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  1. Thank you to Stupid Miner for posting and sharing this information ...
  2. Dear Davion... I thought it might be worth a report that during my daily visit to Cove, mostly to check on news, I was assaulted by the Collegium. The Covian guards weren't really much of a help, but the injuries are minor, so I'll get to the point. One of the guards informed me that they had taken one of the Collegiates prisoner, and questioned him. I have no guarantee on the truth of any of this. Thought you ought to know... Sincerely yours, Elaine.
  3. Command- Comrade Luke McCloud Attendants: Lieutenat Blagus Bloodmore Comrade Cal`ain Cui`gnir Comrade Paps Chuck Firebrand Lance Sanders Private Anthony Ewens Private Marcus Helmguard I took a small squad of Vesperian soilders to Moonglow to survey the Island State. We gathered at The Swaggers at 6:45pm and set out through the Vesper Moongate at 7:00pm. Once we arrived in the City, I had Lieutenant Bloodmore take the two Privates to scout and report on the Western Half of the Island while I took my fellow Comrades and the Firebrand with me to scout out and report on the Eastern side.
  4. Davion. A Firebrand approached me this evening after training with a strange suggestion about shoes and tents. At least, that's that it sounded like at first. For now I am waiting for his more detailed explanation, and thinking of a few possibilities myself. Awaiting instructions on this. Sincerely yours, Elaine.
  5. [Please remember this information, and even the knowledge of the existance of this report is purely OOC information for all but me, Hanse and anyone we choose to tell IC] Davion. Seeing as current affairs made the completion of this task quite vital to know Cove's standing to the world, I set out to have a few chats in the local tavern, the Green Goblin. I write this first report in the hopes that I may find the time and opportunity to ask the leaders themselves, and perhaps more of the people, but I decided it would be best to keep you updated on all I could gather. I spoke to Edward, a f
  6. To the good Chancellor Escaflowne, and whoever may succeed him, I was sent as our envoy to meet with Queen Dawn and the various Royalist factions while others attended our grand festival, and I write this to detail the results. Aside from myself, Jierdan and Devante (for Republican interests) there were representatives from Trinsic, Templewood, Cove, Yew, the Collegium and others. It should be noted there did not appear to be diplomats from Skara Brae nor Haven. Judging from those that were there - it was obvious that the Kingdom is still seriously fractured, divided and weak. While
  7. Friday, 7th of August, early evening A citizen clad all in blues rode up to the jail/gate house calling for help. When I inquired what he needed help for he asked for instructions about how to become a citizen of Trinsic. I forwarded him to the Mayor, who happened to be inside. I couldn´t help but overhear his claims of having been robbed, so I inquired about the how and when and he reported having been attacked from behind and robbed about half an hour earlier. Further he claimed to have seen a man running clothed in orange and gray and this happening near a moongate. I went investigati
  8. Good sir, I found one of your men very badly wounded just outside of Vesper, I took the liberty of healing him as best i could and took him to your local infirmary. His wounds seem clean and he should make a full recovery but i suggest that he not be active for duty for at least two weeks. From what i could get from him his name is Sol and he believes he was attacked by several large entitys of comparable might to that of a Balron, in reality I may have seen a couple of bandits running north. Yours helpfully, Jasun the wandering healer. (OOC - Holiday for two weeks )
  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7770338.stm sounds sensible enough to me!
  10. Captain, Unfortunately the contents of this report bring more bad news. The crop blight is spreading rapidly and although the entire of Yew is not yet affected, it doesn’t appear that will remain the case for much longer. Propaganda is everywhere concerning Yew’s leadership, in which both the D’Gar’s and the Church are criticised. Local bakers can no longer afford the rent on their homes and many have taken to living in the streets. With homelessness and job loss increasing I’m not sure how much longer Yew can survive this crisis. I’ve gone into greater depth of each problem below. I tr
  11. Hey Esca, Earlier today, I tested the idea with the golems together with Sa'hera. It seems to work and I am now - 2500 doubloons richer! - Becca.
  12. I Niera, Viceroy of Kiustsu Anei hereby announce my candidacy for Mayor of PaxOku. I will strive to uphold or values. I will protect the city from all threats both external and internal. Build the city's economic base. My nature helps me strive to uphold one of the greatest principles of the statehood; Balance. I use magic that can be both Good, dark, and especially neutral.
