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  1. Good Deeds Never Go Unnoticed August 4th 2009 While in Luna I came upon a returning vet. They haven't played for years and wish to return to our realm. After speaking with this person I helped him accept a gold check and how to buy a horse. After that my expertise was done. I sent word to Lady Phoenix of Dragons Watch. DWxC guild is a well known guild that helps returning vets and helps new players learn the game. Within minutes Phoenix found us in the Luna stables. I introduced them to each other. Lady Phoenix began asking him questions to be able to help him better. Ph
  2. Hello All! Buying Castle and Keep mini houses on Sonoma. Please contact me at: 406294658 Thanks ~M
  3. Hello All! Buying Castle and Keep mini houses on Sonoma. Please contact me at: 406294658 Thanks ~M
  4. I hope this is the right place to post this... I have recently aquired the deeds for S^M (Sexy Miners of Sonoma) and SB (Shadow of the Beast) guild stones... If anyone was a member of these guilds or knows someone who was, please let me know so I can return them.... Hate to just toss them... Thanks... 8)
  5. I can not find info on the prices anywhere. a museum has a potted plant deed and ranger ingots on display... now I know the ranger ingots are rare, but i thought they were illegal. and i didnt think potted plant deeds were that rare thanks! -Derium
  6. Anyone have a complete list?
  7. I bought some repair deeds today from a vendor and this is what popped up in the lower left corner of my screen. You purchase a repair Service contract from ~1_Skill_Title~2_Skill_Name~ is this something new or is it a existing bug/glitch?
  8. I was looking through some of my containers earlier, and I noticed that I still have the Personal Bless Deeds for two of my main characters tucked away. I never used them, mainly because I always used to spend more of my time roleplaying and less time in places like Doom; therefore, I never really got the equipment worth using such a rare deed on. My question is; I plan on potentially getting a character name change for one of these characters. If I do so, will the blessed item still remain blessed for that character?
  9. I was going through some other characters banks tonight and found 6 mini house deeds, just wondering if these are worth anything?
  10. How much would "A Deed To A Pickpocket's Den" fetch these days?
  11. price check please?
  12. Commodity Deeds Commodity deeds allow players to transport and trade resources, of sizes that were previously unable to be held within a character’s backpack, with greater ease and security than before. Commodity deed contracts may be purchased from NPC bankers. They are "blessed", in that they cannot be stolen (if kept in the top level of one’s backpack), and cannot be looted. They will appear in the form of a light green deed. When first created, commodity deeds will be empty and hold no items. Empty commodity deeds will be labeled as "an unfilled commodity deed". The commodity deed
  13. Does anyone know what the old house deeds sell for? I have a couple left over from the good old days Thanks in advance I am on LS btw I have a deed to a wooden house x 2 and a deed to a field stone house x 1
  14. I purchase a blees clothing deed yesterday. But I was unable to use it. It say the items had to be a clothing. So I guess I can;t use it on armor. I tried to bless my shadow dancer leggings. What can you use the bless deed on? And if you can't use them on armor then why do they cost around 500K?
  15. Topic says it all. I'm guessing that many of these items were duped, since they were enormously difficult to obtain in the first place, they haven't been available for 5+ years, and yet they are still for sale on websites. I sure would like one, though. My Shadow Dancers are getting expensive to re-insure with every irritated stealing target. =D ~M
  16. I feel stupid asking this as I have been playing UO for nearly 6 years breaking only for holidays and working away but without asking I'll never know...... Never owned a swampey but I have made a few deeds for them, my question is....Is there any benefit in making coloured deeds against normal Iron? I know as human or elf Val armour is better than Iron but I know not of a way you can measure this on a swampy.
  17. Question: Would it be possible to bless a bag? Basically I want to be able to keep all items that I have in my backpack with out loosing potions, bandages etc when I die via PVP...
  18. Where do you get a bless deed? Can it be used to bless a cursed item?
  19. Guest

    Repair Deeds?

    Can someone please tell me how to create repair deeds? I'd like to be able to make some for my guildies. Your guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :eusa_pray:
  20. How are they made? And with what skill(s)? Shoot... I can't remember how to make repair deeds either :[
  21. Does anyone know how to acquire item bless deeds is there a quest or something..And what are clothing bless deeds worth
  22. name change tokes....... ok to make a long story short, i recently acquired a very nice account from my beloved guild leader. mainly because ive maxed out my original 6 catskills players. anywho im a old school player that likes ordinary names(not a big fan of names such as I 0W3d Jo3, or L33t PlAy3r), but of course this account has 4 out of 6 players with less then desirable names. they all have personal bless deeds, my question is.....if i use a name change token a: will it still be usable on the newly named char and b: will the bless deed change its name to the new name, ie: a personal ble
  23. Anyone know the price of a banner deed? I wanna but them on origin or Atl... if anyona has them forsale post plz.
  24. Im looking for 10X Platemail Tunic, Arms, and Gorget. Can anyonehelp me out here? thanks
  25. i think i've bought up everyones on napa valley. if you have an extra one or know of someone who does, let me know please i also didn't really know where to post this but i'm mainly using them to line my castles wall with - going for that ominius look, you know? thanks
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