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Found 6 results

  1. [Originally posted by Chariot on LS Forum] Went and checked Exodous and they are in the western room. Thanks to Chariot for posting it first! -H.
  2. <p><br><br> With many in attendance there was a huge amount of discussion of the various politics of Pax Lair Cities. <p> <center><img src="http://uo.stratics.com/newspics/chesapeake/Pax1.JPG" width="593" height="396" border="0"> </center> <p> Tonight's Pax Meeting still did not confirm Lord Gareth as Mayor of Pax Oku, for there apparently is still an evil Gareth on the loose, who has lead troups against neighboring towns such as Guardians Gate. Though the reports and discussions were extensive through the lengthy meeting, toward the end, report
  3. Posted on UO U.Hall Comment Just logged in. Post patch 44, my unicorn and kirin ethys are SOLID!! I pray this was intentional! As 3D players know, they were semi-solid in 3D, and I was sad to switch over to the practically invisible 2D version, but now they are in FULL COLOR!! Thank you thank you thank you! Even if it is a bug to be eventually "fixed", I'm grateful for the little time I may have to run around on SOLID FULL-COLOR ethys! Just like the Charger of the Fallen and the Ethy Polar Bear! I wonder about the other older ethys: the horse, ostard, beetle, swampy, ridgeback? A
  4. http://www.uo.com/uokr/kingdomreborn.shtml and http://www.uo.com/uokr/UOKR/UOKR.html Nabbed from Stratics UHall Congratulations! You are one of the very first to get a glimpse of a reborn Ultima Online. We won't be releasing more details for a bit, but we do want to let you know a few things: 1. We are completely re-building the Ultima Online client with new graphics and a new easier-to-use interface. 2. It is an in-place upgrade. That means you will be able to keep your characters, items, houses and everything else you've earned over the past nine years. 3. We are committed to
  5. source taken from UO.UHall There seems to be a ton of then out there , why dont we help out and come up with a list of items (please dont post how to make them) , to get these fixed and protect players from getting burned. Things we know: 1. They are illegal. 2.May be removed at anytime without warning.3.Players Should not buy them, If you buy them and there removed its your fault. 4.Your accounts can be banned for making or owning them. If your not sureStraticshas a great spot to check to see if your item is real or here:or even here: and Why is this necessary? The quick rule o
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