  13. March 01 While on patrol, I Michael Hawk a Knight of Honor, was stopped and notified by Stewan Seagull a citizen of the Duchy of Trinsic. That Madeline Warmbow was assaulted and taken to the City of Vesper. He stated that he was tracking the attacker. As he did so, I took another route to Vesper. While conducting my search, I found Mr. Seagull and Miss. Warmbow at Swagger's Inn. Miss Warmbow was injured, but a live. It was decided that she should be moved to a safer location back in Trinsic. While Mr. Seagull and party went looking for the attacker, I escorted Miss Warmbow back to the
  14. Report Monday 18th Feb: Stewan reported that there was a mage in the healers and they were asking for a guard. I went to investigate *large ink blot which has spread somewhat* *writing resumes further down the page in different ink* The mage was dead when I got there and Healer Elynor informed me he had been brought in already dead. The body was of a middle aged man with long grey hair and beard, nothing out of the ordinary. He was wearing a robe and sandals. He wasn’t carrying anything else that might have identified him. He could have been attacked by brigands and robbed as he had
  15. Very late last night when i arrived at the west gate there stood a hooded man arguing with Guardsman Sebastian. On the ground between the two of them lay the remains of the brigand that go under the nick name, The black bandit. The hooded man finally revealed himself as Garret Winter. The brother of Henry Winter and he are after the reward that was promised to the man or woman bringing the head of the said Black bandit. I have the remains in safe keeping and i have no doubt that it is the man we are after as i have seen him before. As both me and Sebastian told Winter that none of us have
  16. As we begin to move towards our third year as a city we must reflect on what has happened over the almost three years. One thing I have focused mostly on is representation of government. For almost three years all positions have been appointed. We have seen great things from many people and far worse things from some people. As we move forward we find some cannot fulfill their duties like they use to be able to. PaxOku remains an open door policy welcoming all no matter where you hail for. It will now also include an open door policy on its government. The first effect of government change
  17. Kaelyn I came on duty a bit early today and stumbled on dead body and stewan and some other man standin over it. The man identified himself as Tristan Gevau a man livin in the wild. He said those were werewolf wounds. Ah took the body to the healers and the three of us talked a bit. That man knew things about werewolfs. He even said that they didnt leave their meal and we better burn the body. I thought we could do it after the healers examined it. Tristan left meh and Stew hang around a bit. The moment we went to leave an opened the doors a big wolf rushed in grabbed the body and ran of
  18. Captain, I have to report that I found Sergeant Dawn at a secret meeting with a woman all dressed in black. They had snuck away to the old Kaldorian embassy. I suspected she was taking bribes, and searched her coinpurse. She had around 500 gold on her. I recomend having her questioned about it. /Yukiko. *With a sigh Yukiko places the report on the captains desk. "It has to be this way, it's the only way" she thought. The plan wasn't perfect, and didn't flow like it should, but it was the only plan she had, and she intended to stick with it.*
  19. YAY! I finally gots me a Winfield Desk!!! Merry Christmas!!!
  20. From the Duke: Stewan Seagull and I spoke to a gargoyle named Silamo from Ver Lor Reg yesterday. After some considerable time attempting to understand and be understood, we gleaned the following information: The gargoyles of Ver Lor Reg had in their possession a book about daemon summoning, which they were guarding. This book was stolen from them by a person or persons unknown. They are now seeking this book but they do not know where it is. There are few gargoyles, and many humans, therefore they are asking help from us. In honour of the memory of Dupre, I am unwilling to decli
  21. Today was a quiet day, aside from a pair of necromancers causing a stir at the bridge. We recieved a new recruit, a scout named Reina, quite nervous, but seems quite proficient in sneaking, so she'll likely do her job well. Shortly after, she walked out through the gate, into the forest, with the sergeant running after her screaming Halt. No doubt to teach her about bushes. He old me to go after her, but since she seemed hidden somewhere, i returned and told this to the sergeant. He did not see to care, and sent me off again to find the sneak. I crossed down to the bridge to the elven quarter,
  22. On another quiet afternoon, before people started showing up, I decided to, again, do something more worthwhile than standing at the gate. I went on a patrol, from the west gate, up to the northern guardpost, then turned east towards the small city of Paws, first coming upon the ruins of old paws, then coming up on the chapel, and the meeting hall. I did a round, around the buildings, and only resistance i met was a single Lizardman that wasn't up to the task. After doing another round, just in case, I came upon a man that identified himself as a citizen of the township, and he seemed a
  23. Hail everyone! I just wanted to let each mayor and township know that sometime later this week or early next week I will be making rounds to their towns to speak with them about any concerns they have as far as town protection and defense goes. Please let me know when a good time to meet with you is. On another note and as a first item of business, I would like see each town be able to implement a first aid station. This first aid station should be set at a proper defensive part of your town and supply ample amounts of products to help citizens in need of such aid. Below is a list of items
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