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Found 23 results

  1. Hello everyone, Looking for a few bits of house deco on Atlantic to finish up my loot / treasure room. These "gold ingots" (not to be confused with "gold bricks"). Also the "copper ingots" if anyone can sort me out please post here, PM or via ICQ with price etc. Also anything else gold and shiny that would look cool in a treasure room. ICQ - 72-073-719 Thanks
  2. I want to familiarize and showcase to the UO rares community these rares; Deer Droppings and Yamandon Dung. The Deer Droppings and Yamandon Dung were EM decorations that were left unlocked during the zoo construction event several years ago (~2006) near the Meer Village Zoo in Ilshenar (A zoo only in Pacific). These rares use the same graphics as the horse dung and as far as I know these are the only poop called, "Yamandon Dung" and "Deer Droppings" that exist. They are currently in display at my house (Pacific, trammel) just south of the X-Roads right before you hit the swamps incase you wa
  3. Uo Chesapeake Stratics and Sponsors Proudly Present Chesapeake Halloween Deco Challenge! We're challenging everyone on Chesapeake to come up with the Best Design and Decorations, Best Single Room Decoration and Most Imaginative Decorations. You can submit your entry from now until October 24, 2009. The winners will be announced on Tuesday October 27, 2009 at the All Shards Tavern Night at 9:30pm EST. Prizes are as follows. 22,000,000 gold & New SA Gravestone Best Overall Design And Decorations 22,000,000 gold & New Grave Dirt Best Single Room Decoratio
  4. I have been looking through all the deco sites and most things are just cutesy and nice..I can't find anything dark and deathish.. I'm not morbid..I just want to put a graveyard/cemetary in my place.. Anyone have an pics to show or links of this type deco?
  5. Hello All - This might more appropriately fit in "Homes and Castles" but... The new statue pedestal is probably my favorite deco addition to UOSA. HOWEVER, I have been trying desperately to use them to display my rares and learned to my dismay that you can't stack anything on top of them! I'm not the best house decorator, and I've tried every trick I know to get something to display nicely on one. If you know how, please help! Meanwhile: Devs, if you're listening, please make it so we can put items on top of these great display stands! (One free pedestal on Sonoma to the first p
  6. Does anyone know if there is a list of deco items anywhere on any site? I know I am forgetting a bizillion of them that would look good at the farm.
  7. I decided I'd go ahead and try to host a Christmas Decorating Contest. How this will work.... Decorators, you can submit anything you want, whether it be a room, an object, or an entire house. The sky is the limit. To make things easy, no need to host pics, no need to register at a Web site, just e-mail me the pics. My email is spiderwebzdesign at gmail.com I'll edit them down to proper size/dimensions and host them on the http://deco.girlgamer.net site. Submissions will will end in two weeks, on Dec. 15 at 11:59 p.m. CST. Sometime the next day voting will commence through a poll I'll
  8. redirecting to the trade forum : http://www.uoforums.com/f1130/selling-tram-keep-18x18-next-to-it-all-in-54961/
  9. Just as the title say a few of my deco's over the years.
  10. Post your entries in this thread. Rules/information can be found here - http://www.uoforums.com/showthread.php?t=37625 NO discussion in this thread please, use the discussion thread instead. For any comments on the competition itself, or queries in general, please use the information/rules thread or PM me.
  11. Holiday Home Contest! UO Forums Home Decoration Contest. We're running a home decorations contest for the holiday season. Grab your holiday d├ęcor chests and summon your creative spirit and join us in decking the halls! Entries open today and end January 15th, 2008 at midnight. UOForums staff will judge the houses and the winners will be announced on January 20th. Prizes for the contest are as follows! 1st Place - 90 day gametime code + 5 million gold + 1 7th char slot + extra storage code 2nd Place - 30 day gametime code + 4 million gold + 1 7th char slot + extra storage code 3r
  12. Ok, EA/Mythic is going to give us some pretty codes for Christmas, so we're going to do a deco contest for the christmas period. Any thoughts on the rules for this contest? I'm thinking of restricting it to those who've been here for a while and have posted more than XX times. I was thinking of running a best deco'd house contest, as it's generic and anyone can take part (on Test centre if they dont have the gold to splash out on production shards for designing their house)
  13. wow never knew you could get rich just by making awsome designs, but now i know it. ppl are willing to pay me millions just to mmake their dream XD, lovely
  14. Now that the holidays are behind us we want to remind folks that we still have prizes and gifts that need to be picked up or delivered Please contact me by PM here or at ICQ 168-812-018 to arrange pickup/delivery .... Secret Santa Participants: Madame A KittyKat Holiday Home Decorating Participants: TOAT'B TO JOAT (A Touch of Christmas) Zelda (Winter Wonderland) Nienna (Santa's Workshop) Lady Damask (The Fountains) Angelina De Vega (Raven's Path) Silver Hawk (Christmas Village) TY.
  15. The winners in Sonoma's Unwrap the Magic of the Season Holiday Home Decorating Contest are: * Blue Ribbon Award - Silver Hawk for Christmas Village * This Best of the Best award winner receives a gift box filled with Flowers from the Tokuno Dojo (Artifact Rare 7), Full set of five Mounted Pixie deeds, A Whispering Rose (UO gift of February 2000), Six Soulstone Fragment Tokens, One UO Eighth Ann. Gift Token, a check for 250K, and a rare White Statuette Bust of Shamino, (UO December, 2001 Holiday Gifts). * Gold Ribbon Award - Angelina De Vega for Raven's Path * This award winner receives
  16. Holiday Home Deco Contest for Sonoma residents starts Saturday, December 16th. The rules for the deco contest are as follows: 1. Entries will be accepted from Saturday, December 16 through Friday, December 22 at 5pm Pacific, (7pm Central, 8pm Eastern). Contact Queen Mum by PM or by ICQ @ 168-812-018 to submit your entry. You will be asked to meet Queen Mum in game and provide the following: * A marked rune from the house being entered. Stand inside the entry home to mark the rune so that the name and facet of the entry home will show on rune. A journal (book) with the following inform
  17. GO check it out Its WELL worth taking part ,even if you dont normally enter these sort of competitions. I mean we ALL deco our in game homes at this time of year ,...yes? You may JUST surprise yourself and win some thing nice GOOD LUCK ALL ON EUROPA
  18. A friend of mine wants his house custom deco'd.. and i thought there was someone who did that.. cant find the thread tho.. help?
  19. Here's a little challenge you Pacific home deco enthusiasts might be interested in: Posted on Stratics by Lady Xan. http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=6828414&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1
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