As EA staff settle in their new offices questions begin to be asked. malice123 asks Now that UO is being worked on in VA. , does it mean we will not see many Dev posts ( Draconi ,Leurocian , or new guys) , as in Jeremy will be our only source of info? and soon enough a dev posted a reply Howdy all, Most of us just arrived this past week to VA. I actually arrived into the office today. I missed you all Patrick "Leurocian" Malott Lead Systems Designer, Ultima Online EA Mythic ~~~~ Well, welcome back Leurocian,a nice long break you have had there.Now get back to work and help start to
  19. asks Yimmy over on Stratics. Developers, i have been testing PVP on a mage in KR and there are quite a few fixes that are currently needed. Please when you get a chance today come over to the KR Forum and let us know your listening.... If you guys are all still on vacation someone just let me know and ill post this again in a week or so, if not then please shoot some kind of message to let us know your actually out there =} Thank you, and lets make KR the best it can be! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jeremy gave a brief update I'm back at work, and I think Draconi's nearly there, but
  20. Posted by Tensor: Also the following link seems to confirm: http://www.destructoid.com/restructuring-layoffs-forthcoming-at-ea-mythic-studios-50896.phtml
  21. Posted on UO U.Hall Comment: This is rediculous! Tuesday night the log-in servers went down and we were just screwed until Wednesday. They didnt even acknowledge the problem until afternoon! Yesterday we were lucky enough that Jeremy happened to be reading the boards when the west coast went down. Well, today, it is lunch time here in the west ... no such luck as to have an immediate reply. There really needs to be a better way to contact them when a server goes down than posting on a board and hoping they will be reading! Call EA?? Umm, yeah, right. Better luck on the boards! E-mail
  22. I saw Draconi a few minutes ago on Siege Perilous!
  23. source UO U.Hall I wouldn't guess so. I am not for sure. To me it seems like Maceing has gotten the short end of the club .. heh.. anyways. The weapons in the maceing group seem under powered. I have also noticed that 1) the exiler will not dispel summons anymore, 2) wind's edge does not seem to do the proper damage. a Kryss with 50% DI (Black Thron's against a non-slayer type) seems to do more damage, when it should be about the same. Anyways I just want to open the topic for macer's out there that might feel under privelged. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was cooler when we could br
  24. I play both games, World of Warcraft {AkA: WoW} And Kingdom Reborn Beta, There is something very similar between the two games... There interface is practically identical, I made the image below to show the such similarity between two games. What do you think? Is Ultima Online or should I say EA trying to match world of warcraft, or is it just some very unusual coincidence? You Decide.
  25. source taken from UO U.Hall It seems that after many of these little patches they (the dev team) adds little changes to the game that they don't care to inform us about. I don't mean silly graphics changes or quest additions. I'm talking about important changes to the way systems work within the game. Although there are many examples of this in the past, the latest was put in in the last patch (it seems). After a good deal of testing it's aparent that one can now stack Deathstrikes. This isn't a bug as the person receiving the hits gets a message telling them they've been hit by additi
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