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Found 21 results

  1. Hello All! The title says it all: buying a deed for a potted plant. I'd like to keep it to 4M, if possible. Thanks- ~M
  2. Price check on the mini house deed Thatched roof cottage. I was told was rarest of the mini deeds. Will possibly sell. Also have Tower mini deed will be willing to sell. thanks in advance! oh btw..these are on atlantic shard
  3. Hello All! I noticed several "unknown" deeds for sale on various shards today. - What are they - What were they supposed to be - How were they created - Are they legal to own Standard stuff! Thanks! ~M
  4. Hello All - I would like to trade you my Spiderweb Deed on Atlantic and receive yours on Sonoma. Please ICQ me if interested. (See profile for #) Thanks! ~M
  5. Greetings all! As I sort through various search tools, I see a couple blessed "Statue" deeds for sale on several shards. What is this strange thing? It's not a "Statue of Character X" and it's in deed form... Thoughts? ~M
  6. Ever seen one of these before?
  7. I'm looking to buy a Commodity Deed Box, so let me know if you have one for sale!
  8. I was thinking about getting this reward, but wasn't sure if it was worth it? Also, when I did click on the reward it said it's bound to the char that picks it so I backed out till I knew for sure? Does that mean that only that char can use it? That doesn't sound right, but thought I would check to see if anyone knew the deal. Thanks Ok, on second part I see that it actually said you can't transfer to another char on another shard and found in another post that it can be used by any char on that account as it should be. Guess it was late when I tried before hehe.
  9. [ooc]This is a piece penned by Raiden in his private journal the morning after the night before, so please take all the information herein as OOC unless you were a party to the events that took place. All attitudes displayed by Raiden in his writing have been inflamed by the events that transpired and so please don't take them personally or OOC ~ He's obviously quite miffed at having the crap beat out of him when his errand was to do a good deed. With all that out of the way I hope you enjoy the story and to those who are mentioned within it my thanks, I had a lot of fun.[ooc] I walked down
  10. so, commodity deed box, great idea, wish i didnt use up my rewards already, but, wondering if i can get an answer, if i use it with one account to claim that reward, can i sell it or transfer it to another character, who can then undeed it (assuming its deeded) and they can use it as if it were their own? just curious, cause id like to get one but have no rewards left.
  11. Price check please. Have 2 deeds for the christmas gifts from 98 i believe where you got to pick globes or tree..etc..
  12. Ok this is what going on I logged into my account and went to the bank to put up some loot. There was a Deed in my bank box I have no clue how it got there it says Deed Blessed weight 1 stone Value 6181. Does anyone know what this is if so please let me know. Thank you so much
  13. weight of 90 stones. Is there a way to know if the deed is holding any gold, or is it's value based on they are no longer available? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello everyone, it's me again.....hehe. I was very excited the other day to get a 5th year vet reward for an ankh deed (my account is only 3 1/2 years old). When I bought it, I was under the impression that a co-owner could place it for me. So, I ran home and logged in on my cousin's account (that brat has a ridable polar bear!!!) and took him over to my place and gave him co-ownership. Alas, when I get him inside and dig out the deed it says "you may only place this in a house that you own". Is it supposed to be this way for the ankh or is it a bug? Co-owners are able to place anything e
  15. Yesyerday, I realy gave KR a far shake... I actually tried to use this POS client... Why was I sooo foolish? I have no idea.... I was actually getting used to the lag and uglyness... I spent a couple of hours figuring out how to convert my UOA macros to KR macros... I was able to convert all but my agents (orginizer bags, sell bag, vurtual bag), there is no way to orginize in KR... Then I tried some furnature changes, what a fool I was to try KR.... I dropped an axe into a toolbar slot, clicked the slot and chopped a Haunted mirror, the deed fell into my pack... I then chopped my Coverd ch
  16. Hello everyone I am planning a camping trip as part of a RP event, and I wondered if anyone here from Europa has a tent deed of any size that I could borrow. When I say borrow, I say that assuming the tent can be placed, then re-deeded and given back to the proper owner. I know they are very valuable and it would take a large amount of trust to do this which I can work out with anyone willing to help me out. It's not a big deal, just a little something to add to the RP value of the event. Also if you place a tent using the deed, does it count for your 7-day house placing timer? Thanks
  17. Can anyone tell me if these can be farmed, do they still exist, etc... etc... etc... Thanks Bella:)
  18. I have a bunch of deeds that are only titled "Deed". U can dbl click it and pointer changes, but when u click a spot to place it on gound or house floor it says " The deed does not seem to be for anything." Is this rare? Any history on these? I have a bunch that are the biege color and one brown one like a repair contract color. I have over a 10 to 20 of them. Bought a house and the seller forgot to check the moving crate first. If so, does anyone else have these and a price on Atlantic or any shard? Haven't had any luck on other forums yet. Godra
  19. Got very little in the way of money to offer - just need a neon hair deed - dont suppose anyone has one lying around they dont want?
  20. How do you offer the vendor deed to the co-owner of house? so that they can place the vendor wherever they would like in the house
  21. As posted on UO Stratics Do you think this could happen? I honestly think that if it did, it would be a good thing. And this is not in any form an offensive question to EA but it's something I would love to be answered. Alot of people hold extra accounts for houses. This is known. If having a deed to own a SECOND house was added, people would stop having a use for the spare accounts they hold the houses on. Therefore allowing those people to cancel the account. So, in my point of vision wouldnt EA lose money? and if they did, this wouldnt happen. Correct?
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