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Found 3 results

  1. Ok, here we go: ME - TSA (I can't upgrade - don't ask) GF - SE (actually, think she has later, but) - she has 20% + house storage I placed an 18x18, but cannot modify it because of my account status (and no, upgrading is NOT an option) she placed a large tower and has +20% storage increase. We were thinking of swapping places, so she could modify my 18x18 - but if I take over her tower, will that 20% go away; and if so, what will be unlocked/deleted? (it is very full, we combined 2 large towers after she got the upgrade with +20%) side question: if she places tiles/doors/walls/etc. that
  2. Our company is in policy and risk management. Elemental Security Platform (ESP) unifies security controls and activity of the network environment. A full ESP implementation requires a complex server environment including hardware, Red Hat Linux and an Oracle database. This complex implementation makes it difficult for our sales team to quickly and easily demonstrate the company’s solution on-site. As a result, sales demos are restricted to remote demos over a VPN connection. They have to spend up to two days at the customer’s site to implement a full solution demo. We require a solution wi
  3. Posted on UO Stratics: Player:Layers - of stuff we put on our paperdolls. Head - 2 layers now. 1 layer for helms plus the hood of shroud. Neck - 2 layers now. 1 layer for gorget plus collar of shroud. Torso - multiple layers, but all wacky. Clothings all over the place, tunic armor, shroud. The list goes on and on... What I ask here.... Lowest layer should be all for under clothings... shirts and stuff. Middle layer should be all for armors. Outter most layer for dresses, robes, cloaks, and shrouds. The problem is with hats... We can't let people wear both a helm and a hat,
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