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Found 10 results

  1. We shall assemble in Templewood to receive the delivery needed to complete our constructions. All Brethren are to gather at Fort Belvoir. 7:30pm BST.
  2. First resource delivery from Minoc. The start of rebuilding Templewood. 8pm BST Wedenesday: We're to await stone delivery from Minoc, escorted by the Duchy of Trinsic. Meet in Fort Belvoir at 7:45 pm BST.
  3. Starting today from 5pm to 7pm Pacific (7-9pm CT, 8-10pm ET) at least one of our EMs will be available at the Wedding Chapel office in Tram (located next to the West Brit Counselor Hall) to deliver cloaks of Silence from Dawn to any warriors who did not recover in time to make it from the battlefield to the appreciation celebration honoring all citizens who aided in the defense effort. Tomorrow (Wed. 8/12) at least one of our EMs will be available at the West Brit Wedding Chapel in Tram a half hour BEFORE (4:30pm PT) and AFTER (6pm PT) the Summer FunFest meeting (5-6pm PT) being held in the
  4. Yup. That's right. I'm 31 weeks with twins so I've got a long hospital stay ahead of me - for the twins sake I hope it's long. Longer I carry the less time in NICU for the twins. I went to my weekly perinatologist appt on Friday to be told Baby B has irregular blood flow from the placenta. It is causing him not to grow and have a poor heartbeat as well. If the flow of blood reverses I'll have an emergency c section. So, I'm on bedrest in the hospital just watching that twin. I'm also abouto 2-2 1\2hrs from home. Home is North Missouri and I'm in Overland Park Regional Med Center i
  5. Aww US President Barack Obama surprised a reporter on her 89th birthday by walking into a press briefing carrying cupcakes and singing Happy Birthday. Mr Obama, who shares the same birthday date as veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas, turned 48 on Tuesday. Video - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/8184556.stm
  6. Gah... the delivery company is supposed to try and deliver the goods like 3 times. If unable they are supposed to always leave a card to enable you to know they tried to deliver and allow you to be in or rearrange for a day you are in etc etc... Yea well, the damn company did not even try to deliver it once. Never left a card and now sending the stuff back to the sender. Worst thing, the stuff is now sold out and was my daughters favourite trousers! I am REALLY MAD NOW!! And to top it off they expect me to pay the delivery fee even though they never tried to deliver it! NOOOoooo
  7. *Garret the parrot from the Swaggers flies out with a letter in his beak for each of the Veeties..* Veeties, Make a mark in the calender: Monday 27th. October 9pm. - So gather at the Swaggers in good time! We are needed to sail a large shipment of shade to the "Nest" near Trinsic, where Stirling will be waiting with our doubloons. I hope to see some Veeties, as it will be depressing to loose the wares to purple kilts, grey kilts... Bleh I don't know - Rather be safe than sorry, right? - Rebecca.
  8. Dell has been criticised by the advertising watchdog for not making it clear enough that a laptop would incur a £60 delivery charge. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that the charge "added significantly" to the cost of the computer. In a direct mail advert for Dell computers a £199 laptop computer was offered for sale, but one recipient said that that advert was misleading because of extra charges a buyer would have to pay. Buyers were told they could either pay the delivery charge or a £57.58 collection charge, though Dell later said that the inclusion of a collection charge
  9. Special Delivery: Scented Candles! Sorry no rubble here! Dec 11, 2007 13:09 EST The Scented Candle item is in the process of being delivered! If you haven't received yours yet, please don't file a ticket since it may take several hours for everyone to receive them!
  10. While sifting through some mail, mostly from the AH, bills...bills..bills... a darkened stained envelope captures my curiosity. Squinting to read the writer's scribble, an eyebrow is raised in surprise. "From Maddux" Holding the envelope at arms length away, a few tilts of the head while inspecting this curious letter. A finger slides under the flap, slowly and cautiously ripping it open. Anticipating the smell of smoke, listening carefully for any ticking sounds... To my dismay...and utter disappointment, a smirk escapes my lips. Thoughts of fire, blood, and the smell of death quick
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