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  1. I died on a boat and was able to guide it back to a dock. However, I had the plank locked and couldn't open it. Go to combat mode and double click for the emergency exit and couldn't run over half way off the plank, kept rubber banding back into the boat. Ran a second account over to res and even after grouping my ghost was invisible, and couldn't target for the res even while on the plank to the dock. Had to load up the 2d client to be visible for a res and to get off the boat, by which time my corpse had decayed. This probably needs to be looked at a bit, fortunately I was all insu
  2. After the murderous slaughter of the Foxx family it would not surprise us if Casca and his elite guard thought themselves immortal to any retribution which the honorable citizens of Sonoma could possibly phanthom to bestow upon them ... While on my way to gather the daily fruit basket spawn I met Daniel Ravens who was quite obviously upset and worried about how it was relayed that Casca was searching for Dawn and intended the same fate for her as Griffen Foxx. Daniel feared for her life and hoped that he would soon find her home that was rumored to be in Yew (T). He also stated for us all to
  3. Been a nagging annoyance for a long time, so time to have a mild rant =) More and more, the tendency has been for bigger boss monsters and 'events' that are suicide runs - and often multiple suicide runs - for characters who try them. Eventually the monsters get beaten down, usually after multiple deaths and general mayhem for the players while they figure out workable tactics. But it's a mmoRPG, where you are meant to have some connection, however remote, to the character you're playing. I can't see any way that gets strengthened when in order to just be present at important events in th
  4. coatesy

