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  1. Hello all, I have decided to come back to UO after 5 years and as many of you know Lord HeRog was the leader of DT. I was a member sadly he is not returning with me and I do not wish to take over his proud guilds name. So I created Dark Tower Reborn (DTR) We will have much the same play style as DT did and I hope we can have close to the same reputation. Once I get our website up and running I will post it here and I hope to get an RP story posted on it. Im not the writer HeRog was but ill do my best see you all in game Also if anyone is interested in joining or want to know more about the gu
  2. The Dark Tower has moved to the Chaos Shrine in Trammel
  3. Looking for a player named Dark Knight... Use to play UO with him all the time before I quit. If you see this Dark Knight or if anyone knows how to get ahold of him, now that I'm back if anyone has his email or AIM please drop a line. Thanks so much.
  4. Looking for a player named Dark Knight... Use to play UO with him all the time before I quit. If you see this Dark Knight or if anyone knows how to get ahold of him, now that I'm back if anyone has his email or AIM please drop a line. Thanks so much.
  5. I cannot recall on the rune Dawn has given me. It was a normal looking rune at first and now its a blackened rune and it tells me I cannot recall to that location at this time. I was trying to get the Tutor Statuette for my other account (all of my slots were filled up on it).
  6. K all, I have revenge in my blood! Been a trammy all my UO life. Now i have reason to go kill! I have a legendary archer,legendary tacktics etc, that I am gonna use to do the dirty deed. What bow with what mods is the "perfect" pvp bow? Thanks all. Have never pvp'd so any suggestions would be great! I will prolly die anyway, but i am dreaming of sweet revenge. It its all because I made "friends" with a pvp to do fel idocs. LOL!
  7. There's a dark blue slime zipping around the farms southwest of Britain right now, if you want to dye your things. It looks a bit like the black Tokuno colour though.
  8. Is Ancient Sosarian feeling his age ? What words and order will let me pass? ~~~~ Der Rocktells him.do the quest, without u cant go down to siracii (ups siracii is the last passwort u need ) ~~~~ Sheridan advises What do you mean by passing? Do you mean getting out of the room? You can recall out once you've gone through the text chain. If you're looking for a complete walkthrough, I'd recommend the one on UOGuide. ~~~~ While Lady Sakkarah suggests You can also walk on one of the glowing runes at the top of the stairs behind the Dark Guardian and they will teleport you out of
  9. I guess the short time I was away from the game they had an event where you could dye your clothing that dark AoS blue color. I saw someone wearing a crimson that color and was curious as to how much it's worth and if anyone might be selling one?
  10. Okay I'm fighting Dark Wisps on my fencer and I get one real low on health and thennnnnn i hear a pain spike noise...I think...and it dies as it walks away from me. Hm. I know Pixies will cast spells on you when they die, but I don't know if any of the critters have an AI to attack themself. Anyone experience weirdness like that from a Dark Wisp? Or am I just tired. It is 4 am ;D Haha oh well I take my crazy to the bank ;P Oh by the way on Chessie in that Tokuno town there is a loose rune beetle chilling..hm
  11. Can someone confirm this for me? Any type of elemental slayer will give double damage against the dark father? Is this only true for the DF? Not for any of the other bosses? Thanks.
  12. Just got back from seeing The Dark Knight. Awesome film. Ledger is at the least is going to get an Oscar nomination. The film is going to get several. Please, no one take your little kids to see this... this is NOT for kids. The adult audience was shell shocked. Two ladies brought brought about a 4 & 6 year old kids with them... the kids were shaking on the way out (yes, I said shaking... not shaken). This film is mind-blowingly intense. Sickenly funny. And disturbingly scary. The audience (mostly ranging from teens to 50 somethings) was ooo'ing, squealing with fright, nervously la
  13. From UO Herald Five on Friday
  14. I somewhat recently came back to UO and had a question about something that was probably changed a while ago. At first dark fathers were vulnerable to both demon and any elemental slayers and they stacked (had an elemental+demon slaying bow and it was fun). Then I know they removed the stacking slayer bonus so you could no longer get the benefit from both. That's about when I had to leave the game and now that I'm back I'm wondering if DF's are still even vulnerable to elemental slayers at all?
  15. Seriously - My 963 hp greater dragon is redlined in a single hit from full health while fighting dark wisps. Can anyone explain what's happening? ~M
  16. I Think they are in the lamppost room, but I'm not certain. Can anyone confirm for me? And they give a T-map or a MIB everytime? Thanks! ~M
  17. Ever wonder if there are other people on the sonoma shard who are like you? :icon_evil: Ever find yourself drifting towards the Dark Lord but just don't know where other people like you can be found. Well wonder no more. The First Church of Satan: Sonoma Chapter has been around for years and holding open membership. We are having our high celebration this coming weekend and will be having a open Dark Mass for all who wish to attend. (please arrive naked and blood to smear on yourself will be on hand and free) We will of course be sacrificing small animals and goats but feel free to b
  18. Title pretty much says it all. I know they are weak but I would like one for my Detective who is on the Dark Side. Was wondering what the minimum taming is to control it decently. Thanks in advance.
  19. Guest

    Dark style updated.

    The old dark style has been updated It should now have dark buttons rather than the bright blue ones Added the Top button to each post. If you see any missing imagery, let me know.
  20. My account is long gone but they were a husband/wife out on the west coast. I have not seen them on ICQ in over a year. Shane is the rl name of Dark Knight If anyone knows how to contact them , please let me know.
  21. I want to create a thief character. I know I want to steal rares in the dungons and I wouldnt mind attempting to steal some Power Scrolls or maybe even stuff from PVP. I know I obviously need the Stealing skill and Hiding as well as stealth. But I would like some suggestions on how to fill out the rest of my template. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
  22. The winds were howling in the valleys, after the Dark Lords maddness had passed due to the elemental stones..and that his plans to release demons had been foiled by his own minion...that couldn't fully possess and take control of Samba..it was time for him to move on..to cause terror again somewhere else. The Dark Lord sat chanting, draining the skys of there magical energy, forming a darkness and purple swirling vortex. Meanwhile... Graham the Gray sitting in the Inn watching the snow flakes fall as he studied a book on possession by demons, written by some obscure mage from Umbra. Gra
  23. Somewhere in the Void that surrounds all planes of reality a consciousness lurks, a flicker of a shadow, without shape or extremities. But it remembers. It remembers shapes and sounds and tastes. It remembers power. It remembers names. It remember feelings. Love ... and hatred. Two eyes glow with eerie green light within the shadows. It remembers ...
  24. Now if most people were to ask Ashlynn about the grand Sprituality Manor, she would probably tell you that the place had been in her family for generations, going back at least two centuries. She might mention that her ancestor, Cadeall Fairehair of Paws, came into ownership of the estate and profited from its lush vineyards. Or she might tell you that the old graveyard to the south-west is all that remains of the serene village that grew up around the manor. She might even talk about how her famed grandfather, Daer Hyarkarte the third, led the estate into ruin after his own seneschal raised
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