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Found 23 results

  1. Following the successful campaign against the crimson dragons near Occlo this evening, the platinum dragons were driven into a frenzy. The platinum dragons, noble though they may be, cannot be allowed to terrorize the residents of Occlo. Volunteers are asked to provide these once-allies with a swift and honorable end. See the complete details and pictures of the event here: Crimson Dragons Defeated; Platinum Dragons Terrorize Occlo | The Ultima Online Ledger...
  2. I just found this on http://catskills.uoem.net/ Go... have fun!
  3. Join the platinum dragons in the fight against the crimson dragons this weekend. The first battle will be held on Saturday, 5 September 2009 at 4:00 PM EST. The second battle will be held on Sunday, 6 September 2009 at 4:00 PM EST. Read the complete details here: http://www.uoledger.com/crimson-dragons-descend-upon-britannia/
  4. The Shadowlords and the Crimson Dragons will march against Luna tonight, 8 August. Meet at the east Luna gate at 9pm EST. http://www.uoledger.com/shadowlords-crimson-dragons-to-invade-luna/
  5. Luna wasn't around when the Crimson Dragons were about, so I told her I would post my screen on it. =] Unfortunately, I had enemy of one'd it so you can't see the color. Maybe someone else print screened it and would be willing to show you the colors.
  6. A report was received today of serious matters concerning Crimson Dragons. Many thanks to Lady Mana,Lieutenant of the Royal Britannian Guards for a detailed account,with some admirable drawings. Dragons. Dragons everywhere! Or at least, that’s what it’s seemed like the past while. Years ago we found ourselves dealing with Tal’Keesh and her kin, and with the arrival of the Crimson Dragons, we’ve been forced to see our own neighbors cower in fear or lash out in hatred. But on the eve of March 21st, 2009, that all changed. The heart of darkness was destroyed. Having heard that an
  7. This is a new one for me! I was wandering through Vesper when I saw the gigantic brute, are these new or have I been living under a rock?
  8. Contact me with offers via message or, if necessary, ICQ: 449310493.
  9. Hi all. I have always seen the CC billed as the ultimate PvP item. Since I am one of the cowards who focus on Trammel, how useful is the CC in PvM? I mean, of course extra stat boosts are good, but is it something that makes or breaks a successful character as implied by vendors promoting it for PvP? 17 million is a bit pricey if the gain is moderate for the PvM application. Of course, if anyone wants to sell me one for a slightly used candy cane, I'd be willing to barter you down to a piece of chocolate, lol. Thanks for the insight! EDIT: Seeing as how the CC takes up an otherwise
  10. Twice tonight my allliance has fought the invasion and seems when the crimson spawns they cant cast any kind of summons whatsoever when they get it down to like 1/4th life..and another time they couldnt summon at all when crimson was spawned
  11. I got to check out the crimson dragon in person tonight, finally! I saw it at both the Trinsic and Britain invasions on Atlantic. All I can say is, WOW! What a gorgeous dragon! Here's a screenshot of the fight in Trinsic (attached). The rest of my screenies are at:
  12. I guess the short time I was away from the game they had an event where you could dye your clothing that dark AoS blue color. I saw someone wearing a crimson that color and was curious as to how much it's worth and if anyone might be selling one?
  13. Can someone confirm rumors that Peerless/The Six style loot, such as the Crimson Cincture and the rare item set pieces, drops on the Crimson Dragons? This would make sense. But all I've personally seen so far are ingredients and the Quiver of Rage. -Galen's player
  14. New date for Battle of the Beaks is Monday November 3rd. Please see referring post! The most pressing issue was that due to the inability to get pets to fight as they must in Felucca for the fights to be entirely fair, we needed to move the whole thing to Trammel, which means entrants must be guilded specifically for the event. Since some of you may already have chickens prepared but on characters who cannot reasonably leave and return to your guilds, this gives an opportunity to transfer the chicken to an alternate character and still have plenty of time to re-bond. We apologize fo
  15. Pom Pom started a thread about a different issue with Crimson Dragons. I am ready for it, so flame away if you must, but I do feel this is an issue. (mind you, I didn't go to test so I wasn't aware of it.) My apologies if this has been addressed already. After fighting the Crimson Dragon with what seems like an army of people, the loot is public for everyone to obtain. I was wondering why this is. It hardly seems fair for those who don't loot quite as fast. I also know of many who died repeatedly doing the dragon and then walked away with nothing to show for it. They were not really inclin
  16. Oh dear! Hunters Moon is NOT happy as you will see from the report. Oi!! 1 hit/80 damage to an all 70's suit??? So the Crimson Dragons are for tamers to hunt and the rest of us to stay away from? ~~~~ Pickaxe Pete thinks Most events lately have had the same type of situation. Ranged characters have a large advantage on Berserker Demons, Dark Fathers, Shadowlords, etc., etc. Personally I think non-casting toe-to-toe warriors need a major boost to be competitive in this arena. We should be able to tank even better than a greater dragon, just deal less damage, of course. ~~~~ While
  17. Has anyone seen this yet? I have yet to see this beast. When does it spawn?
  18. A life of crime Drew has commited himself to, a true rogue by nature with crimson by his side. After a break from his criminal acts where he served the Army of Kaldor and the Vesper Militia; the time had come for him to return to his true profession. The task of regaining fame and a reputation would not be an easy one, but he was off to a good start. Drew returned to the circle a common thug residing on the streets of Vesper, but that did not stop him from spreading his crimespree to other cities where the gold was to be had! Other the past month or so, guards and citizens alike have fallen
  19. How are there so many around? It seems everyone has one (or more) :? I know its an artifact drop from a Peerless, but which one and does it drop that regularly? I'd love to have one but I'm loathe to pay 17-odd mil for it..
  20. When a peerless bossdrops a cinture, does it automaticall drop into your pack like doom artifacts?
  21. [Darkness...] A young man in gray-tattered robes looks outward into vast emptiness. Terror grips at his throat but he manages to speak. Suddenly a small circle of light no brighter then a mist filled dusk surrounds the young man. "what....what is this place?" "might someone be there? please if..." a stern voice familiar to his ears breaks the silence. "quiet" whipping around to face the shadowed speaker, the young man readies himself for an attack.... only to find himself staring back. This is not however the same young man that a moment before was struggling to hold onto his sanity.
  22. I am selling my account on ebay. This aucion includes 3 ornies, 3 hats, 3 crimsons, 3 crystalline, 1 inquisitor's, 42 mill and much more. Here is the link. http://cgi.ebay.com/Ultima-Online-UO-Lake-Superior-Lot-Ornament-Hat_W0QQitemZ200028089387QQihZ010QQcategoryZ1655QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  23. Anyone know what the going price is on Atlantic?
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