    Death Strike

    can any one tell me if the damage output is caped for death strike in pvp like armor ignore is caped at 35 damage, i was just wondering because last night i got a death strike off on a tamer while he was running away and it did 35 points of damage. i think i have around 80 DI my skills are : 120 macing 90 anatomy 90 heal 116.2 ninja 110 tactics 100 hiding 100.5 stealth P.S. Death strike for the win !
  5. Lets hear about something positive that happened today. http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2009/06/25/kidney-swap-toronto-edmonton-vancouver.html Four kidney transplant donors and their sick family members have met up and 'swapped' kidneys, saving four lives today. All of the four donors were incompatible with their loved ones, but agreed to donate a kidney to someone else if their loved one were to recieve a compatible kidney of their own. Typically, if a family member doesn't match, you must wait for someone to offer one up anonymously, or for a crash victim who will not survive to have si
  6. Posted on Sunday, March 29, 2009, 10:45 PM EDT by AilishD (NapaValley) Barely had the ink dried from the report about Crimson Dragons,when this devastating news was also received penned by AilishD The man moved through the shadows of night quickly, but as quietly as he could. It was imperative that he not be discovered, and that he deliver his information quickly. A black gate had appeared in the stronghold of the followers of the Shadowlords, and whispers in dark corners told of a meeting to be held inside a secret place ... I awoke with a start, dagger in hand, feeling someone was
  7. I found an interesting news story... http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/2009-03-16-death-online_N.htm I think it's a good idea personally to have some sort of service like this I have personally taken some ideas from it. Maybe giving a very close friend or family member that kind of info to make sure the friends you make online get the information they need. I know my GF knows how to log into all my accounts and such so if anything ever happens to me the friends I have made online will know. I recently had a friend in UO pass away that was like a mother to me, and I think another one o
  8. Does Word of Death work on other players? if so what does it do?
  9. Hello All - Since I'm spending a lot of time NOT playing UO, I have plenty of time to turn over the bits and pieces we've been given recently and see how they all fit together. I'm particularly excited about the new crafting enhancement system coming with Stygian Abyss - it's something I've advocated for a while, and I'm not alone. It occurs to me, however, that the new system is designed to achieve the following goals: 1) Address player complaints that most loot is useless 2) Address player complaints that many named loot items are too common and, thus, have no resale value 3) Address
  10. Germany arrest over gamer death Mr Pyke had lived in Nottingham for two years A man has been arrested by police in Germany on suspicion of the murder of an internet gaming enthusiast in Nottingham. Matthew Pyke, 20, was found stabbed in his flat above the Orange Tree pub on North Sherwood Street on Friday. A 21-year-old man from Limburg was arrested on Wednesday in Hunfelden by officers f
  11. Video here - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7636577.stm Motorway police have had to deal with two women spotted walking down the central reservation of the M6. The women, twin sisters from Sweden, ran in front of oncoming traffic after wrestling with the police.
  12. While walking down the street one day a US senator is tragically hit by a truck and dies. His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance. 'Welcome to heaven,' says St. Peter. 'Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem. We seldom see a high official around these parts, you see, so we're not sure what to do with you.' 'No problem, just let me in,' says the man. 'Well, I'd like to, but I have orders from higher up. What we'll do is have you spend one day in hell and one in heaven. Then you can choose where to spend eternity.' 'Really, I've made up m
  13. i usually play solo and when i do guild hunts im the only one with spell weaving, so i cant circle with anyone. when we do peerless hunts i dont get when to use WoD. i thought it was when the creature is at 20% hp but i still do only 20 or so damage. so i just spam it until i start doing more damage which seems to be when i can only see a sliver of life left on its health bar. im so confused. help please
  14. I've never played an archer in pvp and rarely in pvm. A while back I remember hearing about some death strike changes with archery. Does it not work at all anymore? Thanks. -Chad
  15. This afternoon, I was continuing my research of the surviving Magincia texts with help from Jexa, whose insight into ancient vampiric texts is proving quite helpful. Our conversation roamed from ancient languages to immortal beings (of which she is one), and drifted into my previous research of the Death Knights. For those of you who are unaware, of the original nine Death Knights, only one, Daine, is known to have escaped the darkness and return to mortality. She lives quietly in PaxLair city once more, though she is much changed. Jexa informed me, to my great surprize, that Lord Rhydian,
  16. Title says it all. Anyone know a fair price for the arms from the Death's Essence set? I believe it is one of the more difficult pieces to obtain. Thanks
  17. I think I remember that at 120 ninjitsu it was something around 35 damage. Would ninjitsu be worth it for DS at only 100? Here is my cramped template: 120 fencing 105 chivalry 100 resist 100 parry 100 tactics 100 meditation 95 ninjitsu I'm aiming for a 4/6 caster that can spam Holy Light and use weapon specials combined with Death Strike to apply pressure. I had previously been wanting to use poisoning for LP in place of meditation or tactics, but decided to drop it because I didn't want to have to farm for karma after poisoning. I'll try to get 5-15 skill points on my ring so I can bump
  18. 301 Moved Permanently
  19. I would omit death robes or at least make em poof when you get rezzed. I hate trying to drop em on the ground and not being able to find the right spot for half an hour. :angry5: And why is my backpack in a big mess after I die? Does some kind of netherworld vortex rummage through my corpse or summin? And why am I still cursed after I get rezzed. Like the dex and str curses. Aaaannnd, when Ima ghost I can't use doors but why do I gotta run around fences and trees?? Oh, and lets get some Crunchy Taco's in that create food spell!!
  20. Thanks to Madrid of Sonoma, I received a +15 discord ring. Armed with this and an unexpected gain off a passing dryad, I found my discord power boosted to 119.1. It was time! I scoured the Twisted Weald for a blaze-colored foe. To my chagrin, no flourescent puppies were wondering the area. "What?" I thought. "Typical. After years of seeing the spawn stalled by paragon Cus, the RNG decides to hose me again!" Disheartened, I headed back toward the entrance. I stopped to discord an kill a Dryad (Paragon). Though it was a heady experience, it wasn't nearly the kill I'd been hoping for
  21. What happened near Edge Maze, some day ago... A young and beautiful princess, who was the only child of a Lord named Godric, was in the bedhead of this rich king of threatened descendance. After some hours of death throes, the king, who was very old, died in silence, beside his daughter who taked his liveless body for a last time in her arms. Some days later, a knight in a dark armour came in the castle of the princess and asked for audience. Also she was still plunged into mourning, she accepted against her heart, to accept the unknown, mainly because her curiosity. The knight got ahead
  22. Source: IGN URL: http://editorials.teamxbox.com/xbox/1651/The-Red-Ring-of-Death/p1/ Comment: I just wanted to let people on UO:F know about this sense Christmas happened and all... to bad I don't know about it BEFORE but unfornatlly I didn't but here is an article you who did get an Xbox 360 recently or just has the critter... I think it might be worth looking at. Now it looks like you can correct it without sending it back to Microsoft but not sure if it is temporarly or perment but seeming as all these critters were born with the same disability you might get it fixed and it is reoccur a
  23. Basically get rid of it! Factions mind stand a chance of getting active again. Why do factions have to get stat loss when no other fell based guilds/players have to put up with it?
  24. zevil

    death wither

    this one especialy works in smaller arena's. just get all the fc/fcr you can get, cast protection and start spawning withering, when i tried everything including some players with all 70 and over 200hp were all dead... , just a hint
  25. ********************************************** Gerek sat quietly, looking over his plan for the night for a third time. Everything had to be perfect. As always. The basement was quite empty all afternoon. When suddenly Rebecca appeared. She seemed upset, but Gerek couldn't take too much notice to her reason, as he knew all about the matter allready. Tel'var would pay for his deeds sooner or later.... Gerek felt there was no need to rush anything. Suddenly the new guy appeard. Gerek didn't quite remember his name, but after a while of reflecting in his memory, he recalled the name of Declan
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