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  1. I've noticed that there is an option to reset your design and save it on the server when customising it. Is it possible to move and use this feature to make your house again straight away?
  2. Hello. Can anyone let me know if they have seen one of there before? I bought it a few years ago from a guy on Ebay - Paid a bit for it and wondered what your feedback woudl be on its current worth? It have 20 + Signuatures on it from the Dev/Support team from 1997. Thanks in Advance.
  3. I guess the reporters and people that report EM news fell asleep. *yawns*:fight: So here is your new Fairgrounds. I hope you enjoy them. I'm sure they will get done before my West Brit Bank design lol.
  4. ATTACHMENT AT THE BOTTOM FOR THE WHOLE THING The Jail area is run by the orcs and the savages. To stay true to Chesapeake it must have something for everyone :-) I dun have time to write up details. The monsters heads would move side to side which was an idea by Gak I just designed it a little different. And if your confused most festivals I go to you can lock someone up and who better to make sure they don't escape then the orcs and savages....well im sure if you get them to fight each other you can escape. Oh and ill be at the kissing booth on the North side so ladies pucker
  5. We have a wonderful opportunity to submit designs for the new Chesapeake Fairgrounds. Tancred reported it in the March 15th House of Commons news on this forum. (Thanks Tancred!) The "design competition" deadline is Midnight EDT, March 29, 2009. See http://chessy-events.com/ in the Events section for all details. Requirements: Use tents for approximately 80% or more of buildings present in the design. Include a Fairground Historic Pavilion. This will be used to display historical records of celebrations held at the grounds. Include a race track that can be used for both mounted and fo
  6. Slugmaster won the competition for new West Brit Bank design, this was his design: http://www.thedarkfile.net/
  7. I'm not really a good deco person like Sweet Dreams and Lissa, but I took a stab at the Britain Bank Design contest anyway and send in my entry. (btw - The deadline to enter has ended) Here is my submission to the contest: Basically, I put in a marble counter for where the bank patrons meet with tellers, added some wall candles and tapestries, secured the doorways with nice thick steel doors and the Royal Mint has now setup shop in the backroom - no more wondering where all those coins are made! Out front, I put a small house model on the desk as if thats where someone would come to t
  8. What would you like to see in your ideal character? Do you want a butterfly-winged thunder-wielding death mage who is afraid of kittens? Or a slinking ninja-like alien hero who channels the spirits of angels and turns bullets into cotton candy? We want to know. Read more about this here http://www.champions-online.com/frontpage
  9. As the EA contest to redesign the West Britain Bank nears its end, I grow more and more concerned. Playing on a less populated shard I fear we might end up with either a non-redecorated bank or the design of one of our local neon-fans. Unfortunalety I am very occupied with work these days and probably won't find time to make a design. (and I'm a very bad designer...) So desperate as I am, I call out this plea to our versed house decorators: Does anyone of you have a second-best design you didn't hand in? If so, could I please have it for Drachenfels? I won't take the credit for it, but will
  10. I am currently redsigning my house. I am using house builder to design it. Here are the pics of the 1st and 2nd floor. I am still trying to decorate the 2nd floor. Please tell me what you think and give me some decorating ideas and such. 1st floor [ATTACH]8834[/ATTACH] 2nd floor [ATTACH]8835[/ATTACH]
  11. I have this little bit on top of my house that could really use a bell! Perhaps someone could come up with a design that uses a mix of things to make a bell of sorts or link me to instructions of one. That would be great if you could
  12. Bottom right corner Goza mats for High End Vendors. Curtains on the back left wall with Lord Brit Throne infront fo it. Torches on the pillars
  13. So i just aquired a 13x18 fel house, and it is driving me nuts because its long and i just cannot find a good style that i like with it, its in fel yew and i wanted some kind of nice homey place almost like a cottage or somthing. I was wondering if anyone could do a 13x18 Design for me, i would like to have a blacksmithy room, tailoring room, kitchen, livingroom, bedroom and bathroom, it can be how many floors as needed would like some bit of roof and maby a romantic place to sit.
  14. Guest

    Christmas Design

    Hi!I'm a new user of this forum i'm looking for advice on a Christmas Design, i dunno what to do!! =) I stared placing a Talking Santa's Puppet and 2 vendors as slave :laugh: Here a Screen: Near there's my Halloween Room Help me!! Thanks
  15. Hail Everyone! I've been trying to get it designed for a while and while its not completely done I think its done enough to post and maybe even get some input or suggestions! Front Meeting Hall Personal Quarters? Crafting Area: I'm still working on completing the third floor...and the crafting area...trying to figure out what to do with all the clutter...when I clear it out it looks bland and too open... Also not sure what colors to dye the shields and banners heh.... Any input or ideas is greatly appreciated...The roof is empty...not sure what I want to do with it.
  16. Well ive never really tried anything that was hard for me, and after my last post in this forum, i got that designing itch again. So i went ahead and made the stairs. Would like some opinions on what i could change, or if i should keep it the way it is. I was thinking about waterfalls, but it would be too complex, if not impossible. Im going to be placing flowers, lanterns (small ones, samurai style) and maybe a few warrior statues, or a statue of me even =) [ATTACH]8238[/ATTACH] Dont get too critical on me just yet, ive been designing for about 45 mins on this including getting the hang
  17. Here is my new house design. I am in process of figuring out how to design the interoir. I figured I couldn't find a place for a castle so I would create a smaller one. I will keep you'll posted as the interoir comes.
  18. I am in the process of redesigning my house. I have 13x12 two story house on Tokuno Islands. I am wanting the first floor to be my handyman's floor: tailoring, wood workers, and metal workers places. Need some ideas on the first floor.
  19. I wish someone would write one! I/ve been looking at Housebuilder and it's very cool. But I'd love to see a program specifically designed to help design a garden in a real UO home. It would have every kind of growable (and collectable) plant in every available color, perhaps along with some common garden elements like pond tiles, stones and such. It could also be creative and include some of the stuff people use like valorite ore for water, etc...
  20. Has anyone ever had one? Or at least a thread dedicated to screenshots of garden design. I'd love to see people's different garden designs!
  21. Well im usually a pretty good at laying out a house design but its mostly with medium to small houses, bigger houses usually make me Flop, i have a 18x16 right now=) and im just kinda blank for ideas at the minute, I live close to umbra around the dead forests. i was just wondering if anyone would like to play around with a design for me since im kinda stuck, anyhelp would be awesome Oh im from Atlantic server also if anyone els is.
  22. A thread dedicated to keeping me from posting various build attempts in multiple threads. I seek constructive criticism on anything I may post as I am finding it a difficult process designing a house. First floor is attached, it is my fifth or so attempt. I plan to have keep with perhaps some beams hanging over the pet stalls and the SW room will be my smithy/crafting area with easy access via door that looks like wall for the heavy ore stacks. SE corner room.. no idea yet, both will end up going up into towers though while the side portions of house will be two floors only, depending how high
  23. Here is my latest build. These are my two homes. Enjoy and please leave me some suggestions for next time! I must say that parts of these homes were *stolen* from other pictures of houses that I have seen, but I have so many pictures saved that I'm clueless as who the first builders were. So, whomever you were, thanks!! The main house: first floor, ladies lingerie....no wait, that's something else. first floor with kitchen, dining room, small runebook selection and blacksmithing: second floor with other crafting areas, a relaxation/zen area, and a nice little picnic spot under the Ohii t
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